754 Moons In The Sea! (3)

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He asked his clones to look up the situation all over the world and discovered that there were signs of aliens in every big country. All the large nations on Earth were in their hands.

In front of absolute power, any resistance was futile.

Looking at the performances of these alien invaders, Wang Teng realized that they didn't have a harmonious relationship. They were competitors in some sense.

There seemed to be an unknown motive behind their actions.

He had too little information, so he couldn't give his analysis yet.

He placed most of his attention on Country Xia. He could tell that the entire country was in the control of that blue-haired young man. He reorganized the structure and changed all the governors to aliens.

Fortunately, the Wang family was safe. They had no choice but to listen to the orders of the invaders like other normal civilians.


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