1738 Strike Me, Strike Me, Strike Me! (4)

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"Ancient God's Body!" Wang Teng's expression turned serious as he bellowed in his heart.


His energy and Qi surged as golden blood circulated through his limbs and bones before finally converging at his heart, causing it to beat violently like a drum.

A complex and mysterious golden pattern appeared at the center of his brow, exuding an aura of enigma.

A majestic aura rose from Wang Teng's body while faint golden light burst forth within him. It was as if a layer of golden armor had enveloped his body.

The Origin Energy of Chaos in his body erupted and surrounded Wang Teng. The Ancient God's Body seemed to possess a different power than before.

This was the first time Wang Teng used the Ancient God's Body after he advanced to the cosmos stage. He wondered how powerful it was.


Wang Teng took a step forward and turned into a golden ray of light as he charged towards the lightning pillar above his head.


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