80 The deal

"Release me, I shall go and wake my brethren…." Skully said as he slipped out of Emily's grip. 

He'd been quiet this whole time. Or rather patient to be more accurate. 

"I thought you were just bluffing," Theo said. 

"I was not. Many have already perished, the rest would not last long…" Skully stared at the sky. "However, I'd require thy help when unsealing them. And as my loyal slave thou shouldst obey…"

The saints were powerful- but they weren't eternal. Their powers could be drained- and they too could die.

Which was why- Skully- 

Theo stared blankly. "Okay let's make this clear. I'm not your slave. And if you want something done, you have to ask with a 'please.' Or at least not speak so condescendingly." Theo wasn't an advocate of 'please' this, 'please' that. But he didn't like being looked down upon. Yes, he was used to it, but he didn't like it. 


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