Contract Marriage : Taming My Wild Wife

1 chapter/week Warning : mature content Cover : Euthcai (Instagram) Faye Grace is a successful, beautiful, and smart restaurant businesswoman. The only one she doesn't have is a man. One day, her friend asked her to bet on renting a Sugar Baby, and Faye lost, she ended up renting a Sugar Baby named Denis for one day. A phone video of her mother and two rings became a minor misunderstanding, which forced Faye to ask Denis to be her contract husband. "How much money do you want?" asked Faye. Denis looked surprised, "You are not putting an offer?" Faye observed Denis while glancing at the bare body up and down, "I can't judge how much, I don't know your strengths and weaknesses, I guess from your face may be ten thousand dollars?" or maybe more considering that Denis can cook. Denis was flattered by what Faye saying, "You think highly of me, honey~" "That's not a compliment, I was putting a price on you and you're happy about it ...!?" Faye says in amazement. Most people would be felt insulted when someone did that, why in the world did he like it!? "Is there anything else?" Denis asked. Faye thought for a moment, "That's all. We'll talk again if I have any other ideas." "Then I'm going to take a shower, my body smells like alcohol~" says Denis humming. Faye nodded. While waiting, is it better to find another agreement, such as a cooking schedule? "You can join me if you want, honey~" Denis started teasing from the bathroom. Can Faye resist Denis's seductions when they live in one house?

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Vol 1 : Rejection ⭐ (R)

"What are you doing, Fay?" Mia asked when she saw Faye wearing glasses and a cap.

"I just want to eat in peace," said Faye, who was sure that if she didn't act like this, Denis would approach her. Just remember how sad he was when they separated. However, his new Sugar Mama is just as pretty, she still had to be careful, "Come on."

Mia only shrugged.

Faye entered the restaurant and looked for an empty table. Thankfully, it wasn't as crowded. There were some empty tables, just like a magnet. Her eyes were looking for Denis while taking out the chair near the cashier and reading the menu. She chose the opposite.

Mia was sitting across her, "Are you really serious with your Sugar Baby, Fay?" Her eyes glanced at where Denis at, "hm … they don't look like a couple, don't be jealous, Fay."

"I am not," Faye calmly denied. Just because Denis went to eat in the same place, she didn't need to go to another place, right? She isn't a coward, and jealous? She wanted to laugh out loud, hearing that, "What do you want to order?"

"I just want a drink," said Mia, "I already had my breakfast, I came here because I want to hear about your date."

Faye regretted taking Mia with her, "I am going to the washroom for a bit."

"Are you going to run away?" asked Mia.

"Don't think weirdly, Mia. I also want to order a drink. Order one for me, okay?" said Faye. She headed to the restroom. It wasn't crowded there. It was pretty quiet. She went inside, and it turned out that it was even quieter. Faye stared at herself in the mirror. She looked exhausted, she couldn't cover it up because she only brought a powder, perfume, and red lipstick last night. The clothes she wore were bought last night when she went shopping, yeah just so you know what the Sugar Baby wanted.

Faye couldn't believe she spent the money she planned to use for one month only for one date.

Denis was very money-oriented.

And if she had to book Denis again just to please Claudia, she could go bankrupt.

What to do? Claudia didn't want to hear her honesty. Does she really need to hire Denis? But he is too expensive.

Faye could have booked someone else, but Claudia already has seen Denis's face.

'it's exhausting.'

What was Faye's fault? Is this God's punishment because Faye did something she shouldn't have done last night?

Because she was already in the restroom, so Faye made sure to tie her black hair and put her pigtail into the hole of her cap, then she went out—and she was so surprised to see Denis there, leaning against the wall, before processing what was happening, Denis trapped her against the wall with his sturdy arms that she used as pillow last night.

Denis smirked, "I know you will get back to me, honey~" he whispered seductively against Faye's sensitive ear, "but I didn't know it would be so soon. Seems like you really miss me that much, Fay," he continued while caressing Faye's cheek gently.

Faye quickly pushed Denis away before she got carried away with Denis's touch, "You're wrong, I came here to eat with my friend," she said coldly, "Aren't you enjoying your date with your new Sugar Mama right now?"

"New Sugar Mama?!" Denis looked surprised before he turned his expression back to a normal one, "What do you mean?"

