Complicated Sex Life Of Ben

Follow the Life of A teenage boy learning about love and sex with his cute classmates, gorgeous cheerleaders, friends at summer camp, a beautiful neighbor, and even his own sisters. INSPIRED BY TRUE STORY. .... DISCLAIMER ..THE PICTURE AND THE STORY IS NOT MINE. I JUST WANT TO SHARE THIS WONDERFUL STORY TO ANYONE WHO IS WRITING SMUT AND HOPE THEY LEARN FROM IT. AS I FED UP READING SMUT NOVEL WITH DUMB LOGIC AND VERY BAD H-SCENE WRITING. WHICH DOESN'T MAKE ME HARD AT ALL. ........ !!WARNING!! IT'S NOT FOR KIDS.. THE SMUT SCENE AND THE PLOT HERE IS VERY ADDICTIVE AND MORE REALISTIC... SO BE CAREFUL WHEN READING THIS... ............ Here's what to expect in this novel. A Lot of Drama, A Lot of Breakups, Incest, Almost every chapter has H-scene, Casual Sex, Age progression, Open Relationship, NTR is debatable like i said they are in Open relationship, but expect Cuckold, maybe Netori. My advice to the readers when reading this is to read this novel like you are reading a Diary of other Person. Just don't think yourself as ben. It will Hurt Less. ...................

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chapter 1: THE NEIGHBOR


"Wow, Ben! You've really sprouted, haven't you?"

"Uh, I guess so, Miss McNeil." I shrugged. I stood in front of my neighbor's house wondering how long she was going to chat with me before getting to the point. It was a Saturday, and I'd much rather be zoned out in front of the TV right now. What do you expect? I was a 16-year-old boy. But my mom had ordered me to go help our neighbor with some housework and being a "nice" young man, I obediently went to help.

"I just saw you two weeks ago," she said in amazement. "Have you grown another inch?"

"Uh, maybe," I answered and looked at the floor. I KNEW I'd grown an extra inch to reach 5'9". Maybe not in two weeks, but certainly in the last month. I'd been averaging an inch a month since January and I measured myself almost every day hoping for another eighth of an inch. Now, I was already three inches taller than HER now after living my life looking up to Miss McNeil. And at the rate I was going, I had dreams of reaching six feet.

Miss McNeil just leaned against the doorjamb and stared in amazement at me, her pale green eyes stark against the backdrop of her dark brown hair, which was pulled back into a casual ponytail. I tried not to notice her long legs clad in some very short shorts. The tight, white, V-necked baby-T hugged her curves and showed off her sizeable cleavage. Ever since my growth spurt had begun, my hormones had been in overdrive and it seemed like I was constantly thinking about sex. But fortunately, Miss McNeil was so distracted looking at me she didn't notice me ogling her tits.

Forcing my eyes up to her face, I hefted the tool box in my left hand and stammered, "Uh, my mom told me to come by here. She said you needed help with something?"

She broke from her reverie and blinked a few times. Her pale skin turned a rosy pink as she blushed and then she smiled at me. "Right, right. There're some slats on the porch railing that broke off during that last storm. And my yard is a mess of fallen tree branches."

I turned and looked at the damage. Storms in Southern California usually weren't a big deal, but it HAD been windy and she was right, the railing was damaged.

"Sorry," she leaned forward and apologized with her eyes. "I can't do anything anymore without a man in the house."

I nodded. Miss McNeil's husband had died in a car accident three years earlier. She was only 25 then. And in the intervening three years, I'd never once seen her date. It was inconceivable that such a beautiful young woman was still without a man in her life. Really, she was gorgeous and youthful. If she walked around my high school campus, dozens of guys would be asking her out.

"Okay, no problem. Are those standard sectionals they have at Home Depot?" I asked.

"You know, I have no idea. Colin put that together." She winced slightly at the mention of her husband's name. I figured that was why she was still single. She hadn't yet gotten over her husband's death.

"It's alright. I'll figure it out," I assured her, moving the subject along. "Okay then, I'll drive out and pick up what's needed. Should be back in a half-hour." I started to turn away.

"Really? Drive?" Miss McNeil looked surprised.

"Yeah. I turned sixteen last week." Grinning, I pulled my car keys out of my pocket and tossed them in the air. My parents had bought me a 10-year-old Corolla. Nothing to impress girls with, but they were MY set of wheels.

"Well, happy belated birthday, Ben."


"Bring back a receipt," Miss McNeil reminded me. She crossed her arms over her chest, which inadvertently lifted and pressed her breasts together.

"Sure thing. See you later," I told her tits.


Two hours later, the sun was ascending high into the sky and sweat was literally dripping off my body. It was April, which was technically springtime. But in Orange County, California, that meant the occasional 90+ degree weather. So I'd stripped off my shirt and then poured half the contents of my water bottle over my head to cool off.

Repairing the railing had been a simple enough job. There were only two damaged sections, and a few tugs on the crowbar had pulled them loose. Nailing in the newly-bought pieces from Home Depot went quickly. Painting them took less than 20 minutes from prep to finish.

More of a hassle was picking up the strewn tree branches from around the yard. My muscles bulged as I used shears and a hacksaw to cut the branches down so they'd fit into the big green trash bin. And there were enough branches and debris that my 16-year-old body was getting tired.

"Wow, Ben. You're looking good!"

The girlish voice had my attention immediately. I picked up my head and spun around in an awful hurry to see who was talking, and managed to scrape my arm on a branch in the process.

"Oww!" I yelped in instinct and shook out my arm, then turned and blushed to see Adrienne Dennis standing on the sidewalk, grinning at me.

"Oh, sorry!" she giggled. "Did you hurt yourself? I didn't mean to distract you."

"Uh, just a scratch," I shrugged while deliberately pitching my voice lower. To tell the truth, the scratch stung like a motherfucker, and it was already forming a bright red welt. But I acted like it was nothing.

The gorgeous blonde teenager obviously let her eyes trail down my bare chest and naked torso before coming back up to my face. She grinned flirtatiously and giggled again. "You're growing up, Ben."

"I guess." I shrugged again, playing it cool. At least, I played it as cool as a horny 16-year-old could. I tried to keep a straight face while I flexed my pectorals and tried to squeeze my abs. At this point in my growth spurt, I was still wiry and skinny instead of muscular, but I had pretty good definition.

"Well, I'll see you at school, Ben. Sorry again for distracting you." Adrienne flashed me a brilliant smile and then turned to walk across the street to her house. I held my pose for another ten seconds until I was sure she wasn't going to turn back around towards me, and then I loudly exhaled and shook out my limbs as I let my body relax.

Adrienne Dennis was one of the hottest and most popular girls in school. She was a sophomore, like me, but she'd gotten her growth spurt early, reaching 5'10" and already had a D-cup at only fifteen. Along with a blessedly pretty face and a cheery blonde demeanor, Adrienne naturally fell in with the coolest cliques.

For the last six years we'd grown up on the same street together. But that proximity had never led to us being friends. She was cool, and I was ... short. I had lots of female friends, but the hottest chicks weren't among them. So sure, Adrienne knew who I was and I DEFINITELY knew who she was, but that conversation we'd just had was our longest conversation since Junior High.

Adrienne also had WAY more sex than I'd ever had. She was kind of a slut that way, or so the rumors went. She'd dated four different guys from the football team last year, and three on the basketball team. Even as a 14-year-old freshman, word around school was that all seven guys had gone all the way with her. This year she'd switched to water polo, but her latest boyfriend had lasted for six months so only two guys had gotten into her panties this year.

She'd been careful not to get herself into any bad situations like a gangbang or anything, but from her initials A.D., she had the legendary nickname of "All-Day", referring to her ability to have sex for hours and hours on end. She certainly had plenty of unsupervised time. Her mom died years ago and her dad was a workaholic who was never, ever home.

Some might think that her reputation as a slut would be a turn-off. Nope. Her reputation just made every male in school hope they could be next, including me. So as I watched Adrienne's tight ass swaying beneath her skirt as she walked across the street to her house, I felt a flush of confidence in me that All-Day Adrienne had noticed that I was starting to look good.

"She's right you know."

The new voice had me spinning around again, although I managed not to scrape myself on a branch this time.

Miss McNeil was standing on her porch looking at me with a little smile on her face and a glass of lemonade in her hand. She smiled at me. "You ARE looking pretty good. Get some meat on your bones and you'll be quite the handsome devil, Ben."

I blushed and looked at my feet.

Then Miss McNeil started laughing, "But right now, you just look a mess." She stepped off the porch and came towards me in the yard to bring me the lemonade. "You've got paint splatters on your shorts and so much dirt!"

I shrugged and didn't respond verbally. Miss McNeil may have been talking about the paint on my shorts, but her gaze was on my bare chest.

