261 Young Miss Long, Do You Have To Bow To Me?

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The golden-haired lady was so furious that her chest hurt. She vented all her anger on Hao Zhengxing and the others. However, she realized that the other party wasn't that strong despite their numbers.

Their actual combat skill was even a little tender.

The golden-haired lady looked at their young faces and understood the reason.

A cold glint flashed past her eyes. She targeted one person and tossed her battle blade violently at him. Her 2-star soldier level ability was fully released.

The students had gotten used to cooperating with one another after the battle just now. Thus, when they saw their companion getting attacked, and it was a fierce attack too, they quickly rushed over to block the attack together.


Three people blocked the attack together, but they still took a few steps back because of her immense strength. Their faces turned pale.

Very powerful!

The golden-haired lady was much more powerful than them.


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