Complete Martial Arts Attributes

The dimensional rifts link the earth to the Xingwu continent. This is the dawn of the martial arts era! I will be useless if I don't practice martial arts? Don't worry, I have a system that allows me to pick up attributes. When other people drop attributes during their training, I can pick them up secretly. Huh? Did you just say that beating up people will make them drop attributes too? In that case... You defeated a sword skill genius. He dropped Enlightenment×2, Sword Talent×1... You've picked them up. Your insights have improved and you've gained a beginner stage sword talent! You defeated a blade skill talent. He dropped Blade Battle Technique×1, Malicious Blade Intent×1... You picked them up and learned a rare blade battle technique! You've also figured out Malicious Blade Intent and have become extremely fierce! You defeated a physique talent. He dropped Physique Scripture×1, Holy-Blood Dominant Physique×1... You picked them up and learned a new top-grade scripture! You are exceptionally lucky to have received the Holy-Blood Dominant Physique. It can change your physique completely and you earned a god-level title 'Endless Health'. Someone killed a powerful star beast and dropped Spiritual Sight×1 and Blank Attribute×60... You picked them up secretly and receive a spiritual eye talent as well as 60 points to add to any of your current attributes! You defeat many opponents in your life. You accidentally kill an innocent devil and split the universe into two when you're practicing your blade at home. You burst the sun with your fist and the world is engulfed in darkness... That's when you realize... You're invincible!

Don't Enter The Jianghu · Eastern
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When Was It Your Turn To Lecture My Friends?

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Amidst their laughter and chatting, time passed very quickly.

The music in the pub was blasting and the atmosphere was lively. Slowly, everyone got more comfortable.

Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and Yu Hao were playing truth or dare.

These three flipped their hands to decide the winner.

The game had progressed for a few rounds, and everyone won and lost some. When challenged, they said interesting but harmless truths.

If they didn't want to answer the 'truth' questions, they would choose the 'dare' option.

The most exciting dare was when Yu Hao asked Bai Wei to seduce another young lady. No one expected Bai Wei to actually succeed in the end.

The young beauty, who was unlucky and got chosen, turned red in her ears from Bai Wei's seduction. Everyone hugged their stomach and burst into waves of laughter.

This time, it was Yu Hao's turn.

Xu Jie and Bai Wei laughed happily.

Then, Xu Jie had a bad idea.

His question caused Yu Hao's face to turn as red as the pig's liver.

Wang Teng also laughed and shook his head. He didn't participate since he had too many secrets. It was easy for things to get out of control if he played this kind of game.

Xu Jie and Bai Wei stood at the side and passionately cheered Yu Hao on. They urged him to answer the question.

Wang Teng stood up and went to the washroom.

The star beast meat he ate at night was good for the body's metabolism. It helped him to purge the toxins out of his body.

After answering nature's call, Wang Teng walked back towards Xu Jie and his friends. The moment he got nearer, he noticed that his friends were surrounded by a group of people. Furthermore, Xu Jie and Yu Hao seemed to be quarreling with them.

This bunch of people looked like gangsters, with earrings and tattoos on their bodies. They didn't look like someone to be trifled with.

Wang Teng couldn't help but frown.

Suddenly, one of the people pushed Xu Jie and shouted furiously, "Damn it, this young lady dirtied my clothes. Are you planning to settle this matter with only an apology?

"Do you know how much this shirt costs?

"Are you able to pay for the loss?

"You are just a small child. Why are you learning from the adults and playing in a pub?"

As he spoke, the people beside him burst out laughing. They were mocking Xu Jie and his friends. Yu Hao couldn't bear this humiliation.

They were all rich second-generation and had been from young. Wherever they went, people would flatter and indulge them.

If this person had a higher status than them, it was alright to suffer a little. However, they were just nobodies who had popped out from some random street or alley.

They would become the joke of the rich second-generation circle if news spread that they got their asses kicked by a bunch of ruffians.

Xu Jie's expression darkened when he was pushed by these people. He always looked relaxed and careless, as if he was the centre of the world. However, he wasn't stupid.

He knew that the other party won them in numbers. Besides, he also had a lady on his side.

If a conflict arose, they would be the ones on the losing end. Also, this was the martial arts era. Although these people looked ordinary, there might be a master among them.

They would be dead if his thoughts became true!

Hence, Xu Jie secretly took a deep breath and tried his best to say calmly, "Buddies, it's our fault that we dirtied your clothes. We are in the wrong. We can compensate you.