"Don't lie to me, you're here with your new Sugar Mama, right? You even hugged each other in public. Don't you have any other place to express your love to each other?" said Faye sharply and fiercely.

Denis froze. 

An awkward silence enveloped both of them. 

"Hahaha …" Denis laughed loudly, startling Faye because he thought it was funny until he had to hold his stomach from holding his loud laugh.

Faye crossed her arms in her chest, feeling annoyed because Denis was dared to laugh at her. In what way did that sound like a joke?

"Fay, you ... hahaha ..." Denis tried to speak in the middle of his laughter which unfortunately failed, he continued laughing until tears came out of his brown eyes, "Fyuuuhhh ..." He let out a long sigh after satisfied of laughing, "were you following me because you are jealous? Oh ... Fay, you make me happy, you know? Your head must have been filled by me," he while winking his eye. Faye continued to glare at Denis without feeling tempted of Denis's words. Denis decided to continue, "The one who is with me is my sister, Starla, she just returned from Indonesia, you don't need to worry." He laughed again, but not as loudly as before.

Faye's eyes widen. 

Come to think of it, the young woman named Starla did seem to have some resemblance to Denis.

"How can I believe it? Let's be honest, I've been replaced," said Faye coldly, not wanting to admit her mistake.

"My feelings don't change that easily," said Denis softly. 

Faye was shocked to hear that.

His feeling?

"Do you want me to introduce you to Sister Starla?" Denis offered, "no matter how much I love seeing your jealous face, I'd rather see you smile."

Meeting the person that Denis claimed as her sister isn't a good idea, but it was also Faye's fault for not believing it immediately. Before she could answer, Denis wrapped his arms around Faye's shoulder and took her back to the restaurant, to the place where Starla sat, to be precise. 

"Big sis, I have someone to introduce."

Starla's brown eyes met Faye's black eyes. Upon the close gap, it was true that Denis and Starla's resemblance existed.

"Hello," said Starla.

Faye smiled nervously. 

"Oh," Denis realized Faye's nervousness, so he took the initiative to introduce Faye to her, "This is Faye Grace, she's my friend, and this is my sister Starla." he emphasized the word sister to tease Faye.

Starla held out her hand. "Nice to meet you, Faye," she said softly, "if you don't mind, may I know your age?"

Faye welcomed Starla's hand with a raised eyebrow, surprised when Starla asked her about her age, yet she still answered it, "I'm 24 years old."

Starla grinned a little, "Just typical Denis. He hasn't changed," she said, "be careful, Faye, Denis likes to seduce older women like you."

"Big Sis!" Denis exclaimed in annoyance. 

Starla laughed. 

Faye laughed awkwardly if only Starla knew that they were already more than that. She coughed, thinking about what happened last night, which made her body heated up, "Sorry, can I borrow Denis for a while?"

"Oh yes, Of course, you can," said Starla.


Faye ignored Denis's word and pulled the man's arm back to where they met earlier, in front of the restroom.

"Why are we back here?" Asked Denis in surprise, "Do you want to continue what was delayed~?" he asked again, this time seductively.

Faye rolled her eyes, "No," That's not what's worrying her right now, "I ..."

How could Faye say this?

"Hm?" Denis muttered calmly, "what?"

Faye took a deep breath.

'Say it, Faye, think about your reputation and your family'.

"Marry me."

Denis paused as his brow eyes widened. 

Faye hastily explained, "I mean contract marriage, Denis. For a few months."

Denis was still in shock. 

"Denis!" Faye, who could not stand the silence, waved her hand in front of Denis's face until he got back to reality, "So?"

"I ..." Denis lost his words, "Fay, are you kidding me? I'm flattered but you know I'm not a man who wants to be committed to women even if they are as beautiful as you, sorry Fay," he said full of regret. 

Faye froze on where she stood. 

She was rejected?


Faye immediately chased after Denis. She grabbed the man's strong hand to make him look at her, "You want to be a Sugar Baby, but you don't want to be my fake husband?"

Denis sighed, "Being a Sugar Baby is different from a husband. Getting married is something sacred. I don't want it."

Fay gritted her teeth at Denis's comment that actually makes sense, "All right, then I'll hire you tonight."

Faye will show how sorry Denis will be for going against her.