2 An important day

Ryu Sei's eyes suddenly opened, his mind still in a slumberous state, took him a few seconds to process his surrounding. A deep breath and his lungs filled with the cold air in his room was still dark, but looking out of the window, the first sign of light crosses the sky, making it shine in orange color.

He pushed his body to seat, on the bed. A heavy breath in and out, and his mind started to become clear. However, the weariness in his mind still persisted, the soreness all over his body and the weight on his eyelids a reminder of a bad night of sleep.

Today is an important day for him, as today he will perform the admission test, he will enter one academy and start his new life as a cultivator. But he was filled with anticipation, and this prevented him from sleeping that night. Every time he closed his eyes, thoughts about which academy he will join and how things will be in the near future popped into his mind.

Since he is already awake and wouldn't be able to sleep, Ryu Sei puts on some clothes and proceeds to the kitchen, where the pleasant aroma of recently made food invaded his nostrils.

Despite the early hour breakfast is already on the table, a woman is making tea using her essence to trigger a small formation on top of a bench to heat water. This beautiful woman has brown hair, her height is slightly above the average, and she looks very young to have an eighteen-year-old son.

"Hi, mom." Ryu Sei says while he pulls a chair and sits.

"Oh, already up? Good morning son." her name is Ann Sei, she said with a gentle smile on her face while taking a seat next to Ryu Sei and looking at him with concern. "You look tired. It seems that you haven't slept at all. Couldn't sleep this night?"

"I am worried. What if I got a bad score and can't go to a good academy? It would be awesome to join the Somersault Academy."

"Don't be this strict son, there are various excellent academies and systems out there. The Holy Academy, the Divine Sword Sect, wouldn't it be great if you go to an academy near home? You can come and visit us anytime."

"I know, but Somersault Academy's system is far better than the others." while Ryu Sei speaks, anxiety spread on his face. He had set his goals so high that it is pressuring himself.

Realizing her son emotional state, Ann Sei decides to change the topic

"We still have to buy a few things for your travel. What about we go to the market while it is still early? It might be our last opportunity to walk together for a long time."

But contrary to their expectancy, the streets were crowded.

"It seems that a lot of people are going to take the test this year." Ann Sei says while avoiding the crowd efficiently, she walks among the people like water traveling down a river with Ryu following close.

This mother and son walked for a while, more wandering without destination than actually shoping, they want to keep busy to shift attention from test to be taken later. Then it happened when everyone was distracted looking at a showcase.


A loud sound echoed all over the market, drawing everyone's attention, chaos immediately took control, and people began to run in the opposite direction of the sound, as the sounds were getting louder and closer, approaching fast.

Ryu and Ann kept their position near a store, and merely a few seconds after the first sound, a Fiery Tiger made its appearance at the end of the market. A three-meter tall tiger with reddish fur came running in their direction, destroying everything on its path. The tiger had wounds on his body and appeared to be in an uncontrollable rage.

A moment later, one woman and two men with weapons ready in their hands appeared chasing the tiger. The woman and one man had swords while the last man had an axe, all had visible cuts on their bodies, and they looked tired from a battle that has gone on for a long time.

The beast rushed forward madly, its eyes locked on Ryu and Ann, marking them as a target, and charging to attack them both. Ann turned her eyes to Ryu and said casually.

"Stay here.".

The first step and advances 5 meters, a long thin white sword appears at her side pointing to the floor. The second step, and she is in front of the beast, which opens its mouth in response, intending to swallow the woman in just one bite, the sword starts to move while Ann moves to the side. In a third step, Ann is on the other side of the beast, her sword pointing to the sky while droplets of fresh blood fly in a long arc.


The tiger falls, slithering on the ground due to its running momentum. At its side, a large cut could be seen on the tiger's dead body from chest to back, passing through its heart. The beast died without even know what happened.

The trio reached the spot and saw the scene, disbelief printed on their eyes, but before they could say anything to the woman before them.

"What you are thinking dragging this beast to the city?" Ann had a vicious gaze and her face filled with anger, her withe sword dyed in red threatening lying on her side.

At this moment, all the three were only thinking about running. They had the impression that the woman before them was really about to go on a killing spree, but they knew running here is impossible if she wants to kill them, there is no way for them to run.

"I'm sorry, we attacked it on the forest nearby, but the beast run to the city, and we couldn't take it down quickly." they apologized, bowing, making their best regretful face.

In the end, Ann did nothing with the three cultivators, she just went to Ryu, and they went back home.

"That was amazing, Mom. They were so scared of you. I want to get that strong too." Ryu's resolves to become a cultivator hardened even further.


It was already past lunchtime when Ryu and Ann arrived home, and his face was much better. After packing his belongings inside a small storage ring, he went to his room to rest until it was time to go.

A knock on the door took his attention, and a man opened it. It was his father, Takezo Sei, a fit good looking man with black hair looking to be in his 30's.

"Ready to go, son?"

"Hi Dad, I am ready. How was your mission?" Ryu asks, standing up and walking with his father to the front door, where his mother was already waiting.

The three walked for 10 minutes, his parents giving one last instruction to Ryu on how he should act when he reach the academy.

Soon they reached their destination, an enormous building, made of fine wood filled with beautiful carvings resembling dragons and other mystics beasts, the entrance brimming with people, all of them candidates, the only ones who could pass beyond this point.

Here they bid their last farewell, and with another hug, he turned to his back and gave a look to the building. The light atmosphere was gone, and anticipation filled his heart again, now his new life will start, and he starts walking to the building.

Ryu heard his mother's voice yelling one last time

"Don't forget to send news."

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