42 First fight.

"Yoo, wait for me." Rex's voice sounded from the sitting room and his hurried steps could be heard a while later.

"Ah, the family is gathered and you all were about to exclude me? What a– Jeslyn, good morning." He beamed at her. 

"Good morning," Jeslyn answered.

"Your night must have been good, right?" Rex walked to the dining and took the only vacant seat while a maid wearing a black gown and a white napkin tied around her waist hurried to start serving him. 

"Hmm, that can also be said," Jeslyn answered ambiguously. 

While Rex and Jeslyn were talking, Mulan's head was aching. From what she knew, none of the Lu brothers had ever brought a woman home before, so who is this Jeslyn? and what position does she hold to be at the table with the Lu family, and also able to hold a smooth conversation with Rex? 

"Father, I just asked you a question." Valen interrupted the conversation between Rex and Jeslyn, prompting them to shut up and look at him.


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