848 Wang Teng, I Hate You...

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The baron from the Great Qian Empire felt unhappy, very unhappy.

The spiritual labyrinth was his way of testing this bunch of talents and weakening their spiritual power. Anyone who wanted to reach the end of the labyrinth would have to exhaust a large amount of their spiritual power. This was his real aim.

Yet, Wang Teng destroyed the labyrinth and took the shortcut.

He was cheating!

However, he also realized that Wang Teng best matched his requirements. His spiritual power was powerful enough, and he hadn't reached his 20th birthday. He was still very young.

He seemed to be the perfect candidate sent from heaven.

Squinting slightly, he muttered to himself, "I mustn't let him reach here easily. Let's give him more trouble!"

The labyrinth started changing silently.

The stone walls on the original dead ends moved. They turned into opened paths while the opened paths became dead ends.

Some unconnected roads got linked up.


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