4 Chapter 4 - Cultivation and Life

A few days later,

In his room Xiao Feng was sitting cross-legged and practicing; there was a lot of dou qi gathered around him and he was constantly making different types of seals, he was gathering dou qi inside him and there were a few muffed sounds coming from him. Finally, as if something had broken through, the sounds stopped and the dou qi present in the room went into Xiao Feng, the dou qi present in him gathered in one place and finally formed a crystal.

"I have broken through dou zhe." Xiao Feng was quite excited after breaking through dou zhe. He felt his current strength and said "Now no one in dou zhe stage can beat me and I can even fight against fighting masters easily and beat them." After feeling his current strength he was quite satisfied with the result of his cultivation in the past few days.

In the past few days, his body refining art has broken through level 7 which means his body strength alone can fight against 7-star dou zhe qi stage fighter without the help of an innate holy eucharist Dao fetus.

With his continuous cultivation his body will only become stronger and stronger and with his cultivation becoming stronger and his physique, he will easily be able to fight across 1 or 2 big realms easily

After feeling the result of his cultivation he walked out of his courtyard. In the past few days he has been in his room almost all the time except for the time he showed Xiao Xun'er around Wutan city and during that time his relationship with her became very close.

Just as he walked out of the courtyard he heard someone calling him. "Brother Xiao Feng here! here! We are here." Xiao Xun'er was calling him.

"Brother Xiao Feng how was the result of your cultivation."

"Yes, Xiao Feng how was the result of your cultivation." Xiao Yu asked him as she was worried about him.

She was very concerned about him. She even wanted to break into his room when he didn't come out in the last few days. She even thought that wasn't she too worried about him.

"It went pretty well and I also broke through today and became a dou zhe stage fighter. Hehe! How is it, are you surprised? But don't tell anyone else about this. I have only told you two." Xiao Feng said to them with a proud and confident expression.

"What! Have you broken through dou zhe? How did you do it? I mean you only started practice about a week ago and only in a week you broke through dou zhe, it's almost impossible." Xiao Yu was shocked after hearing what Xiao Feng told her.

"Brother Xiao Feng has only been practicing for only a week and he has broken through dou zhe."

"Brother Xiao Feng, Xun'er will not tell anyone else." Xiao Xun'er promised in a calm manner.

Although on the surface she pretended to be calm but she was shocked inside. She herself who has a divine grade Dou DI bloodline is known as the strongest genius in the ancient world is only a 3-star dou zhe qi stage fighter after practicing for about half a month and it was also due to high concentration of dou qi in the ancient world, although there was some slack in her practice but even if she practiced all day she wouldn't be so strong.

After considering all the geniuses of the ancient clan, Xun'er was shocked to find that no one in the ancient clan had stronger talent than Brother Xiao Feng. Although their strength would skyrocket once the bloodline was activated but they are far behind in terms of talent

Looking at their shocked and speechless expression Xiao Feng was quite happy. He also wanted to show off his achievement to someone but he couldn't do it openly otherwise it might lead to disaster. So, he was satisfied with the expression of Xiao Yu and Xiao Xun'er and he was quite happy in his heart.

Looking at the happy Xiao Feng, Xiao Yu was also quite happy.

Just then Xiao Feng said," Sister Xun'er why don't we go to the town to play, last time I only showed you around and we didn't buy anything."

"In the last few days, you have almost forgotten your sister, Xiao Feng you're around Xun'er almost all the time except cultivation." Xiao Yu pinched Xiao Feng's cheek and said in a sullen tone, one could not tell whether her expression was true or fake.

"Sorry for neglecting you sister Xiao Yu, why don't you also come with us." Xiao Feng easily broke free from Xiao Yu while speaking.

"And I like Xun'er, so I like to be with her which is a matter of course." Xiao Feng said this in a serious tone.

When Xiao Feng said this Xun'er blushed, she didn't expect Brother Xiao Feng would confess to her suddenly and she didn't know what to say so she could only bow her head in blush.

She also had quite a good impression of him in the past few days because he was her only friend. In the ancient clan, no one dared to play with her due to her status as the daughter of the patriarch and Xiao Feng was the only boy whom she played with, so he had a special position in her heart. While thinking of her relationship with Xiao Feng, she said," Okay brother Xiao Feng I will go with you." in a very small voice that was almost inaudible.

After saying this Xun'er bowed her head even more and her face was blushing red.

After hearing what Xun'er said Xiao Feng was quite happy because he really liked Xun'er and this love originated from his previous life and in this life, after seeing her he really fell in love with her. He admits he is a lolicon because he was almost an adult in his previous life. But he really loves Xiao Xun'er herself and not the novel character of his previous life.

Just when the atmosphere was becoming a bit ambiguous Xiao Yu coughed heavily," Cough! Cough! Are you guys paying attention to me I am also here and you guys can fall in love later?"

"You guys should pay attention to the occasion as well."

