40 Concerns...

Finally, today is the day when Aegis promised to deliver the advanced healing potions that I requested of her. And my other preparations are complete as well.

As I was waiting for Aegis to send me the potions, she texted me and asked me to meet her as Helena would be stopping by as well, as she has something to talk about,

It's good Helena is coming too, as I have some queries about my element training that I want to ask her.

After pondering, I left the special Dorm building and was about to leave for the location that Aegis sent me for our meeting, but I halted in my steps because I encountered the people I know very well. It was Lucas, Ayla, and Ziona.

They were entering the special dorm building together, and they too halted as well, as they faced me. But soon Ziona spoke to me.

"Good evening Ares, are you taking a break from your training as well?" she asked and scrutinized me from top to bottom. I was dressed in my casual clothes for my appointment with Aegis and Helena. I think she assumed I was taking a break from my training and relaxing.

"Yes, I am taking a break for today," I answered her with a smile on my face.

As I answered her, I felt a glare at me from beside Ziona. As I moved my eyes towards that glare, I was met with Lucas. His face was distorted seeing me and he was gritting his teeth so hard, that they were threatening to break any moment, he seemed so furious that he started leaking his Aura.

It seems he is still not over the incident, that transpired during the entrance examination.

I smirked seeing his angry face and shrouded my body with electricity and glared back at him. The atmosphere around us changed abruptly as our Aura's collided.

Seeing the sudden change in atmosphere, Ziona was in a predicament, and an awkward smile came on her face, as, on one hand, she had Ayla and Lucas with whom she was getting along well, and on the other hand, she had me, who is also her training partner.

As she was contemplating what she should do about this situation, Ayla stood in front of Lucas with her hands wide open, as if she was shielding Lucas. She was staring at me as if asking me to stop, but as she was confronting me, her face turned pale and her forehead was covered in sweat.

Noticing Ayla, I retracted my Aura to not hurt her, and Lucas did the same. Soon the atmosphere returned to normal and noticing that Ziona and Ayla finally sighed in relief.

I then smiled at Ayla and Ziona without saying a word, and walked past them, while Lucas was still staring at me, but I decided to ignore him.

Then I left the academy and went toward the warp gate to directly teleport to my destination.

Using a warp gate costs quite a lot of money, but I can use my special class badge privilege to warp to the location I want to move, but it can only be used twice a month.

As I arrived at the location that was sent by Aegis, which was a five-star restaurant... I don't know why she chose this location, but it didn't bother me, so I texted her about my arrival.

Not after long, Aegis texted me back and told me to come inside the restaurant, as she was already waiting for me.

As I entered the restaurant, I saw the whole restaurant was empty...

"Did she reserve the whole restaurant? It's good to have money, I guess." I muttered to myself.

As I was looking into the restaurant, Aegis yelled my name from the second floor and waved her hand at me.

I noticed her and went to the second floor to visit where she was. As I approached her, I saw her dressed in a very professional way, which was unlike her... She was wearing a long formal white coat and black boots that went well with her outfit, while her pink hair was tied in a ponytail.

As I approached her, she pointed me to the seat in front of her, as if telling me to sit there.

As I sat on the seat that she pointed to, she called a waitress and ordered two large coffees for both of us. As she knew my taste very well, she didn't bother asking me and ordered for me as well. As we spent almost two months together, she got to know me well, and the same goes for me as well.

As the waitress brought us our coffee, I questioned her,

"You booked the whole restaurant?"

"No, I own this restaurant," she said as if it isn't a big deal and continued,

"Here are the advanced healing potions you requested," she said and gave me a storage ring.

As I inspected the storage ring, I found five advanced healing potions in it, which was a lot more than I expected, as I think two-three potions might be enough to heal 'that' demon.

As I was pondering, Aegis added.

"I made some changes in those potions, so it can even work on demons. The normal healing potions that we humans use might not work on the demons or it might take a lot of potions. If you didn't mention to me that you need the potions for a demon, you couldn't have saved that demon, you are trying to save," she concluded.

Listening to her, I just had an awkward smile on my face. As I didn't know about that, I thought healing potions would work the same on anyone, including demons as well.

"Thanks, I owe you one," I said with an appreciative look, as I was grateful to her. If not for her, the plans that I made might have gone to waste.

Seeing me grateful, she had a smile on her face and spoke.

"You better be, I worked quite hard to complete those potions in such a short amount of time," she said and continued.

"I don't know what demon you are trying to save and why, but I know you are a rational person, that wouldn't do anything unnecessary, so I don't want to ask any questions. But...you have to be careful about what I said to you before."

"Don't worry, I will keep your words in my mind," I replied with a smile.

"Hmm, also I will be leaving the floating island for some time, as I was called on the mission. So you won't be able to contact me," she spoke after taking a sip of her coffee.

"Mission with Mika?" I questioned, as Aegis mostly only works with Mika.

"Yes," she said and nodded her head in confirmation.

As we were chatting, we both suddenly heard footsteps from the entrance of the restaurant, so we turned our heads toward it at the same time but we found no one.

However, suddenly someone spoke from the seat beside me.


"Ahk, why is your coffee so bitter."

I was startled and turned my head toward the voice, but after seeing that person, I finally calmed down.

The person was a silver-haired woman, who was wearing gym clothes and a grey jacket over it. Of course, she was Helena parker. I was left amazed as usual, by not even being able to catch a glimpse of her speed.


"Who told you to drink my coffee then?" I question her.

She ignored my question and spoke,

"It seems you became quite popular these days Ares,"

"Yup, shit happened," I answered nonchalantly while taking back my coffee.

"You better lay low for some time, as everyone in the continent has their eyes on you. And my reason for disturbing your date with Aegis was to warn you about something."

"It isn't a date-" Aegis was about to say something, but I cut her off and asked Helena with a serious face.

"So, what is it that you want to warn me about." Seeing me serious, Aegis kept quiet and Helena replied in a serious voice.

"It's about your brother," she paused for a moment before continuing,

"...He seems to be planning something against you. And that's not the worst part..." she struggled to continue her sentence. I think I know the reason why, but I still asked her,

"Then, what's the worst part?" After a brief moment of silence, she exhaled and continued.

"Your brother has connections with someone from my organization, and we were assigned a mission to...assassinate you."


"...I see," I answered, as I was expecting something to this extent, that my elder brother would make his move any time now. As my increasing fame might threaten his standings in the kingdom. But, what I didn't think was that he has connections with the infamous "SHADOW" organization.

As I was pondering, Aegis was shocked with her eyes wide open, and questioned Helena stutteringly,

"W-What! What did you just say? W-We should let Mika know about this, y-yeah, we definitely-." she continued and started searching for her phone left and right hurriedly, while her hands trembling, she didn't even notice, that her phone was right on the table in front of her.


"Calm down Aegis, I am trying my best to convince them in rejecting this mission. And they know Ares is Mika's pupil, So, I don't think they will accept this mission recklessly." Helena said and tried to appease Aegis, and it seemed to work pretty well.

"Y-Yeah, they won't dare to go against the crazy bitch like Mika, right?" she said and comforted herself.



Hearing innocent Aegis cursing Mika, Both Helena and I were left dumbfounded and didn't answer her for a moment.

As Aegis didn't get any reply from us, she stared at us and raised a question,


"...It's nothing." Both Helena and I uttered in unison.

Then we continued our conversation, and I asked my queries to Helena, about the element training.

After chatting for an hour or so, we finally separated and went on our ways...


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