"Why do you have to be so overbearing? Do we have to make such a huge scene and let things get out of hand?

"Everyone here saw what happened clearly. Even if we call the police, we will be the ones in the right."

"F**k, are you planning to call the police? Are you threatening me?"

The youth whose clothes got dirtied was around 20 years old. He had an aquiline nose and a sinister-looking face. This was a shameless, stubborn, and unreasonable person. When he felt that Xu Jie was threatening him, he started shouting at him.

"Xu Jie, why are you talking nonsense with him? This fellow is creating trouble out of nothing. Bai Wei didn't touch him. He purposely let her bump into him when she got up and walked over," Yu Hao said angrily.

"Brat, if you don't have evidence, don't slander others," the sinister-looking youth scoffed and said.

"You know clearly whether I'm telling the truth or not," Yu Hao stood up and pointed at the youth.

The sinister-looking youth turned impatient. He snorted and said, "Stop talking nonsense. Ask the young lady to have a few drinks with me and we can forget about this matter. If not… hehe."

"What did you say? Repeat that. Do you believe that I will kill you?" Yu Hao exploded in anger.

These people actually wanted Bai Wei to drink with them. Anyone could tell what they were thinking of.

This time, Yu Hao was really infuriated.

Xu Jie instantly thought to himself. Oh shit!

It was obvious that the other party was setting a trap for them. The moment Yu Hao's fuse blew up, there was no way this issue could be resolved.

"Yu Hao, stop talking!" Bai Wei had been pulling Yu Hao all this while, but when she wasn't paying attention, he had broken free.

At this moment, she also felt the atmosphere tensing up.

"Little brat, how dare you try to kill me? I will kill you today."

The sinister-looking youth gave an eerie smile and took a step forward. He bent his fingers into a claw, aiming it at Yu Hao's neck.

It was a vicious move. The moment he acted, he went for the kill.

"Martial disciple!"

Someone exclaimed in surprise.

Yu Hao's expression changed instantly. He didn't expect the other party to attack him so decisively and be a martial disciple at that.

In his haste, he didn't have the courage to directly resist the man. He could only shift to the side to evade.

Fortunately, Yu Hao was dragged by his father to learn martial arts, so he was a beginner stage martial disciple now.

If he was just an average person, he might not have been able to dodge the attack. Rather, he would probably freeze on the spot because of the fright he received from his opponent's vicious and ruthless aura.

The pub was in a mess.

Xu Jie quickly pulled Bai Wei to the side. They had never practiced martial arts before, so they couldn't help at all.

The sinister-looking youth was slightly surprised when he saw Yu Hao successfully evading his attack. But he didn't mind. He twisted his body and swept his legs towards Yu Hao.

Yu Hao hurriedly grabbed the chair beside him to block the kick.


The metal chair was dented by the kick from the sinister-looking youth. Due to the huge force, Yu Hao flew out diagonally and slammed heavily on the ground.

Along with him, tables and chairs also crashed on the ground.

Alcohol bottles shattered loudly as they landed on the floor, spilling wine everywhere. The entire pub had been turned upside down within a second.

The men and women, who were cheerful earlier, screamed and hid far away.

Nonetheless, most people didn't leave. Instead, they hid some distance away to watch the show.

"Cough, cough." Yu Hao clutched his chest and coughed a few times. He felt as if his ribs were broken.

He knew that he offended someone powerful this time.

Yu Hao had just become a martial disciple. Based on his opponent's strength, although the guy was within the range of a beginner stage martial disciple, he was only one step away from breaking through to the intermediate stage.

The sinister-looking youth retracted his leg and walked towards Yu Hao step by step.

"Little brat, weren't you acting arrogantly just now? You want to kill me, but your ability isn't enough."

The sinister-looking youth slowly walked towards Yu Hao and forced him into a corner. He coldly looked down at him while mocking him at the same time.

"If you dare to touch me, my dad won't forgive you," Yu Hao gritted his teeth and said with a pale face.

"Young friend, are you still a baby? Why are you looking for your father when you can't beat me?" The sinister-looking youth sneered.


Yu Hao's entire face turned red in embarrassment.

Xu Jie couldn't let his friend get humiliated anymore. He stood up and said, "We admit our defeat today. Tell us a number. We will compensate you."

The sinister-looking youth shook his forefinger and clicked his tongue.

His expression was full of contempt.

