4 Mika Amami The SS-Rank Adventurer (2)

POV Mika Amami ~

I've been staying on the floating island for the past few days, waiting for my task to be completed, and on a routine day during my stay here, I received a word about the monster gate breakout, but I didn't care much about it because I found it quite bothersome.

But soon after, I received a call from one of my few friends asking for my assistance; I wanted to decline, but I had gotten quite a few favors from her in the past, so I didn't.

Nonetheless, I resolved to take care of it as quickly as possible, finish my pending duties, and depart from the floating island.

On my way approaching the monster gate, I encountered several low-rank adventures who were assisting people in evacuating;

I ignored them and went to where I could sense the presence of the monster.

I knew it was an A-Rank monster only by the pressure it was emitting; if left alone, it could demolish the entire city, and low-rank adventurers would never dare to stay there.

As soon as I got close to the gate, I noticed a large building-sized monster's silhouette and intended to get this over with as quickly as possible, but I came to a halt as I sensed another presence.

To get a clear look at the person present, I decided to wait just out of sheer curiosity.

After moving to a place from where I could get a clear sight of that person I halted my steps in shock.


There, I noticed a young boy standing defiantly in front of a monstrous creature. He couldn't have been more than 15 or 16 years old, with a shock of jet-black hair.

Despite the immense pressure emanating from the beast, the boy remained resolute, unflinching in the face of danger. His piercing black eyes seemed to bore into the creature, daring it to make a move.

In that moment, I was taken aback by the boy's bravery and tenacity. It was as if I was witnessing a hunter, ready to pounce on its prey. The creature roared ferociously, attempting to intimidate or immobilize the boy, but he stood his ground, undaunted by the monster's display of power.

The boy quickly vanished from his current place, leaving behind only a blue trace. He then surprised the monster by attacking it on the ankles.

I was once again astounded by that quickness, and even more so by 'that' affinity.

After then, I saw him make every effort to fend off the monster, but he was unable to do so because it was still too strong for him.

I realized this as I saw him drenched in blood, and soon regained my composure.

I killed the monster right away because I didn't want the boy to end up dead.

'Because soon he will become my...disciple,' I reasoned.

"If he trained under me he will soon be able to surpass me and I was also searching for someone that can inherit my techniques, it seems to be fate,"

I mused to myself and nodded several times in agreement.

I then approached him and said him my thoughts, but he lost consciousness due to excessive blood loss.


Ares slowly opened his eyes and found himself in a room of interminable darkness.

Soon after, he noticed a small form of light in the shape of a ball approaching him, and he heard whispering from it,

"Help me Ares"..."Help me Ares".., continuously.

He was perplexed as to which Ares that light was requesting assistance from, given his name was Ares in his previous world as well..., but he knew it wasn't a coincidence and that he had come to this world for a reason.

To take him out of his thoughts, the light quickly engulfed the entire dark room with its strong glow, forcing him to close his eyes to avoid being dazzled by it.

As Ares slowly opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was the unfamiliar white ceiling above him. It certainly wasn't the hospital he had expected to wake up in. His body felt different too.

He checked himself over and found that all of his injuries had miraculously healed, leaving him with only a moderate headache and a sore throat.

Lost in thought, he suddenly became aware of a woman entering the room. Dressed in a pristine white doctor's coat, she exuded an air of elegance and sophistication.

Ares couldn't help but admire her beautiful features - a flawless white complexion, sparkling green eyes, and long pink hair that cascaded down her back. With a smile that reminded Ares of a blooming flower, the woman approached him and began to evaluate his condition. 

Ares blinked and sat up, his eyes scanning the unfamiliar room around him. "Where am I?" he asked, his voice hoarse from disuse.

The woman in the white coat smiled kindly at him. "You're in Mika Amami's private mansion," she replied, introducing herself as Aegis Winston, one of the rare S-Rank Healers in this world.

"Mika Amami?" Ares repeated, his mind whirring. "The same Mika Amami who saved my life?"

Aegis nodded. "Yes, that's the one. She brought you here, injured and unconscious, and begged me to treat you. She's been keeping watch over you ever since."

As she spoke, Aegis relayed the events leading up to his current situation.

She told him how she was dragged here by her best friend Mika Amami to treat him, and how he was carried here by Mika when he was covered in blood and bruises.

However, Ares ignored all of the information she gave him and focused on the most crucial and terrifying information he had received.

That Ares was currently staying in Mika Amami's private mansion.


He soon realized what he had heard before losing consciousness, and that alone gave him goosebumps.


When Aegis noticed him deep in thought, she decided to break the silence and said, "I never believed Mika would find herself a pupil, let alone a handsome one. I heard about how you bravely confronted an A-Rank monster.

Even though she is senior to you, I hope you continue to look after her." She smiled innocently, but her eyes betrayed a different emotion.

Ares stared at her, saying nothing. After a lengthy silence, he finally spoke up. "I never told her that I would become her disciple and-"

But Aegis cut him off. "It doesn't matter if you want to become her disciple or not," she said. "Once she's decided that you'll become her disciple, you don't have much choice. She'll chase you to the end of the world to get what she wants, trust me. Until you accept her as your master, the easy way or the hard way, she'll keep pushing."

Aegis continued, "But I believe it'll be beneficial for you to become the disciple of an SS-Rank Adventurer, which comes with a variety of benefits. And although Mika may not seem like it, she cares deeply about those close to her and is dependable...at times.

Plus, her swordsmanship is renowned all around the world. She's known as the 'SWORD EMPRESS.'"

Aegis paused, waiting for Ares' response. He pondered for a few minutes, considering the pros and cons of becoming a disciple of Mika Amami, an SS-Rank Adventurer.

Finally, after a few moments of silence, he decided to respond to her about what his answer is, while she was staring at him with stars in her eyes.



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