"And ... oh!" Her tone jumped as she exclaimed suddenly, "Are you hurt?" Miss McNeil came up to me and held my arm, twisting it over to see the bright red welt that was snaking up the length of my forearm, which was also starting to ooze blood by now.

"Oh, well ... it's nothing," I drawled, playing it cool once again. Miss McNeil may be an adult, but she was still a pretty girl. And every instinct in me told me to act brave in front of a pretty girl.

"Nothing? We've got to clean this up before you get an infection or something." She tugged on my arm and started pulling me towards the house. "Let's get you inside."

"But ... I'm almost done!" I protested.

"You can finish later."

Five minutes later, I was sitting on a toilet with my arm in the sink. Miss McNeil had just finished washing it off with plenty of soap, and the basin was filled with murky brown water spiraling down into the drain. I probably could have cleaned it off myself, but I didn't mind letting her do her thing. It actually felt pretty good to have Miss McNeil's soft hands against my skin. Having her wash off my arm was the most female contact I'd had in a while.

That, and in the process of cleaning me, Miss McNeil had splashed some water onto her white shirt which was turning the material translucent and making it cling to the curves of her breasts. The shirt wasn't soaked, but there were enough wet spots to stir my imagination and also reveal the lace pattern of her bra. I spent the entire time staring at her tits as they bulged out the V-necked top.

Oblivious to my gaze, Miss McNeil then left the bathroom for a minute and came back with a tube of Neosporin. There was also a small step-stool in the bathroom and she pulled it over to sit down on as she grabbed my arm again and started slathering on the ointment.

The thing with the step-stool was, it was about a foot shorter than the toilet seat I was on. And as Miss McNeil leaned forward to tend to my arm, I now had an absolutely PERFECT view down the front of her shirt.

And the view of her creamy breasts had the expected effect on my crotch.

"There!" The attractive 28-year-old brunette finished up and capped the Neosporin. "All better!"

I managed to move my eyes up to meet her cool green gaze just in time. But then I saw a twitch in her cheek and I watched as her gaze dropped down to my lap, where my cock was making quite the tent in my khaki cargo shorts.

"Oh, my," she gasped and held a hand over her mouth.

I blushed scarlet crimson and bit my lip while quickly moving a hand to cover the intruder. "Sorry. I'm just a guy. I couldn't help it."

Still with one hand over her mouth, Miss McNeil canted her head to the side as she continued to stare at the bulge. "Is that ... because of Adrienne?"

"Uh ... no, Miss McNeil," I winced.

"Then ... because of me?" she asked in obvious disbelief.

"Well," I waggled my hand for a moment before pointing at her chest. "You're kinda giving me a really nice view," I stammered. "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare."

Miss McNeil gasped and then put both hands over her chest as she looked down and saw the cleavage-view she was giving me. "Oh. Oh! Sorry, I didn't realize. These are just clothes for around the house. I wasn't expecting visitors."

"No need to apologize. I rather liked the view," I smiled weakly.

Something in her green eyes flashed as she looked back up at me, but it was quickly smothered out. "Well, uh, Ben. You're all cleaned up now." Miss McNeil pointedly looked away from me as she stood up, still with her hands over her chest. "I guess you can finish up and then go home."

"Sure, Miss McNeil." The situation was awkward and if there's something teenagers HATE, it's 'awkward'. Without another word, I left the bathroom and headed outside.

It only took me another half-hour before I was done. I didn't bother to go say anything to Miss McNeil. She saw me through the window when I rolled her trash can back to its spot in the garage and I just waved goodbye.

Life at school continued on as it always had.

I doodled in my notebook during class. I played pickup basketball games during breaks, and politely said "hello" to every pretty girl I knew who passed me in the hallways.

Most of them even said "hello" back. I was still one of the "safe" guys and we were on friendly terms. But there was one girl who didn't say "hello" back.

Despite our brief conversation yesterday, when I passed Adrienne Dennis in the hallway she didn't even nod when I offered her a casual greeting. She was too starry-eyed for her Junior-class boyfriend and probably hadn't noticed my existence. I just watched her big tits jiggling in her too-tight top, and when she passed I let my head turn around to follow her for a moment before the sound of someone else's voice grabbed my attention.

"Dream on, Ben," Megan Kwan teased before offering me a warm smile. She and I had the same fifth period class together and we often met up halfway. "Adrienne's WAY out of your league."

I shrugged and kept walking. "Is that why YOU won't go out with me anymore, Megan? You're out of my league, too?"

Megan punched me in the shoulder. "Yes. Me and my flat chest are out of your league."

I smiled right back while Megan looked forlornly at her small breasts. She was a late bloomer like me, and over the past year we'd often commiserated over our lack of development. Our only two dates had been at the beginning of the academic year, and even though we hadn't become boyfriend or girlfriend or anything, Megan and I had become pretty good friends. She respected that I didn't push her past kissing or pressure her for more dates; and I liked that she hadn't made fun of my rather short height. Perhaps because she'd been an inch shorter than me at the time had something to do with it. But I'd been growing since then and she was now up to 5'4" herself.

"I don't know, Megan," I drawled. "Guys have this hotness meter to determine if a girl is out of his league. Now I know you weren't out of my league when we went on those dates, but your boobs HAVE been getting bigger. I think I need to feel their new size to decide if you're out of my league now or not."

"Ben!" Megan pretended to be shocked while she covered her chest with her arms. "Are you trying to talk your way into copping a feel?"

"I'm just a guy, Megan." I grinned and we both started laughing.

"Stop flirting, you two," a new voice cut in from behind us. Cassidy O'Leary was also in our fifth period and she'd caught up to us with a teasing grin on her face. "If you guys ever actually start dating again, who the heck am I going to hang out with?"

Life at home continued on as it always had.

I got home. I did my homework. I ate dinner, and then I holed up in front of the family room TV playing video games.

When my mom asked if I'd finished my homework, I simply moaned "YES" and went back to button-mashing. I really had done most of my homework, the exception being Biology; but I knew Kenny Doyle would let me copy his answers in the morning.

After my mom failed to dislodge me from the TV, my little sister Brooke tried next. She wanted to watch some dumb girls show but I just ignored the little twerp, who at 14 was two years younger than me. She did try to manually power off the gaming console, but I was quick to yell and spanked her ass twice before she ran away covering her butt.

My baby twin sisters Eden and Emma, who were only 10, came next. The twins and I never had any problems as I was always looking out for my littlest sisters, ever since they were infants. And the twins adored their big brother, so they had no interest in stopping my gaming. Instead, the girls just plopped onto the couch and sat on either side of me, leaning against me and peppering me with questions about what was going on and why I was trying to steal that car and whether I would steal the pink one if Emma asked me to.

So of course, I stole the pink car for Emma. Then I had to find another pink one for Eden.

The one who eventually got me off the video game console was my big sister, Brandi. Even though she was only two years older than me, she wielded that interval like a club. You know, she had the 'I am the older sibling so you will jump when I tell you to' kind of bossiness.

I'd thought Brandi had another date with her boyfriend tonight and would be out of the house, but I guess not. She came into the family room and ordered me off the TV so she could watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was actually taller than her now and much stronger, but I had too many memories of the big troll beating me up to get her way, so when she started barking at me I sighed and switched off the game.

Eden and Emma went to go play with own things or something while I headed to my room. I figured now was as good a time as any to open my stash of stolen Playboys and jerk off to some titties.

It was a little over a week later when I found myself in front of Miss McNeil's house. It was a Saturday, and I'd much rather be zoned out in front of the TV right now. But my mom had ordered me to go help our neighbor with some housework and being a "nice" young man, I obediently went to help ... AGAIN.

At least this time I really HAD grown another eighth of an inch. But I figured I'd better get to at least 5'9 and three-quarters before claiming I was 5'10". 5'9" and an eighth just didn't have the same ring to it.

"Hi, Ben." Miss McNeil smiled at me and I swear I saw another flash of something in her green eyes when she opened the door. I'd also been hoping for another glimpse of her big tits, but unfortunately, this time she was wearing a thick house robe that obscured everything from view.

I hefted the tool box in my left hand and said, "Hi Miss McNeil. Mom said you needed some help?"

"Yes, Ben. Come on in." She stood back and let me into the house, closing the door behind us. "The towel bar in the bathroom fell off and I'm not sure how to put it back."

"Oh, that'll be easy." I'd already fixed two towel bars in my own house. I let Miss McNeil lead the way and it turned out, we were going into the same bathroom I'd been in the last time. Sure enough, one of the brackets had fallen off when the screws came loose from the wall, and the towel bar was tilted at a slight angle from where the remaining bracket still anchored it.

"How's that scratch, Ben?" Miss McNeil asked while I surveyed the damage.

Automatically, I looked at my arm. "Oh, that's already gone. I told you it was nothing."

