Conquering the Universe with my Sister Book

novel - Fantasy

Conquering the Universe with my Sister


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"A chance to make everything right.... a chance to see her again..." *** Standing on a balcony with blood all over his body, Avery watches the empire he built burn to ashes. Weirdly enough, there was only longing in the eyes of the man. “I can finally see you again, Little Yue.” The man said as he wistfully gazed at the sky covered with smoke. The man falls to the ground as the light in his eyes slowly fades away. The man wakes up in a familiar room. He looks confused at the situation he is in. He suddenly hears a voice. "Big Brother!!" A cute voice reaches his ears as his eyes opens wide at the familiar voice. He slowly turns his head around and... [Tags] [Warnings] - incest - little sister - r18 - brother x sister - sibling love - No Harem [Disclaimer] The cover photo and all other photos used in this novel are not mine. If you are the owner please do contact me so that I could take it down.