183 Who's Threatening Who?

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The martial arts battle had already ended, but the people at the scene were unable to calm down for a long time.

Zhuo Tai was the top student of the second year, but he had been forgotten by everyone at this moment.

After some time, the second-year students that supported Zhuo Tai finally regained their senses. They looked at the unconscious Zhuo Tai on the ground and started to get anxious.

"How is Zhuo Tai?"

"Is he… dead!"

"The winner is out. Hurry up and let the doctors take a look."

Chen Su shouted coldly, "Silence!"

No one dared to say anything anymore. They knew that Zhuo Tai was in critical condition, so they shut their mouths immediately.


Chen Su shouted at the medical personnel waiting at the side.

The medical workers immediately went forward to look at Zhuo Tai's injury. A few seconds later, the doctor shook his head and said with pity, "He's dead!"


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