"Really? Let me see." Miss McNeil was suddenly beside me and pushing on my shoulder, and the next thing I knew she'd sat me down on the toilet seat. Reaching out with one arm, she then pulled the step-stool over and sat down on it. Only then did I realize that her robe had come loose, and she had on the exact same white, V-necked baby-T that she'd been wearing last week.

Then, taking my arm, Miss McNeil made a big show of inspecting every millimeter of skin on my arm to look for traces of the old welt, leaning forward in her seat so that once again, I had a simply WONDERFUL view down the front of her shirt.

Like magnets, the pair of gorgeous breasts drew my attention and held it. And while Miss McNeil continued moving my arm around, I continued staring at her tits.

The view of her creamy breasts had the expected effect on my crotch.

I was so enraptured with the sight of those heavenly globes that I didn't even realize that a full five minutes had passed. I barely blinked, afraid to lose even a moment of available tit-viewing. And only after those five minutes did I realize that Miss McNeil wasn't even looking at my arm anymore. She was staring at the tent in my shorts.

I was wearing a different pair of cargo shorts this time, but the material was no more effective at obscuring my erection. When I finally managed to pull my gaze away from Miss McNeil's breasts so that I could see where she was looking, I began to examine her face.

Her skin was flushed a soft pink, and I could see small beads of sweat forming in her hair line. She was panting softly, very softly, and those bright green eyes were simply locked onto my crotch as firmly as my eyes had just recently been locked onto her chest.

"Can I see it?" Miss McNeil said just barely above a whisper.


"Can I see it? I haven't seen one in over three years." Her pink tongue snaked out and rapidly licked across her upper lip. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. And with her youthful face absent of makeup and her wide-eyed expression, I could almost believe this gorgeous brunette was just another hot Senior-class chick or a college girl at the oldest. She was just another pretty girl with whom I might want to get naked.

I realized that my heart had already begun beating faster as I ogled the tops of Miss McNeil's breasts. But now, my heart was thumping even harder in my chest and I found myself suddenly paralyzed with fear. Did she really want to see my dick?

"Uh, I'm not sure," I began nervously. "I mean, I've never really been naked in front of a girl, Miss McNeil."

"Would it help if I took off my shirt?" She asked quickly and her eyes darted up into mine.

My eyes flew open and my hormones answered way before my brain could react. "Hell, yeah!" I exclaimed.

Then before I could even blink, Miss McNeil shrugged her arms out of the robe and then crossed her arms down before whipping the T-shirt off, leaving her upper body clad only in that lacey white bra I'd been glimpsing. She bit her lip and then started glancing back and forth between my crotch and my face.

For a second, I just stared at her breasts encased in the bra, seeing just how the titflesh strained to be freed from the confining fabric. In fact, the bra seemed to be a little too tight, the edges of the bra cups denting in her breasts slightly while the rest of her boobs tried to spill over the top ever so slightly. And the sight had my heart absolutely racing.

Now sure, I'd seen this much of a live pair of tits before. Many of the girls had bikinis that covered far less. But none of those girls had been just a foot away and there was something inherently ... sexier ... about a bra compared to a bikini top. The fact that a bra wasn't meant to be seen in public made the sight just so much more alluring.

Miss McNeil whimpered and stared at my crotch again, which shook me from my reverie. I was taking too long before showing her my cock. So my hands immediately went to the clasp of my shorts and I started to pull them off...

... but then I stopped. An idea had come to my head and I threw caution to the wind. "Wait, I'm guessing you want to see my dick naked."

She just nodded hurriedly.

"Well, it's only fair then if you take your bra off too, right?"

Without hesitation, Miss McNeil quickly reached behind her back, flipped the catch, and then shrugged out of the bra. My brain went into slow motion then, and my pupils dilated as wide as possible as the white fabric slowly descended down the curves of her breasts. My breath caught as the dusky pink areola came into view, followed shortly by eraser-hard nipples. And then, the white fabric fell off into thin air as the bra slowly collapsed into her lap.

I was so stunned and shocked by the sight of my first ever pair of adult naked tits that my hands started twitching and my mouth gaped as I ogled away to my heart's content.

"Oh, for crying out loud," Miss McNeil whined when it was clear my body had gone rigid and that I wasn't about to continue removing my shorts anytime soon. She quickly batted my hands away and finished unbuttoning me herself, unzipping me and then grabbing both the shorts and my boxers and then tugging fiercely down my legs.

Almost immediately, my seven-inch (and three-eighths) dick sprang out and bounced off my belly before wobbling to a standstill at roughly a 75-degree angle from my crotch. My new dick had come with the growth spurt and after glancing around the locker room at school, I knew I'd gotten a pretty good one. That pride coupled with the idea that it was naked in front of a pretty girl had my cock absolutely rock hard.

"Ohhh..." Miss McNeil moaned as my prick came into view. Her mouth opened and again, her tongue snaked out to lick across her upper lip. And then once she pulled my shorts down to my ankles with my bare ass on top of the toilet seat cover, she extended her hands towards my swaying member.

Miss McNeil reached for me so suddenly that it startled me, and I barked "Hey!" as I cowered back away from her hands.

Her hands stopped immediately and she looked pleadingly into my eyes.

I recovered from the momentary surprise and asked, "You want to touch it?"

She nodded and then moved her hands to grab my own. And then before I could react, she pulled my hands to her breasts, planting my palms against each large orb where my fingers reflexively clamped down.

"Oh, shit!" I gasped as I felt my first ever pair of naked tits. And then when Miss McNeil reached forward and grasped my cock with both of her hands, I groaned and grunted, "Oh, shit!" again.

My mind was racing. 'She's touching me! A pretty girl is touching me! I'm touching her tits! I'm touching her tits! And she's touching my dick! Holy SHIT!'

Her tongue snaked out along her upper lip once again, and this time, I didn't even twitch before Miss McNeil ducked her head and clamped her lips around my cock. I felt the sudden wet warmth as her mouth surrounded my sensitive head while she hummed a loud and happy "Hmmm!" And then I felt the powerful vacuum of air moving inside her mouth as she began sucking.

'Holy SHIT!!!'

I groaned instinctively as my ab muscles suddenly began twitching, and then I felt a sudden, wonderful, heavenly relief exploding through my body as my hips reflexively jerked upwards, shoving an extra inch of cock into Miss McNeil's mouth. And then I started cumming.

I knew what an ejaculation was. Hey, I was sixteen. I'd masturbated a hundred thousand times already. But this was no mere ejaculation. This ... this was AMAZING!

I grunted "Miss McNeil!" as my hands reflexively squeezed and then I felt myself pouring out my cum into her mouth. Her head jerked when she felt the first splash against her throat and then she was swallowing rapidly, the contractions in her mouth only heightening my orgasm as I continued to spurt and spurt and spurt. She moaned through her nose as I filled her with more semen the moment she swallowed the last batch, and as my butt sagged back down to the toilet seat cover I felt her right hand jacking me to coax even more spunk out of my balls.

It felt like I was cumming for hours. It felt so exquisitely good that I never wanted it to stop, and every time I thought I'd squeezed out my last shot, her nimble fingers pulled another one out of me.

Alas, all good things must come to an end.

I let out one last grunt and pushed out one last dribble of jism. Miss McNeil popped off my cock and then leaned down to swipe that last glob off my tip with her tongue, and then she sat back on the step-stool, panting softly with a deeply satisfied expression on her face. Her eyelids drooped. Her lower jaw hung open, and yet she was obviously smiling.

"Oh, that tasted wonderful," she sighed contentedly.

We were both silent for a long few minutes. I sagged against the toilet basin, completely in disbelief at what had just happened. Did Miss McNeil really just give me a blowjob? Had I really just cum in her mouth? Did she really just swallow every single drop like the porn stars in dad's videotapes?

It felt like forever before Miss McNeil spoke. I'd seemingly gotten over my disbelief rather quickly as I got myself absorbed in ogling her bare breasts again. I didn't know if I would ever get to see her tits after today, so I wanted to soak up every moment I could. I would have put my hands on them again if I was sure it wouldn't earn me a slap in the face and have her quickly put her robe back on.

There had been a gleam in Miss McNeil's eyes for the entire time we'd been in the bathroom. But now, that gleam started to fade away and all of a sudden, Miss McNeil was looking at me like I was a terrifying stranger sitting half-naked in her bathroom. She bit her lip and then looked down at her own nakedness. That pink blush came into her skin again and then in embarrassment, she suddenly covered her chest with her arms.

"Ben?" She asked as if she wasn't sure of my name. Her gaze was fixed onto the wall behind me.

"Yeah, Miss McNeil?"

"Did I just ... did we... ?" Her face screwed up in confusion.

"Uh ... yeah..."

