Confessions of a Drama Queen Book

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Confessions of a Drama Queen


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It had never crossed her mind, that Mandy Gilbert, would live in her imaginary life when the boy she had a crush on since primary school, Justin Bedington, chose her to be his wife. Mandy knew Justin for as long as she remembered. She was only able to look at him through an untouchable wall known as ‘reality’. Justin is crazy rich, the son of a CEO in a multi-billion company in the U.S. Being surrounded by countless pretty girls, selected as head of the Student Council, brilliant, a social butterfly, and a highly dedicated person he was, didn’t make Justin got easily overwhelmed by that. Though he lived in a world full of loving gaze in any where he went, he gave zero care in it—even when almost half of the girls on this planet were head over heels in him. But who knew, his final choice was Mandy. Since their dramatic and ridiculous meeting, Justin thought that girl is amusing, funny, and known as a trouble maker girl who often gets over-dramatic at school. Justin first encountered her at a party, and from then on, he knew that this girl is one of a kind, so he chose her to be his wife. But who thought Mandy would live her new life in peace? The Drama Queen faced countless dilemmas revolving around Justin; from his sexy assistant, a gorgeous widow next to their house, and also, an obsessed teenager. Mandy couldn’t stand all the girls’ hysteria every time they were around him. Adding to that, the trust that was given by Justin, made Mandy feel as if she was ignored and invisible. In Mandy’s little mind, marrying someone of her dream would lead her to a life full of happiness—as seen in fairy tales. However, marriage life wasn’t as good as she thought. Problems after problems appeared unexpectedly. Starting from Justin’s anger toward Mandy who ruined the most important event in his life, being shunned by her best friend due to misunderstanding, to the revenge carried out by her school friends that put Mandy in danger. Mandy only had her journal—the only thing she could write her feelings, lies, and all the secrets. So, how did the drama queen overcome the problems she faced and admitted all the biggest secrets that separated Mandy from her loved ones?


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