Common Sense Manipulation System

Johnny is a young man who has continually struggled in life. Nothing seems to go his way, as his mother died a few years ago, leaving him with no one to call family. He has since been working a dead-end gas station job and just a few days ago, got fired. He now stands in his apartment, holding a rope in his hands. ‘What is the point? No one loves me, I’m still a virgin at 21, and I can’t even hold a damn job.’ He thought miserably. Just as he was about to do something he might regret; he heard an audible ding before a pink and blue screen appeared in front of him. [Congratulations! You have been selected by the universe to be the beta tester of our new program called: Common Sense Manipulation System! You have been chosen because of your miserable life and virgin status! But do not worry young man, with this system you can finally become someone worth a damn! Fame! Money! Beautiful women! The possibilities are endless!] ——————————————- Every Character is above the age of 18! NO YURI! NO NTR! I try to publish at least 1 chapter a day… Please support me with power stones and reviews. I like watching that funny little view number go up. ;) Also, don’t be afraid to add to your collection and leave some chapter comments. If you have any suggestions for scenes or characters, please let me know. I’ll try to be as accommodating as possible! Cover art is A.I. Generated ;)

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Chapter 3 Quest

Suddenly, a pink and blue screen appeared in his vision, breaking Johnny out of his thoughts. 

{Quest Initiated! Lose your virginity by the end of the week! Upon completion, receive 1000 manipulation points! Upon failure, lose access to the Common Sense Manipulation System!}

'What the fuck is this?!' Johnny screamed in his mind. The voice didn't say anything about quests… 

[Oh relax dumbass.] The voice replied. [This is just a protocol put in place so you don't get too complacent. Can't have you just sitting around not trying to complete all the system's achievements now can we?] 

'But…' Johnny tried to say but stopped. He was just trying to end his life a few moments ago, but this system gave him purpose. 'I shouldn't act too entitled. I mean I was given this system for free after all.'

[That's the spirit dumbass! You should feel indebted to the universe for their charity! Now, are you just going to stand there looking stupid or are you going to attempt some more manipulation?] Asked the feminine voice with enthusiasm. 

Noticing his surroundings, he saw the woman clerk glaring at him, wondering what the hell he could possibly want. Upon seeing this, Johnny quickly retreated to the staircase to contemplate his situation.

'Okay… so I have to seduce her by the end of the week. That shouldn't be too hard considering I have this system. But I need more points if I want to attempt any kind of sex. Now how should I manipulate her next…' Johnny thought with an ill-intended grin. 

He began brainstorming ideas on what to do next. He couldn't just outright manipulate her into having sex with him as it would cost too many points. But he also had to slowly guide her in that direction, using as little amount of points as possible. With something like outright sex impossible right now, he had to get creative. 

After discarding some ideas and storing others in his mind for later, Johnny came up with something he thought was very clever. 

'The woman whom I just saw, will now experience great pleasure whenever we kiss.' The satisfying ding resounded in his mind, prompting a goofy smile to cross his face. 

[Not bad for a dumbass.] The resentful voice spoke with some surprise. 

Johnny once again pulled up his status to inspect his points. 

{ Johnny Dumbass }

Age: 21 

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Weight: 170 lbs

Manipulation Points: 13

Achievements completed: 1/1000

Quests Completed: 0

Money: $1428

Bodies: 0

Minds Altered: 1


'That cost me 224 points?!' Johnny thought with frustration. 'What- eh whatever. I'm sure I can at least complete some achievement using this. Also, that quest completion counter is new.'

Taking a deep breath, he spoke out loud addressing the feminine voice in his head. 

"What should I call you? I can't just keep referring to you as well… you." 

[….] The voice stayed silent for a moment before speaking. [My true name is much too complex for your dumbass human mind to comprehend, but I suppose you can call me… Aurora.] 

'Aurora…' Johnny thought. 'What a pretty name.' 

[Flattery will get you nowhere. Now go humor me with your attempts at seduction.] Aurora said briefly.

"As you wish oh mighty Aurora…"Johnny said in a teasing tone.

After finishing up with his intermission, Johnny went back out into the lobby to try his luck at seducing the silver-haired woman. 

This time, she was currently speaking with some tenant, another woman to be precise. The girl was short and had long blond hair. Her body was lean and she was wearing athletic shorts and a sports bra. Her breasts weren't anything out of the ordinary, just what appeared to be a b-cup. 

'Not bad.' Johnny thought. 'But I like girls with a bigger chest.' He was a boob guy after all. 

He patiently waited behind the girl for her to finish the conversation she was having with the clerk. However, he didn't have to wait long because as soon as the clerk looked at him, she ended the conversation with the blond woman and sent her away. 

Johnny couldn't wait any longer and greeted the clerk quickly. "Hello again." 

The silver-haired woman looked at him questioningly before getting up and leaning in for a kiss. 

'Why does this guy keep showing up just to look at me? It's really annoying and I have to greet him every time.' The woman questioned in her mind. 

Upon touching her lips again, Johnny suddenly felt relief. He felt as though if he could taste these lips for the rest of his life, he would die a happy man. Unbeknownst to him, the woman was having other thoughts. 

The big-breasted beauty felt a tingle in her panties, causing her face to show some confusion. 'Did this weirdo just… turn me on?' She thought as she felt her body temperature rising and her breathing become ragged. 

She pulled away with some reluctance. Some part of her still wanted to continue kissing the young man, but the other part told her it would be rude to greet him for that long. 'It's just a simple greeting… so why am I so hot and bothered?' She thought. 'I might find him attractive… maybe? That must be the reason…'

Noticing her flustered expression, Johnny couldn't help but break into a smile. 'Looks like it worked. I don't have any experience with women, but I'm willing to bet she feels quite good right now.' 

However what the woman said next caused Johnny's jaw to drop. 

"Are you free tomorrow? I have the day off and was wondering if you'd like to go get some coffee." 

'Did she just… ask me out?!' Johnny thought in disbelief. Never in his 21 years of life has a woman showed interest in him, no matter what he did. Yet just after a couple of kisses, this big-breasted, silver-haired beauty actually asked him out! 

'I think I'm going to be the one falling in love at this rate.' He thought with glee.