"You won't tell your mother, will you?"

I shook my head. There were a lot of things I kept from my mom. Anything having to do with sex was at the top of that list. Besides, there was no way my mom would believe me anyways.

"Good. Uh ... you should probably put your clothes back on."

"Right, right." I quickly pulled up my shorts and Miss McNeil was already hunting around for her bra. She found her shirt, but the bra had somehow scooted next to me on the toilet. I reached down to pick it up and couldn't help but notice the tag reading: 34C.

She quickly snatched it out of my hands and then began putting her breasts away, taking away the heavenly view. Once I got myself fixed up, I just sat there on the toilet seat cover and watched her put her shirt and robe back on.

Miss McNeil's lower jaw quivered as she stood up, and then I stood up as well. In the cramped confines of the bathroom, we were standing just a few inches apart. I pulled myself up to my full height, looking down from three inches (and an eighth) above her.

At first, she wouldn't look at me. But then, her gaze slowly swept up until her eyes met mine.

Miss McNeil looked so beautiful in that moment. Her green eyes were sparkling. She had a perfect nose and great cheekbones. And I stared at her lips, so full and pink and so recently wrapped around my cock. And then I did the most impulsively aggressive thing I'd ever done in my life. Nice guys didn't do things like this, but then, I wasn't REALLY a nice guy inside.

I bent and pressed my lips to hers, planting a fierce kiss borne of instinct on her mouth and pushing hard enough to stumble Miss McNeil off balance so that her back banged up against the wall behind her. And my mouth went with her. So a second later, I was crushing Miss McNeil, this beautiful 28-year-old widow, against the wall as I did my best to devour her mouth with my own while she whimpered and clutched her hands at my shoulders.

It wasn't my best kissing job. I was wet and slobbery and overly enthusiastic. But this kiss felt as thrilling as the blowjob had been. And from the moan that sounded deep in her throat and the way her hands grasped my back, Miss McNeil didn't seem to mind.

I could taste my own semen on her breath. I didn't care. Kissing her just felt too damn good. I would have kissed her for eternity if she'd let me. But after a few minutes, Miss McNeil tapped my shoulder and then pulled her head away, "Stop it, Ben. Stop."

I didn't want to stop. I kissed her for another ten seconds before she pulled away.

"Stop!" She rapped her hands on my shoulders repeatedly until I finally stopped pecking my head at hers.

We were both panting hard, our eyes wild as we looked at each other. I wanted to kiss her again so badly ... SO badly. I stared hungrily into her eyes, and then Miss McNeil sighed and said, "Okay, one more."

I was suddenly on her and we were kissing like we'd never stopped. My mind was swept away on a whirlwind of passion and lust and I groaned into our liplock as happy as I'd ever been in my life.

I ruined it then. My hands, which had been wrapped around Miss McNeil's waist, automatically started moving in different directions. My right hand pushed lower until I was palming her ass. And my left hand started creeping up her belly towards those heavenly breasts once again.

But all girls seem to have a "roaming hands" alert. Miss McNeil pulled away and grabbed my wrists. "No, Ben. No."

I whined but quieted quickly. I was used to girls defending my hands away from their juicy bits.

"Go home, Ben. Please. Go home." Miss McNeil's eyes searched back and forth between mine. I got the distinct impression that if I pushed just a little bit harder, she would probably let me kiss her again. She might actually let me do even more than just kiss. But there was a plea in her eyes for me to leave.

So I left.

Hey, I guess there's a little bit of "nice guy" in me after all.

It's amazing how an orgasm can transform your life. For a teenaged boy, there exists a kind of calm serenity that you only feel when you've cum in such an incredibly powerful way with a beautiful girl. I felt like I was floating on air, drifting through life like a leaf on the wind.

"Ben? Earth to Ben?"

I blinked twice and then looked over to see my best friend Kenny Doyle with a silly grin on his face. He was halfway to the lunch line, but I'd just kept walking ahead, oblivious to where we were going.

"Where were you going?" he asked as I caught up to him.

"Nowhere, nowhere," I stammered.

"Jeez," Kenny drawled as we settled into line. "You seem pretty out of it. If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought you'd gotten laid or something."

Fortunately, Kenny had already turned to walk a few steps forward with the lunch line and didn't notice the red blush that filled my cheeks. It was Monday, and even though nearly two full days had passed, I was still daydreaming about Miss McNeil's blowjob.

It had been so incredibly wonderful. My first blowjob. My first orgasm with someone other than myself. I'd seen enough porn videos to know I should have lasted longer than three seconds, but I'd take three seconds of being inside a gorgeous woman's mouth over my right hand any day. And I knew I could do better, if Miss McNeil would let me.

"Wait ... you didn't ACTUALLY get laid or something, did you?"

Well, Kenny had turned back around and saw the blush in my cheeks. And for a moment, I was about to tell him the truth that yes, I had gotten my dick sucked and yes, she swallowed all my cum. But two things held me back.

One, the girl immediately behind Kenny had turned to eavesdrop when she heard the word "laid" come out of Kenny's mouth. I'd spent enough time being friends with the girls to know that they HATED it when a guy blabbed about how lucky they'd gotten. And anything I said around the lunch crowd would immediately become a part of the rumor mill.

Two, I figured that if anyone found out, then eventually my mom would find out, and I'd NEVER get the chance to do anything with Miss McNeil again.

And I very much wanted that chance again.

Ten minutes later, I was staring off into space again when Megan said, "Ben? Earth to Ben?"

I blinked twice to see Megan looking at me with a puzzled expression on her face. Cassidy was staring as well, along with half the table. Our usual lunch crew consisted of eight sophomore girls and five sophomore guys. Six of them were staring at me like I'd grown a horn out of my forehead.

"See?" Kenny waved to my face from right beside me. "Eric Bradford had the same look last week when Lynne Arian put out for him. I'm telling you, Ben got laid and he's not telling."

I colored red but frowned. "What?"

Abigail Sanders canted her head to the side. "Ooh! Anyone we know?"

Allison Sanders was quick to add, "How was it?"

Daniel Chen squinted as he read my gaze. "I dunno..."

Megan had a cold look in her eyes. "You DID say 'hi' to Adrienne the other day."

I rolled my eyes. "Adrienne Dennis? Yeah, right. And even if I DID, you think I'd start blabbing about it? Lynne dumped Eric the next day after he told half the baseball team."

Megan said quietly, "That's not a 'no'."

I sighed. "I did NOT get laid, Megan," I said seriously, and then swept my gaze across my friends as if daring them to call me a liar. Technically, it was the truth. I HADN'T had sex. It was just a blowjob.

My cute Chinese friend searched my eyes for another moment, and then she shrugged. Staring at her plate, Megan remarked, "None of our business anyways."

Twice that school week, I nearly walked up to Miss McNeil's door after school. I had no plan. I just wanted to show up and see if she'd give me a blowjob again. But I was nervous and I also couldn't figure out a plausible reason for going over there. What would I say? 'Hi, remember me? I came in your mouth? Could we try that again?'

It wasn't until Saturday that I got my chance.


"Yeah mom?"

"Miss McNeil called. She said that towel bar fell off again. You must not have done a very good job fixing it up."

I picked my head up. I knew I hadn't done a good job fixing it up. In fact, I hadn't done ANYTHING to the towel bar. I'd been too busy getting my dick sucked. Sheepishly, I answered, "Uh, sure mom. I'll go right over."

I walked as calmly as I could out the front door. My mom actually had to remind me to grab the tool box. I'd been thinking sex not work. And then as soon as I got out of sight, I literally sprinted down the sidewalk to Miss McNeil's house.

"Hi Ben." Miss McNeil looked nervously at me when she opened the door. She was wearing the house robe again, which obscured everything from view.

"Hi Miss McNeil," I said nervously as I shifted my weight from side-to-side and hefted the tool box in my left hand. "Mom said you needed some ... help?" I added a little extra emphasis at that last word.

"Uh, uh ... come on in." The beautiful brunette looked at the floor as she backed up to let me into the house. "We never did fix that towel bar."

"I remember," I said earnestly and tried to look her in the eyes, but she wouldn't meet my gaze. Shrugging, I quickly walked to the bathroom. There, I turned and sat down on the toilet seat cover and started to open the clasp to my shorts.

"Ben! What are you doing?" Miss McNeil hissed.

I'd already managed to shove my shorts down to my knees and my hard cock was now waving in the air, swollen and throbbing and turning almost purple with engorged blood. "Aren't we... ?" I pleaded with my eyes.

Her gaze was locked onto my waving dick, and I saw her jaw quivering. "Ben. It was a mistake. We shouldn't have."

"Why not?"

"Because! You're just a kid." She kept staring hungrily at my cock and her tongue snaked out to lick across her upper lip.

"You're not looking at my cock like it belongs to a little kid."

