74 Try again

"Gentlemen, might I remind you, you are in the presence of the king," The king said. "If this rages on, we shall have a WAR-" He was speaking with a smiling face. 

He was not happy.

"Shut up old fart! No one asked for thy opinion," Skully glared, hovering above everyone. "They're having a discussion. SO, Quiet!" He hissed. 

Almost all the Sahallas started sweating.

To them, their saints were a tier above their kings. 

Gods even.

The king only wanted to bluff his way out of this- but it backfired a bit too hard. 

"Well, Skullmandathor has our back." John grinned. "By the way, just make up your mind dude. Love is love. Yeah, yours is different but it's still love. You'll work something out." John crossed his arms and stood with pride. 

"It's not like it's illegal." Voli rolled her eyes. "So, stop being an idealistic moron, and just decide. It's a yes or no anyway."


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