"Stupid child, I will teach you how to be obedient today. If you don't have the ability, don't stand up." The sinister-looking youth raised his right leg and swept it at Yu Hao's head viciously.

Some people couldn't bear to see the next scene, closing their eyes. Xu Jie and Bai Wei's expression also changed abruptly.

If this kick landed on Yu Hao, he would definitely get severely injured. Also, it was aimed at his head. He might be gone if he was unlucky.

They didn't expect this sinister-looking youth to be so ruthless.


A heavy collision was heard.

However, Yu Hao remained at the same spot, unscathed. On the other hand, the sinister-looking youth flew out and slammed violently on the ground.

"Pfft!" He vomited a mouthful of blood.

Everyone, including Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and the other people in the pub, were dumbfounded by this sudden change.

The spectators stared absentmindedly at Wang Teng, who was standing in front of Yu Hao.

Wang Teng placed his hand in his pocket and spat out the cigarette in his mouth. Like a cool mafia boss, he said indifferently, "When was it your turn to lecture my friends?"

The moment he finished speaking, though, his heart skipped a beat.

When that sinister-looking youth hit the ground, a few attribute bubbles had also dropped.

"You can drop attributes like this?"

Wang Teng controlled the curiosity in his heart. There were many people around them, so he didn't walk forward.

"You, you!"

Yu Hao finally regained his senses. His face filling with astonishment, he stammered and didn't know what to say.

Xu Jie and Bai Wei looked at Wang Teng in shock too. They felt as though it was their first time seeing him.

"Why aren't you getting up? Is the floor very cooling?" Wang Teng laughed and said.

"Brother, you are my biological brother from now on. You kept it from us really well," Xu Jie shouted excitedly.

Bai Wei ran over in small steps, staring at Wang Teng with glistening eyes all the while.

"Enough. Why are you shouting like this? When did I hide it from you? You just didn't ask me," Wang Teng replied helplessly.

"Bastard, how dare you hit me? Charge! Kill this little brat!"

The sinister-looking youth climbed up from the ground and wiped the blood off the edge of his lips. There was enmity and hatred in his eyes when he shouted to the people beside him.

"Brother, brother, this brat is too powerful. We are not his match!" One of his friends looked at Wang Teng in fear.

The sinister-looking beginner stage martial disciple youth had flown out like a ragdoll before they could even see how Wang Teng threw him. As normal young men who weren't martial disciples, what help could they offer?

"Useless!" The sinister-looking youth kicked the person and shouted at Wang Teng, "Young brat, tell me your name if you dare. Wait for me to call my men."

Wang Teng Suddenly walked forward. On the other side, the sinister-looking youth flinched and took a few steps back.

Wang Teng touched the bubbles casually and collected them.



"So many attributes!"

Wang Teng was amazed. This was the first time so many attributes had dropped from the same person.

Killing monsters will give you more experience!

Is this the correct way of using my bug?

He thought for a moment and threw this matter aside for the time being. This wasn't the right time to ponder on this question.

Wang Teng lifted the corners of his lips and replied, "What are you afraid of? My name is Li Rongcheng. I will give you half an hour to call your men. If you're late, I won't wait for you."

"Okay, wait for me here." The sinister-looking youth left the Wild Rose Pub in a haggard state.

After they left, Bai Wei couldn't help but chuckle. "Brother Wang Teng, you're so bad, pushing the blame to Li Rongcheng. If he knew what you did, he would probably hate you to death."

A cold light flashed past Wang Teng's eyes. No one saw it, though. He had a deep hatred towards Li Rongcheng. In his past life, they had no grudges between them. Still, after the Wang family declined, the other party showed no thoughts of letting them off.

"Let's go home." Wang Teng had no interest in this affair anymore. He turned and walked out of the pub.

"We are not waiting for them to come back?" Yu Hao was unwilling to leave like this.

Wang Teng slapped his head and said, "Did you grow stupid after learning martial arts? We don't know how many people he will bring. What if he brings an advanced stage martial disciple to help him or a martial warrior? Are we still going to stay here and wait for death?"

"That's right, you are too impulsive. If it wasn't for Brother Wang Teng, you'd have suffered a huge beating today," Xu Jie couldn't help but reprimand Yu Hao.

"Let's go. They can look for Li Rongcheng if they want. I'm not him."

After Wang Teng and his friends left the pub, he drove his car and disappeared into the night. If that bunch of people wanted to find him, they would need some luck.

Even if they did find him, no one knew if it would be their luck or their misfortune…