3 Chapter 3

Fendrel was inside in his carriage while looking at his status, he bought it with 560 gold in the system store. Although it was a little expensive, he didn't regret it, since he can now sleep comfortably, and doesn't have to walk anymore.

Fendrel was in disbelief at first, because there's no system store in the game. After seeing the available item for sale in the system, fendrel grins from ear to ear. Because all the items available in the system, where all came from the NPC store from the game. Naturally, fendrel was happy, because this will make his life easy in this unknown world.

The carriage was a little special, since it doesn't need a horse, and has a magic array instead of a wheel, to make it float. And since the forest was a little spacious, the carriage can pass without problems. all of his soldiers are on the outside, moving along the carriage while guarding at the same time. And lily was on the rooftop, using as a radar, you can hear her mumbling voice, clearly dissatisfied with her job.





HP:1000 MP:200











'I still have a 28 SP. Let's see what I can buy in the store system' fendrel open the system store, and greeted by a bunch of skill. He sorted it out, with a skill that has a prize close to his 28 SP.

When he's done, he began to see, if there's a useful skill. Right now fendrel only has 5 skills, one to his demon and 4 to his barbarian, 3 buff skills, and one cc.

'There's a ruler-it can increase all of my summons attributes by +5. It's not a bad skill and there's also, rage-that can increase my strength attribute by +10, wait..... eye of truth-it can assimilate any target. Yeah, I almost forgot about this, I need to buy this so, I don't have to fight the enemy blindly, and can identify anything. But, I don't have enough SP, and It's really expensive, I need 50 sp to buy this skill' fendrel contemplated a bit. And decided not to buy any skill for now, and wait to have a 50 SP to buy the assimilation skill.


While fendrel busy inside, lily who was sitting leisurely on the rooftop, stand up and frown, she concentrated her energy, to sense the surroundings carefully. She was suddenly frightened, as if she had seen a ghost, and did not hesitate to fly to fendrel.

"You're majesty!!!, Super bad news. We need to hide!!" fendrel startled by a sudden shout of lily. After seeing a frightening face of lily, he frowns.

"Okay!, calmed down, what happens?"

"There's some-something big coming, we need to hi-" but before lily could finish her sentence


A deafening roar reverberated every corner of the jungle, together with a boundless dragon might, that immobile all the creatures in the forest. Fendrel who's in his carriage can't move, and since he can't move, he put his carriage in the inventory.

The carriage vanished in thin air, fendrel and lily who's in the carriage, plummeted on the ground with a loud thud. He groaned in pain, and Lily who's in her side looks like it's about to cry. He tried to look up in the sky, and see what was the thing that's causing a scene.

What he saw, was a really big dragon. It's a lizard-like dragon and had a wingspan of 50m, fendrel was sweating all over and became nervous.

'Shit! this forest is a hell on earth, I need to hide.' he picked up lily, and crawl into a nearby tree.

Not long after, he sighed in relief. Because the dragon didn't stop, but continue to fly out of their sight. The dragon might is also gone, so they can now stand up properly. fendrel look at his body and smiled wryly.

'I need to wash, the dirt is all over me now. just you wait, you f*cking lizard, I'll get you someday. Wait.. my soldiers' he looked at his soldiers, they are ok and just covered with dirt.


They continue their journey and find a river first to wash their clothes and body. After half a day, they found a river. Fendrel who's itching all over his body runs and jumps in the river first, his soldiers look at each other, and run after fendrel.

"Aahh, I didn't know a river could be this holy"

Fendrel looked at his soldiers who arrived and getting ready to wash.

"Franco!!, where is Lily?" he asked his barbarian soldier because he can't see hogger in the group.

"She said, she found something, and she needs to investigate first. Before reporting to your majesty" Franco answered.

"Ohh, okay" he was not worried about lily, because that pig can fly really fast. And it's small that it's hard to spot, and it only needs to investigate, so he doesn't need to worry.

After he finished washing, he buys clothes from the system, and go inside his carriage to wait for lily. His clothes just looked like some normal medieval clothes, there are fancy clothes in the system, but he cants afford them.


After an hour, lily came back with a smile on her face. She comes inside of the carriage, and report with a proud look.

"You're majesty, I have good news. I found a village" Fendrel's eyes sparkled after hearing the good news.

"That's good news! where is it?!!, no what kind of village?!!"

"It's a goblin village!!" lily reply enthusiastically.

Fendrel excitement died down immediately, 'It's a goblin, who's known for their ugliness, and horrible stinks. What kind of village that this creature has.' fendrel thinks with an ugly face.

He sighed eventually and decided to give it a try. Who cares if it's an ugly goblin, as long as a building system activates he can make a super ugly village, into a gorgeous city.

After all the soldiers finished their bath, he makes lily led the way to the village. It didn't take long before they arrived at the village.

The village was ugly, it doesn't even have a fence, and all the houses are just a hut that is placed unevenly all over. There's a 50 goblin's, 20 that looks like a warrior, and the rest is just a bunch of women or children.

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