"Oh..." Miss McNeil sighed. "That certainly isn't a little kid's penis..." She blinked rapidly and then tore her gaze away from it. "But that doesn't make it right. I could go to jail for what I did."

"Why? I'm not going to tell anybody."

"It's not right, Ben." Her words said one thing but the expression on her face belied her feelings.

"But don't you want to? I certainly want you to."

"Oh, Ben..."

"Please?" My hormones were surging through my body and I'd been dreaming about this all week. There was nothing in the world I wanted more.

"Oh, God help me," Miss McNeil prayed as her face scrunched up. But then she quickly got to her knees, took my shaft in hand, and then swallowed up the first few inches into her mouth.

"Unnghh..." I groaned as I bucked my hips towards her. The feelings were exquisite, the warmth of her mouth Heaven on Earth to my sensitive glans. I felt the pressure in my balls once again as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm me as quickly as it had last time. But today, I was better prepared for the sensations.

Today, I didn't start cumming inside of five seconds.

Today, I merely held Miss McNeil's head in my hands, and I lay back to enjoy it as she began to bob her head up and down in my lap.

"Mmm ... I LOVE doing this..." she moaned around my cock with her eyes closed. Miss McNeil seemed to be savoring my dick as if it were the most wonderful food she had ever tasted, and I felt her tongue rubbing the underside of my shaft while she slowly moved her head up and down, swallowing my meat until my head nudged against her throat before she pulled back until just the crown was still inside her lips.

It wasn't that the last time I'd spurted into her mouth didn't count or anything. But this, THIS was a real blowjob, like in the porn videos.

My mind flicked back to memory of those videos, vividly imprinted on my mind from the few times I'd been alone in the house long enough to find them on the family computer or from my dad's "borrowed" videotapes I'd smuggled to Kenny's, where he had his own TV/VCR in his bedroom. I remembered the rapturous expressions on the men as they got sucked off. And subconsciously, I found myself trying to emulate them as I squinted my eyes shut, groaned gutturally, and stroked Miss McNeil's hair.

"So good, baby," I groaned. "Suck me. Suck me."

She moaned in answer and sucked me harder. And this time, even though it had only been two minutes, nothing was going to stop my explosion.

"Oh Miss McNeil," I gasped. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your mouth!"

"Oh, gimme! Gimme your cum!" she moaned ecstatically when I said that and just started sucking me harder. And when I blew, she was ready for it.

Her right hand squeezed tightly around my shaft and started jacking me upwards, and I felt the air leave my lungs as I literally stopped breathing to cum. My abs contracted, my hips shuddered, and several gobs of jizz flew out of me to splatter inside Miss McNeil's mouth. She groaned happily and began swallowing me down, and after the first few shots I started gasping for oxygen again while I let her squeeze the rest out of me.

When we were done, I was panting, she was panting, and we both had goofy grins on our faces. But then I realized that I hadn't even gotten to see her tits this time, although she'd gotten to see my cock fully naked. That wasn't fair.

I leaned forward and put my hands to her shoulders, fully ready to start stripping her clothes off. I didn't know if Miss McNeil wanted me to strip her clothes off, but I wanted to see her naked and I was going to start ripping things off her if I needed to.

Miss McNeil misread my intention as I leaned my head towards hers and she sighed happily as my face came within reach. She tilted her face and puckered her lips, and I figured hey, a kiss sounded pretty good, too.

So I covered her mouth with my own, pressing firmly, and this time her tongue popped out and tickled my lips until I opened them for her as our tongues intertwined and we french kissed.

I loved kissing. It was the only thing I'd really gotten to do with other girls before Miss McNeil, and I was told I was pretty good at it. But I also wanted to see Miss McNeil's tits. So while half of me focused on swapping spit with the beautiful adult woman, my hands kept pushing at her robe so that the bulky material fell off her shoulders and began to slide down her torso. And when I put my hands to her shoulders again, I realized that she wasn't wearing a shirt or bra.

With a spike of excitement, I popped my eyes open for a look and sure enough, the robe had puddled to the floor and from Miss McNeil's kneeling position, I could see that she was completely naked save for her panties. Those big tits I had seared into my brain were gloriously naked for my viewing pleasure.

And this time, I wasn't going to stop at just touching them.

With a burst of energy, I sprung off the toilet and practically tackled Miss McNeil, who shrieked and twisted as she began falling to the side. Her body was falling away from me, so I grabbed her sides and then pinned her against me long enough to grab the house robe and spread it out just far enough to make a makeshift blanket, and then I lowered Miss McNeil's naked back onto it.

"Ben? What are you-?" she began before I cut her off with another kiss. Miss McNeil just moaned and then clutched me to her before I pulled my lips away from hers, moved down a foot, and then immediately latched onto her right nipple with my mouth.

"Ohhh..." Miss McNeil moaned as I began vigorously suckling at her teat, and her hands came up to clutch my head to her breast. "Ben ... Ben..." she whimpered while I suckled.

Meanwhile, my hand went to her other breast to cup and palm and play with the heavy orb to my heart's content. Miss McNeil shifted as she brought one of her own hands down and I felt the vibration as she began to rub herself quite vigorously somewhere lower down her body.

Curious, I looked over just long enough to see that she'd slipped her hand beneath her panties and she was actually masturbating herself while I sucked on her boob. And energized by the sight, I switched tits and continued sucking away while happily soaking in every pleasurable moment I could. Something this incredible might never happen to me again.

After a few minutes, Miss McNeil's breathing started to get shorter and shorter, and I felt her entire torso shuddering. Before I realized it, she clutched my head to her chest tightly, her body went rigid, and then she let out a strangled cry of orgasm.

Her hand was working overtime in her crotch and the vibrations from her arm were jarring me, but eventually her cry died out and she slowly released me. She was panting softly, and for the first time in the last ten minutes, my brain slowed down long enough to think clearly.

Here I was, in the house of a beautiful adult woman twelve years older than me. You want to talk out of my league? I was lying on top of a woman so far out of my league that before that fateful afternoon when she'd given me my first blowjob, I'd never even bothered to dream about having sex with her. Sure, I appreciated her body and I stole every glimpse of her tits I could, but I did that for every pretty female who walked across my path, including my own sisters.

But it had never before entered my head that she would do anything remotely sexual with me. I thought about having sex with Megan and Cassidy and my other classmates. I thought about girls like Adrienne, who were gorgeous and showed off their tits and seemed slutty enough that they might consider banging me just for the hell of it. But not Miss McNeil. Even putting aside the age difference, she was just TOO beautiful for someone like me. Her face was a work of art. Her green eyes were captivating. She might have been able to pass for a teenager with the right outfit and hairstyle, but her body had the curves of a full- grown woman, and a VERY nice full-grown woman at that.

What was I? Just a barely-16-year-old virgin dork. Even in my fantasies, the idea of making love to Miss McNeil just seemed TOO far-fetched.

Until now.

Miss McNeil's eyes were still closed as she panted while lying flat on her back in the afterglow of orgasm. Her firm breasts sagged just a bit under their heavy weight, the still-erect nipples slightly tilted to the sides. Her stomach was taut, neither muscled nor pudgy. And the panties were your basic white cotton, with pastel little flowers sprinkled all over them.

Her legs were gorgeous, flexing beautifully as she stretched and pointed her toes. I ran my hand lovingly along the creamy flesh and then returned my gaze up to her face, where Miss McNeil had a look of fulfilled contentment.

I'd never seen a more beautiful sight in my life.

I was almost hesitant to kiss her, lest I disturb the perfection I saw before me. And yet I couldn't resist bending over and softly touching my lips to hers. Miss McNeil moaned happily as my tongue once again entered her mouth, and we lay like that just kissing softly for a few minutes while I began to run my hands over her warm body again.

I of course ran my hands over her tits again. I teased the nipples with my palms and squeezed her globes with glee. But I also rubbed her arms, massaging her biceps reflexively which made Miss McNeil moan more into my mouth. I ran my hands down her belly and legs, and then eventually, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties.

Still with her eyes closed, Miss McNeil moaned again and then I felt the tension in her legs as she began to lift her hips up. I reacted instinctively, kissing my way down her chin and to her chest as I relocated both of my hands to grab hold of my beautiful neighbor's panties. And then while she planted her feet and arched her butt off the floor, I slid the cotton down her legs and then picked my head up to pull them off the rest of the way, leaving this goddess fully nude before me.

She had a dark tuft of hair above her pussy. It wasn't neatly trimmed down, but it wasn't unruly either. I could see the obvious wetness in her crotch reflecting the bathroom lights; and further below, the puffy pink of her vagina was just barely peeking out from her closed labia.

