858 Little Zhu Extra (Complete)

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When they were registering, Little Zhu finally learned that Cheng Yu was the student who had the highest score.

Little Zhu exclaimed, "You're so impressive?"

Cheng Yu sneered. "Of course."

The other top student was someone called Shi Xing. He told Cheng Yu that this name sounded a little weird.

"Does it sound as weird as yours?" Cheng Yu looked at him.

Little Zhu's expression dimmed.

"What do you want to eat today? I will treat you."

"No… no need."

"Hurry up and think about what you want to eat. It's a ten-minute walk from here to the food street."


Many people turned their heads as they were walking.

Little Zhu poked him. "Your hair is really striking."

"Do you hate my hair so much?"

"Yes!" Little Zhu nodded furiously.

He doesn't like blue. He had told Cheng Yu this many times.

Cheng Yu gave a snort of contempt. "It's none of your business. You're not my girlfriend."


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