301 Jeslyn's visit to jail

Pink snapped back to reality as she slowly wiped the teardrop from under her right eye with the side of her index finger. 

Memories of that man are one of the things she didn't want to ever talk about.

Pink sniffed back her tears as she watched the night city. Jacy's words played in her mind again and again. 

"Yellow, how do you think my daughter would feel after I tell her the truth?" She asked. 

"I'm not sure either." Yellow shook her head and patted Pink's shoulder. "But you have to tell her," she concluded. 

Pink shut her eyes. Tell Jeslyn? Yes, she would but she's scared of what Jeslyn would do.


A few weeks had passed and everything seemed to be fine. Pink still couldn't gather the courage to speak to Jeslyn even though she had seen Jeslyn a few times already. 


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