I had an academic understanding of what I was looking at, both from health class and photos and the one special girl who'd let me see hers before. But the sight of the first pussy I might actually get INTO wasn't as shocking or monumental as when I'd first seen Miss McNeil's breasts. Somehow, while I knew I wanted to see her pussy, I'd never thought a woman's crotch was as attractive as a nice pair of tits.

And so I didn't hesitate very long before tugging off my T-shirt and then kicking my shorts and socks off. Now as fully naked as she was, I moved my warm body so that I was directly atop Miss McNeil, my naked chest resting lightly on top of her breasts while I supported most of my weight on my elbows. My erection was sandwiched between our two bellies, and I felt the tickle against my thighs as our pubic hairs mingled together. And as I began to kiss her again, Miss McNeil hummed happily against my mouth and I felt her legs parting to let my lower half slide between them.

Ever so delicately, I felt the shaft of my banana-bent cock slide into the groove of her pussy lips. I pulled back just a bit further, and with a gentle nudge, my cockhead lowered down and moved into position. This was it. On the cold bathroom tile floor in Miss McNeil's house, I was going to lose my virginity.

"Oh, Colin..." Miss McNeil moaned with infinite joy, and at the sound of her dead husband's name, she suddenly went rigid.

I went rigid, too. Just like 'desire-to-fuck-hot-girl' was genetically imprinted on all male humans, 'annoyance-at-hearing-hot-girl-moan-someone-else's-name' was similarly hardwired into my brain.

Miss McNeil's eyes flew open and then she took one look at me before her face went ashen and she started crying. In a heartbeat, she went from my sensually alluring goddess right back into Miss McNeil, sad widow neighbor who didn't have a man around to fix up the little things in her house.

I lost my erection almost immediately. Crying girls just don't do it for me.

"I'm so sorry, so sorry, Miss McNeil," I soothed while scooting off her. It was instinctive. I would push a girl just a little too far and then apologize while backpedaling. I would kiss her and then apologize for it when she complained she wasn't ready. I would grab a boob and then apologize for it when she slapped my hand. Now I was apologizing for taking Miss McNeil's panties off and then getting ready to mount her.

Miss McNeil's hands went up to cover her nakedness and I quickly grabbed the ends of the robe she was lying on, pulling it up to loosely cover her and then tying the belt myself. Then, while she rolled away from me and curled into a fetal position, I hunted around and sat up to start hunching myself into my shorts. Then I went searching for my shirt, then my socks, and shoes.

By the time I was fully dressed, Miss McNeil had composed herself and she wasn't crying anymore. She was sitting up and leaning against the wall, although she still wasn't looking at me.

"Miss McNeil?" I ventured in a careful voice. I'd thought about just bolting, but it didn't seem right.

She took a deep breath and then exhaled for a good five seconds. And when she took the next deep breath, she turned to look at me through wet eyes. "I'm sorry, Ben. I never should have let things get so far."

"No, no. It's my fault. I'm just a walking hormone." It was an excuse I'd repeated many a time with nearly all of my teen dates. If I didn't show remorse, they'd never go out with me again.

"You can't help it. I'm the adult here. I could go to jail for what I did."

"You said that before. But I promise you, I'd never tell ANYONE."

"Just because you don't tell doesn't mean we can't get caught." She closed her eyes and sighed again. "We can't do this ever again, Ben."

I sighed and looked down. I'd known it couldn't last forever. I'd hoped it would last beyond just two times, but that was that.

I didn't say anything, and neither did she for a long while. I just went over her blowjob in my head, and pictured her fingering herself to orgasm while I sucked on her tits. And with those happy thoughts in my mind, I began to smile wistfully.

Miss McNeil seemed to realize that I wasn't about to start yelling or complaining about the situation. After sighing with relief, she managed a hopeful expression on her pretty face.

"Well," I began as I looked around and then saw the broken towel bar, still with only one bracket holding it up. "Can I still fix your towel bar?"

Miss McNeil started laughing. "Sure, Ben. But I'm..." she pointed back towards her bedroom. "I'm going to go change into something a little ... uh ... less naked."


When I breathed, I could still smell the sweet, musky odor of her sweat. When I closed my eyes, I could still see the beatific expression on her face. And when I quieted my mind, I could hear the soft moan of her orgasm.

I yearned to experience all those sensations again. But it was not to be. For two weeks, I hadn't seen Miss McNeil. For two weeks, I tried unsuccessfully to put our two sexual interludes out of my mind.

"Ben, you got a minute?"

I closed my locker and turned to see Megan Kwan waiting for me, her hand idly tapping the telescoping handle on the roller-schoolbag she used instead of a backpack. School had just ended, and there was nothing left for me but to drive home. "Sure, what's up?"

"Can we talk... ?" Megan glanced around, noticing the hustle and bustle of the crowd. "Uh, somewhere a little more private?"

I shrugged, "Sure."

Megan simply turned and started walking away. I followed her, and with my mind in its current sexually-heightened state, I found myself staring at Megan's ass. As she pulled her roller-bag along, her hips were automatically swaying and twisting to maintain balance while dragging the pack with one hand. Beneath the ordinary T-shirt, she was wearing these tight jeans that hugged her body, and my mouth began to water as I imagined how her creamy globes would look without the heavy denim in the way.

It wasn't the first time I'd checked Megan out. I'd surreptitiously checked out pretty much every girl in school, even the ugly ones. And I'd more openly gaped at the gorgeous girls, who were used to the attention. But this time I felt myself lingering a bit longer than usual. Megan was still clearly a girl, in comparison to Miss McNeil who was all woman, but she was a growing girl. The extra couple of inches she'd grown had all been in her legs, and since she was rather skinny, her legs looked pretty long despite her 5'4" height. Her hips were starting to swell to the sides and for some reason, I found the gentle curve from her hips to her tiny waist to be a turn-on.

I couldn't see her tits from behind, but memory reminded me that she'd been almost completely flat-chested when we dated back in November. But in the past few months, Megan had developed some healthy bumps that required the use of a bra. And as she grew, her round China doll face had begun to elongate into the pretty face of a young woman.

All of this analysis I did automatically. I was 16. I thought about sex and girls constantly. So it was easy to ogle Megan without being obvious about it and still notice that Megan had led me to the back of the school, to the bleachers by the football field. There was one other couple there, making out in the shade beneath the bleachers towards one end. Megan took me to the other end but we actually ascended a few rows rather than tuck ourselves away beneath the gleaming aluminum.

"So what's up?" I asked casually once we'd sat down. I talked with Megan every day; there was no need to be nervous.

But she was nervous. Megan wouldn't look me in the eye and she bit her lip before mumbling something so quietly that I couldn't make out her words.

"Excuse me?" I leaned in. "I didn't catch that."

Megan glared right into my eyes as if it were my fault I couldn't hear her. And then in a louder voice she asked, "Do you still like me?"

I arched an eyebrow and answered like any other 16-year-old might answer. "Huh?"

"Do you still like me?"

"Of course I do."

Megan's tone dropped, emphasizing the seriousness of her question. "I mean, like-me-like-me."

My eyes popped open. She was asking if I were still interested in her as a potential girlfriend. "Uh, well..." I stalled, and Megan's face fell as I didn't immediately give her the answer she'd been looking for.

I'd first dated Megan because she was a willing female, period. Back then, if I had to come up with a top list of girls I wanted to date, she was maybe 26. But since 1 through 25 wouldn't go out with me, I'd been content to get what I could from Megan.

But since then, we'd gotten to be friends and I found I really liked her. She still wasn't in my top 10 or anything. Those slots were reserved for the girls who put out or had big tits. But recently I'd found that when I tried to mentally assemble the list, I'd simply been leaving Megan out of it entirely. She defied those categories, since when I saw Megan, I saw my friend; I didn't see a sex object. Megan was almost like my sister Brandi, a cute girl who attended my school but meant more to me than any position on a list of girls I secretly wanted to have sex with. So I simply hadn't thought about the possibility of dating Megan again. I'd just assumed we'd be friends forever.

Wincing at the awkward situation, I shrugged and looked away before answering. "I ... I haven't really thought about it much, Megan. I mean, I did ... like-you-like- you. But you said you weren't ready and you know I'd never push you to do anything you weren't ready for."

"I know. Thank you for that," Megan managed a weak smile and leaned towards me. "But what if ... what if I were ready now?"

My mind was racing. I hadn't had a date in forever. The same thing had happened to me last year. At the beginning of the school year, everyone wanted to hook up with everyone else and the dates had come with some frequency. But some people settled into boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and others just got bored of the whole thing. And by the end of Spring, the only girls I was kissing were my mom and sisters on the cheek.

This year, since my two-week thing with Megan, there had only been one three- week thing in February with Stephanie Vo before she went to go flirt with an upperclassman on the tennis team. So the idea of getting some action, even just first base with a friend, sounded like a great idea.

