Contract Marriage: The Devil’s Bride Book

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Contract Marriage: The Devil’s Bride


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[Mature Content- R18+] Cold, ruthless, and merciless, Remo Quinn had long abandoned the idea of marriage after the devastating loss of the love of his life. But fate takes an unexpected turn when the shy and sweet Abigail Falcone steps into his life, presenting a marriage contract he simply can't refuse. ~Preview~ “How could something so wrong, feel so right? ———- “You shouldn’t fall in love with me Abby,” he said, keeping his voice quiet. “I-I-know.” She breathed out as she gulped when his grip tightened. “I can give you everything, money, power, my body, protection but never my heart it only belongs to my sweet Bella.” Her heart was running a hundred miles per hour with how close she was to him. “A-alright.” “Good now tell me, do you really want this?” She nodded, exhaling a shallow yes, and observed every muscle in his body tense. She saw him wet his lips, his voice growing hoarse as he murmured his next sentence, as if it were his final attempt at swaying her decision. "I'm dangerous, Abby. This is your last chance. I did try to warn you." Holding her breath, she pulled herself up to look down at him, tracing her eyes along his bare torso and then back to his face. A surge of excitement she had never experienced before surged through her. Her stomach knotted and twisted, yet she summoned every ounce of bravery within herself. "Then, prove it."


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