267 Jeslyn's phenomenal debut (3)

Of course, some were there to catch a glimpse of those gods present at the event. 

On the stage, Manager Kate whispered something to Jeslyn's ear before she turned and walked down. 

Jeslyn was told to not start yet until an hour later. So to not keep the guest waiting for nothing, she raised the microphone and thought of entertaining them in a different way.

"Saying 'wow' will be undervaluing my shock, excitement, and anxiety right now. It's extremely hard for me to believe that after all I've gone through, I'll be debuting with this many people in attendance." She smiled nervously. 

"I'm even seeing a child here," Jeslyn beamed and waved at Valen who was sitting in front. "Hello, handsome Young man, ouch, my heart is beating so fast, your cuteness is almost driving me insane… I'm honored to have you here today." 


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