"Uh, you sure?" I asked, intrigued.

"Yeah," Megan gave me a stronger smile.

I knew what I was supposed to do. "So Megan, you doing anything Friday night?"

Now she was beaming, her eyes lit up like fireworks. "No, why? You have something in mind?"

"Have you seen Gladiator yet?" I asked, excited about the upcoming swords and manly-men epic.

"Uh, no," Megan frowned. Perhaps she'd been thinking of something more romantic. But there was no WAY I'd go to see Center Stage or any other ballet movie. I was friendly with girls, but I wasn't gay.

"Well, I've got a car now. Can I take you to dinner and a movie?"

That was really all Megan wanted, so she smiled and shyly replied, "Sure."

When Megan blushed and glanced down, I was struck by how pretty she was growing up to be. Gone was the little flat-chested, underdeveloped girl. In her place was a young woman of 15 rapidly on her way to becoming an adult. And when her dark eyes flicked to me with a hunger no little girl ever displayed, I found myself moving on instinct again.

My hand reached out to her cheek and Megan gasped when she felt the gentle touch of my fingers. And then I was leaning across the bleacher bench, and automatically my eyes began to close as I tilted my head and brought my face up to hers.

Megan stopped breathing for a moment and her eyes flew open wide when she realized I was about to kiss her. She neither shied away nor leaned to meet me, but when my lips touched hers she puckered up, and then two seconds later I heard her moan and begin to flow into my kiss.

It wasn't electric, but it was sweet. I peeked for a second to see that Megan had closed her eyes, and then I half-smiled into the kiss as I pressed a little more firmly, calling upon all my knowledge for how to properly kiss a girl.

Kissing felt good. I could have stayed there and kissed her forever. But I didn't want to push my luck and so I broke away, leaving Megan gasping with her eyes still closed. Her head followed me for a few inches before she rocked back to regain her balance. I touched her cheek one more time before getting up and turning to head down the stairs to where we'd left our schoolbags.

"I'll pick you up at six," I said brightly.

Megan just glowed and smiled.

For the next couple of days, Megan and I got positively giggly around each other. We were flirting constantly, and we cheated twice, sneaking kisses even before our first date (well second-first date).

Cassidy caught us once and complained, "Knock it off, you two. Can't it wait until Friday's date?"

I just shrugged and asked, "Why? I want to. She wants to, right?"

Megan giggled and nodded her head. So I kissed her again.

Cassidy growled and then Megan declared, "You had your chance, Cass."

It was just after dinner on Thursday and I'd beaten everyone to the TV. The video game console was powered on and I was button-mashing my way to glory while little Eden and Emma leaned against my sides and watched the on-screen violence with wide eyes.

"You know, the twins probably shouldn't be seeing that," Brandi snarked and folded her arms over her chest, glaring at me with all her big sister disdain.

"YOU try getting them to leave." I shrugged and kept mashing. "I told them to go to their room and play."

"I wanna stay with Ben!" Eden complained.

"Yeah!" Emma chimed in.

"You COULD play a less violent game, Ben," Brandi tried to reason.

I shrugged again. "Girls gotta learn sometime. Besides," I reached out with my off-hand and tousled my baby sister's hair. "You guys are big girls now, right?"

"Right!" both Eden and Emma chirped. But then a second later, I took a big swipe with my battle axe and both twins gasped before covering their eyes with their hands.

"See!" Brandi said in her best I-told-you-so big-sister tone.

I paused the game and was just about to say something stupid when Mom's voice cut in. "Ben?"

We all turned and I answered, "Yeah, Mom?"

"Miss McNeil called. She's got a pipe leaking in her bathroom all over her floor. Can you take a look first? She shouldn't have to call a plumber unless absolutely necessary."

I sighed. After dinner, I usually didn't want to move anywhere that didn't involve my butt on the couch. "Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"It's a leaking PIPE, Ben," Mom scolded. "Water doesn't wait for anything."

"Fine, fine." I tensed my jaw and then turned off the game. The twins hurried to their room to find comfort in their toys while Brandi picked up the remote and immediately took my seat when I got up.

It wasn't that I was against fixing Miss McNeil's pipes or helping out with handiwork around her house. But I was nervous. I hadn't seen Miss McNeil since "that day" and I wasn't sure how to act around her. But obediently, I went to the garage to get the tool box and then started off for our neighbor's house.

"Hi, Ben." Miss McNeil looked at me intently when she opened the door. She then stood there for a long minute, just running her eyes up and down me while she seemed to vibrate inside. Her skin was flushed, and I saw the touch of sweat on her forehead. And her feet were bare beneath the thick house robe that she seemingly always wore recently.

Still nervous, I hefted the tool box in my left hand and said, "Hi Miss McNeil. Mom said you had a leaking pipe?"

"Yes, Ben. Come on in." She stepped aside as I walked in.

"So where's the leak?"

"In my bedroom," she said softly from behind me. There was a husk in her voice.

I assumed she meant the Master Bathroom adjacent to her bedroom, so I started down the hall and then went into her bedroom to get to the Master Bath. I actually didn't see the object at first. My attention was already turning towards the sink and vanity area. But I did catch the flesh-colored object out of the corner of my eye and abruptly, I stopped in my tracks.

It was a dildo. I'd seen a few in the porn videos, but never a real one with my own eyes. The flesh-toned object looked to be an ordinary size, maybe even smaller than my dick, but it was certainly realistic. It had a mushroom head and veiny bumps, and even a small depression where the piss-hole would be. And the dildo was glistening wet.

Miss McNeil was suddenly behind me, husking deeply, "It just isn't the same as the real thing."

I spun in surprise and before I realized it, Miss McNeil had pushed against both of my shoulders and I flopped onto my back across the bed. I landed just a foot away from the dildo and in a panic, I scrambled away from it.

But then Miss McNeil's hands went to the belt of her robe, tugging it loose. And then all of my attention was on the beautiful 28-year-old widow as her robe puddled to the floor, leaving her body fully naked before me.

"Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod," I started babbling while breathing extremely rapidly. The image of Miss McNeil's body was seared into memory, but up close and personal it was even more wonderful than I'd remembered. Her full breasts were proud, firm globes of heaven protruding off her chest. Her narrow waist and full hips were all woman, and I could see the glistening moisture of arousal matting her now neatly-trimmed pubic hair just above her engorged pussy lips, spread wide with arousal and recent abuse.

"Shh, Ben. Relax or you're going to hyperventilate," the pretty brunette soothed. But as she knelt at the foot of the bed and moved between my legs, relaxing was the last thing on my mind. She opened my fly and then carefully extracted my dick, and I managed to slow down to a heavy pant as she took my member in her hands.

She gasped when her cool fingers circled my throbbing cock. "Definitely not the same as the real thing," she husked. "It's so hot. It's so hard. And it's bigger than I remember."

Like a dumb kid, I started to question the situation, and gasping I asked, "What are we-? I thought you said-?"

"I can't help it," Miss McNeil turned those gorgeous green eyes up to me. "I need a cock."

"What about the pipe?"

"There's no leak, Ben. The only thing that needs plugging is me."

With that, Miss McNeil began to strip off my clothing, tugging my shorts and boxers to my ankles before ripping my shirt over my head. Faster than I would have thought possible, I was as naked as she was, and my hips were straining off the bed while this beautiful woman lovingly stroked my cock.

Then, Miss McNeil reached out and grabbed the dildo. Expertly turning it in her hands, I watched as she slid the thick phallus into her pussy while she knelt before me, and she moaned before snapping her eyes open. "It's just not the same, Ben. Don't you see? It's not hot. It's not throbbing. It's just not real. I haven't been fucked in over three years, Ben. I just can't take it anymore."

She was stroking my dick with her left hand now while she wriggled the dildo inside of her with her right. Her eyelids fluttered and she licked her lips while staring at my erection, now straining with a mind of its own towards the beautiful woman. "God help me. I can't stop." She sighed. "I'm going to hell."

And with that, Miss McNeil bent over and inhaled my prick into her mouth.

"Ohhh..." I groaned and simply fell back across the bed, the sensations Miss McNeil's mouth produced simply too much for me to handle. She jacked me slowly with her left hand and suckled the head. Her tongue flicked out across the tip, and she moaned erotically the entire time.

Today, I merely held Miss McNeil's head in my hands, and I lay back to enjoy it as she began to bob her head up and down in my lap.

"Oh, Miss McNeil, Miss McNeil," I groaned. "I love this. I love you. Oh, don't ever stop!"

She was good. I didn't have anything to compare against, but I just KNEW that Miss McNeil wasn't an ordinary cocksucker. She was just as enthusiastic as a porn star, who would be faking it for the camera. Miss McNeil wasn't faking anything. She just loved to give head.