"Okay, sister Xiao Yu we will pay attention in the future." Xiao Feng nodded obediently.

"Then let's go, sister Xiao Yu and Xun'er."

"Okay." Both of them agreed.

Half an hour later, in Wutan city

"Sister Xun'er you must not have eaten the things in the market. Try this food. Say ah!" Xiao Feng brought a snack to her lips and said to Xun'er in an affectionate manner

Xun'er who saw Xiao Feng's affectionate eyes that were filled with love, couldn't bear to refuse so she opened her mouth and said, "Aah!"

Hearing Xun'er's call Xiao Feng immediately put the snack into her mouth and let her eat it.

"It was delicious Brother Xiao Feng," Xun'er replied while eating. Her mouth was full of food. She never thought that roadside food would be delicious.


Whenever Xiao Feng saw something that either Xiao Yu or Xun'er wanted he brought them and money was not a problem for him who was the grandson of the second elder.

Just as they were talking and laughing they came to a store where a kind old man sold jewelry and accessories.

Xiao Yu and Xun'er, both were interested in it, so they went to the jewelry shop. They saw a lot of accessories, just when they watching accessories Xiao Feng noticed an unusual bead necklace that emitting a strange aura, and his physique somehow resonated with it. Although he didn't know what was inside the bead but since it could resonate with his Innate Holy Body, then it must be a good thing.

After thinking about it for a moment, he asked," Old man how much does this necklace costs."

"Young master it costs 10 gold coins."

"Okay, then I brought it." After saying this Xiao Feng immediately paid for it.

He also saw that Xun'er was interested in a band and Xiao Yu was interested in an earring. So, he also brought it as well and gave them to Xun'er and Xiao Yu.

They traveled all over the town and brought quite a lot of things and then they returned home.

"Xiao Feng, I will forgive you for not playing with me in the past few days and this is your punishment." While saying this Xiao Yu pinched his cute cheeks and rubbed them for quite a while and then she trotted away happily.

After Xiao Yu was gone the atmosphere became quite awkward between Xiao Feng and Xiao Xun'er.

Xiao Xun'er was quite mature in terms of mental age due to her divine grade dou di bloodline and Xiao Feng himself was almost an adult so his mental age was also quite high. Their beyond-the-age mental quality made the atmosphere awkward.

In the end, Xiao Feng broke the atmosphere by saying that, "Sister Xun'er what I said earlier was true. I really like you and I will try my best to pursue you even though we are young." After saying this Xiao Feng hurriedly ran away.

Hearing what Xiao Feng said Xun'er was quite embarrassed and blushed. She felt quite funny when saw him running away. She was quite mature for her age so she felt that it was only children's love but she still felt shy.

She was also quite happy because someone falling in love with her meant that she also had her own charm. She felt that if Xiao Feng matured and still had this idea she might really fall in love with him because he was quite handsome even though he was young and he was strong, talented, sunny, and gentle. His body also had some kind of innate attraction for her as if they were meant for each other. After getting rid of her crooked thoughts she blushed and ran away.

While running away she thought 'Xun'er, oh! Xun'er how can you have such crooked thoughts when you are so young?'


In his bedroom, Xiao Feng was trying to ease his mood and he finally thought," I am not going to let you go, Xun'er, I will definitely make you fall in love with me and I will also not let go of Xiao Yu and others."

After affirming his thoughts Xiao Feng sat cross-legged and started practicing. Just when he was practicing a system notification sounded in his mind.

[ Ding! The task has been issued ]

[ Main Task 1: Successfully conquer the Dou Qi continent.

Mission time: Unlimited

Mission Reward: 1,000,000 Origin Points, 3 Unlimited Lottery, 1 cultivation method which you can choose from any world.

Failure Penalty: None ]

[ Main Task 2: Successfully get the inheritance of Toushe Jade emperor and become a Dou Di.

Mission time: 30 years

Mission reward: Physique upgrade and 100,000 origin points.

Failure Penalty: None

( Note - Both need to be done in order to complete the task. Just becoming Dou Di or getting Toushe Jade Emperor's inheritance alone isn't enough ) ]

[ Main Task 3: Successfully make at least 4 main beauties fall in love with you and fall in love with them.

Mission time: Unlimited

Mission Reward: 10,000 origin points for each beauty in love.

Failure penalty: None ]

[ Will Host accept the missions ]

So, After seeing the missions Xiao Feng felt right about the first 2 missions but after seeing the third mission he felt quite happy because he always wanted to fall in love with many beauties on the dou qi continent. He readily accepted the mission.

As for origin points. Although he didn't understand the difference between origin points and normal points but he knew they were good things and it wasn't the time for him to ask about it. At least he has to wait until he gets Origin points.

[ Ding! Host accepts the mission ]

After saying this system felt silent. And seeing that system felt silent, although he was quite happy after seeing the mission. He still felt that strength was the foundation of everything so he sat cross-legged and started to practice.

He practiced until late at night and then fell asleep.

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