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Conquest Carnival: Two Worlds Collide


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With a dark past driving him to work harder than most, Zack Rivera entered college two years early as a High Honors Student. As a result, he found himself with just enough money for an Immersive Virtual Reality Kit, and a pre-order for Conquest Carnival. In the two years between then and now, he had developed a passion for IVR Gaming, going so far as to get a world record for his favorite game! Thus, he had become a famed speedrunner known as HypeBeast27. Unfortunately though, due to his strict academic responsibilities, he faded into obscurity, becoming a mysterious legend amongst the hardcore gamers of the world. And now, he finds himself at a crossroads. Will he continue on the path of higher education, living a simple yet successful life? Or, will he take a gamble and become a pro gamer, opening the gates that could fulfill his wildest fantasies? And what about. . . The truth? Only one way to find out. *Important Disclaimers: R18 stuff will happen, but that will not be the focus of the story. There are cool fight scenes, and cool characters, but this novel is finished as it is, unfortunately. Join my discord if you want to follow my future works!* *** Join the discord using this link: https://discord.gg/fwHphNx


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