And inside three minutes, that expertise and enthusiasm had me blowing my load into her mouth. I groaned and held her head down while I nutted down my beautiful neighbor's throat, and Miss McNeil moaned the entire time.

Then, after she finished swallowing every drop of jism I gave her, I felt Miss McNeil's body tense up beneath my hands and she went silent for a second. Picking my head up to see what was wrong, I then saw the vibrations going through her body while her right hand furiously shook as she drove the dildo in and out of her pussy, and still with my half-hard cock in her mouth, Miss McNeil began to scream.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks and I felt the sonic vibrations along my shaft as the lovely brunette woman screamed around my dick. And just as her cries died out, she returned to sucking my meat while her body shuddered and jerked, as if sucking me prolonged her pleasure.

And then at last, she was done.

But I wasn't.

16-year-old hormones + beautiful naked woman with great tits + her hot, sucking mouth on my cock = very fast recovery.

Miss McNeil was still nursing my dick as she came down from her orgasm when she realized I was just as hard as I'd been before ejaculation. "Are you already hard?" she popped off and asked in amazement.

"For you, always," I said sincerely.

Miss McNeil's cheeks puffed up as she grinned broadly at me. And without further preamble, she crawled up onto the bed and then planted a fierce kiss on my lips.

Kissing I knew. Kissing I was used to. I circled my arms around her body and reveled in the chance to stroke her naked back. I'd never felt the embrace of a naked girl before, and the feeling of a grown woman crushing her tits to my chest while spearing her tongue into my mouth had me thrilled beyond comprehension.

Miss McNeil pulled away just long enough to gasp, "You're such a good kisser for a kid."

"Thank you," I answered sincerely.

She kissed me again before moving to straddle my hips. I felt the tickle of her trimmed bush against my pelvis and then she wriggled her hips around until my hard cock was pressed flat between our bodies. Almost experimentally, the beautiful brunette glided her wet pussy lips along my shaft. And then, her green eyes glowed as she looked down at me. "Are you ready for me, Ben?"

For a second I panicked. Would I pop off in three seconds? What should I do? I'd never done this before! I'd read about techniques and about thrusting and clit manipulation, but right now, in the face of my first ever experience, I was frightened out of my wits. "I'm a virgin," I moaned.

Miss McNeil smiled and bent to kiss my nose. "I know."

And with that, she took my cock in hand, elevated herself up, and then began to sink her pussy down around my shaft.

"Ohhh ... Ben..." she crooned as my meat began to fill her up. The dildo had loosened her up, but like I said, I was a bit longer and a bit thicker, so it took a few seconds before she was able to hit rock bottom.

And when I felt her crotch pressed all the way down to mine, I finally started breathing again. It was done. I was a virgin no longer. "Oh, Miss McNeil..." I sighed.

She stayed there for a long while, her head thrown back with her eyes closed. Every so often, she would rotate her hips or wiggle a bit just to feel every little sensation. It was her first cock in over three years.

I was focused in on the sensations myself. It was my first pussy ... period.

In retrospect, I was really lucky that she didn't move for a few minutes. It gave me time to adjust, to get used to the feelings of being inside the warmest, wettest, most wonderful pussy imaginable. I was on such a mental high after losing my virginity and finding myself balls deep inside Miss McNeil of all people, that if she'd begun riding me, I would have blown my wad almost immediately.

But as it was, by the time she began to move, I'd gotten over my initial shock and I could just lay back and enjoy it without exploding prematurely.

"What do I do?" I asked softly.

"Nothing, for now. Just enjoy it, okay Ben?" She sighed as her hips began to move up and down, and I intently watched the elaborate balancing act of her shoulders bobbing back and forth while she raised and lowered herself along my shaft.

"Just let me use your cock," Miss McNeil moaned.

"Whenever you want," I said wholeheartedly.

Miss McNeil smiled, and then she did use me. I was a living dildo attached to a 16-year-old useless lump of flesh that just took up space on top of her bed. But dildoes don't have hands. And after riding me for a few minutes and roughly impaling herself on my shaft, Miss McNeil grabbed my hands and pulled them to her tits.

I'd just been watching the heavy orbs jiggle as she went up and down, the erect nipples wobbling in tiny circles with her rhythmic thrusting. But now as she clasped my hands over her round breasts, I added my instinctive pinching and caressing to the sensations pouring through this woman's body.

"Oh, Ben! Pinch them. Squeeze my nipples!" Miss McNeil moaned.

I squeezed.

"Harder!" She commanded.

Tentatively, I squeezed a little more.


Reflexively, I clamped down.

"OHHH!!!" she cried, and her humping started moving faster.

Miss McNeil was approaching climax. I'd started to figure out the telltale signs of her orgasm, and the harder she rode me the harder I started molesting her boobs. And the further we went, the more sensations were being transmitted to my prick, and the more I began thrusting my hips off the mattress to meet her body.

I also started to overload with brain choices. Do I watch my thick pecker disappearing and reappearing through her pussy lips? Do I watch the jiggle of her boobs in my hands? Or do I watch the blissful expression on her face? I tried to watch all three and just got cross-eyed in the process.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Miss McNeil began chanting. "Fuck me, Ben! Fuck me!"

I did the best I could, driving my cock into her body from below with every ab muscle I had.

"Fuck me! Oh, God! Oh, God! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

And I was cumming, too. The instant I felt the tight clamp of pussy muscles around my shaft, I felt that familiar relief from pressure as my balls evacuated their heavy load of semen and I groaned loudly as I began to spurt into Miss McNeil's clenching pussy.

"YES!!!" Miss McNeil crowed as her climax overtook her. Her hands clamped over the backs of my hands, pressing my palms even tighter to her tits while I reflexively squeezed. And she screamed in agony and ecstasy while she felt the ultimate pleasure course through her body.

I was enjoying the ultimate pleasure as well. My breath gave out before my cock did, and with my mouth gaping open, I gasped like a dying fish while my pecker fired shot after shot of boiling hot jism into my neighbor's wet box.

And then it was over.

Like a graceful deer shot in mid-stride, Miss McNeil slowly toppled over me and collapsed onto my chest. Instinctively, my hands went up to wrap around her, and I cuddled her tightly to me while we both panted for air.

"Thank you, Ben," she managed to whisper. "I sooo needed that."

"Thank YOU, Miss McNeil. That was incredible."

She sighed and nuzzled her nose against my cheek. "Maybe you should start calling me Keira."

I smirked and rubbed my cheek against hers. "I don't know if I can do that. Besides, wouldn't people get suspicious if I started calling you by your first name?"

"Just between us," she said huskily right into my ear. "Just when we're in private."

"Okay," I sighed happily and tilted my cheek tighter against hers. "It's just, I would never want anything bad to happen to you. You're amazing ... Keira. I loved what we did. I love you."

I was expecting her to swoon with delight. After all, didn't all girls want men to say the magic L-word? Instead, Keira sighed. "Don't say that, Ben. You don't even know what love is."

"Do too," I said defensively, my eyebrows pinching together.

She chuckled. "It's puppy love. And that's your orgasm talking. I learned a long time ago: never believe a man when he's drunk or having sex..." Keira laughed again. " ... Or running for public office."

I laughed and then went quiet. My cock was starting to soften and I felt the wetness leaking out of her onto my crotch. I sighed and stroked Keira's back. And then in a trembling voice, I asked, "Was this? Was this just a one-time thing?"

She took a deep breath and turned her head away from me, resting her head against my shoulder. "I should say yes. But I can't. God help me I can't. I want to do this again, Ben. Do you?"

"Of course!" I answered quickly.

She chuckled at my eagerness. And then she pushed herself upright and my eyes immediately dropped to her naked tits now just inches away from my face and hanging beautifully.

"Ahem," Keira stated to get my attention. And then in a serious voice, she said, "My period should start Sunday, so we're probably okay. But next time will have to wait until I can get on the pill. I'm not married and you're too young to be a daddy."

"Okay," I nodded. "But how long will that be?"

"I'm not sure yet. But I'll call you."

"How is this going to work? My mom is gonna get suspicious if I'm over here too often."

My beautiful neighbor sighed before slipping off me and then propping herself up on her side with one hand. "It won't be that often Ben. I can't stop, but I can control myself. We can't do this more than once a week, okay?"

"Okay," I replied quickly. I knew enough to take whatever I could get whenever I could get it. Full intercourse with a gorgeous babe once a week sounded like Heaven on Earth. And as I looked over her naked body and imagined what we could do the next time, I felt a stirring in my loins as my dick began to harden for a third time.

Licking my lips, I got a hopeful expression on my face as I asked softly, "Keira?"

"Yes, Ben?"

I reached out and lightly ran my fingers along the bare skin of her hip. "Can we do it again right now?"

Keira McNeil simply rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. "Come fuck me, young stud."