1707 I Need A Law! (3)

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Because what Wang Teng had provided for them had long surpassed the greatest benefits a master could bestow upon a servant.

Which master would provide such good things to his servants?

At least to Elizabeth, Wang Teng treated her well.

If Wang Teng knew that he managed to gain Elizabeth's recognition by simply doing a few ordinary things, he would probably wake up from his sleep with a smile.

It was evident that he gave first and then gained back even more, reaping substantial benefits without any loss.

Just like the golden light spheres. He gave them to Elizabeth first but he received more golden light spheres later on.

It was a good deal!

As Wang Teng continued to devour more and more golden orbs, he felt his mind becoming exceptionally clear.

The fleeting inspiration that had crossed his mind before but eluded his grasp resurfaced once again and gradually became clearer.


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