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Conqueror of the omniverse


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Warning! This story will be very slow one.And I will try to finish volume one as soon possible. What happens when a typical otaku is given the chance to visit his favourite anime an manga? Of course he will take it. Follow our mc to his journey of different worlds of fiction. This fanfic is only for wish fulfillment. I just wanted to write about different anime, manga,movie,novel,comics merged into one fanfic. Everything contains in this story is not own by me. It is only for fun and entertainment. ( AN: I mistakenly made this into a novel so i am transforming this into a fanfiction. I hope you forgive my mistake. I am new author. So i didn’t realize it in the beginning. But now please enjoy and share it with others so i can get my views back.) The cover on the book is not mine if someone has it’s ownership or any complain. Please contact me. ( AN : my old email expbar37@gmail.com)


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