Connected with the devil Book

novel - Horror

Connected with the devil


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The struggle between good and evil has always existed. Perhaps the day when all this will stop and one of the parties will take precedence will come. Perhaps when evil takes the world in its hands, everything will collapse. People are united in the forces of good and evil. Everyone chooses their way. What will happen when the daughter of the devil is born? Unhappy soul unsuspecting anything. What will happen when she is thrown into the world of immortals taken by her father? Will Lilith ever understand what it is? Will he continue his father's way? Whether her encounter with one, usually, boy, will change her mind about the world. What will Lilith choose? Will the forces of evil leave the mind and soul and make her father happy? Whether he chooses to be just an angel or will become the worst creature that causes horror in the hearts of innocent people. Will it be the new devil who will destroy the barrier between the two worlds, even destroying his own father?