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I practice the Dao of Shamelessness! You'll see how cultured I really am when you read this novel. Why don't you tip maids too? Maids are special, you know? They clean your clothes, cook dishes, and especially do night services! Crazy, right!?


UPDATE DECEMBER 2, 2021: I have written a summary for Chapters 1 - 37. It's very short and should spare you from the bad chapters I had written in the past. I know I should've done this sooner, but I really hate rewriting. It's very mentally taxing to that point that I get lazy. Before 2022, I aim to finish rewriting all of those chapters for a brand new start for my novel, and I hope all of you gain a maid fetish after reading my novel. Thank you! Spread maid love to the world!!


this is my thought on this novel after reading up to 48 chapters i will be dead honest, this is a novel that i must say.. a hidden gem with extremely big potential to grow with good marketings. It has nice story, good and normal pace plot development, and good character development. I prefer you to put the power level in this world as we still don't know how does one determine their strength. I wish you will have these in the future but anyway its a good novel for me to spend my money on but at the same time, this novel have something that might make veteran readers burst into anger. First of all, although i said the character development is good, the way you write it out can piss people off. I almost threw my phone out of anger reading the first 40 chapter. Yes you want to make MC a naive dumb boy but smart i can accept that, but you exaggerate it. You make him look like a beta japanese male weeb in japan. I suggest you need to fastened his maturity progression in the next 10 chapters or veteran readers will immediately drop this novel. Also about Aleshia, just like I said, u exaggerate it. You make her way too paranoid and this will leave reader a bad taste in their mouth regarding her. Its nice to see a proper relationship progression over his maids one by one as to make the story longer and interesting but dont make it too out of line that it disrespect MC dignity as a noble. Also he is not giving any punishment at all. I would like to see all his maids total obedience to him Also for future readers.. i suggest you all to fast read chapter 1 to 40 as to avoid you leaving this novel.Trust me you will be eager to swipe your card past those chapters. Also trust me as long author not losing few screws in the head for future development, this novel will be a good workout for your slumbering dragon. I will give 4* at the moment because of the updates, character development and world background. I will give 5* after this have more chapters, clarification on power level and a better, brave and mature MC with his maids not being so paranoid. Best of luck. I have insulted and scolded a lot of authors in webnovel considering how they are so terrible making improvement in their novels. I have high expectation on this. Dont let me down My 💰 on you


Tbh, I've only read until chapter 22 because the MC is bad and waiting for character development for 39 chapters isn't worth the read. Author could've made the character development in a much shorter time frame than having to wait almost 40 chaps, I GUARANTEE that most of your readers have dropped the story because of how long the character development is. The writing quality is amazing since you can really understand the story well and the Grammer mistakes are next to none. The story can be slow at some points but it fleshes out the side characters well. All in all the story is great I love it but the MC is really off putting and some readers can't handle that, including me. If you can handle waiting for a character development then try this story out, it's good. If you can't then don't waste your time reading this.


Look, I sacrificed and read everything (64 ch's), I don't know why the author dragged such a bad start, he wanted to show a character evolution while increasing the mc's strength, but it took a long time and I bet that's why he lost so many readers , it was a good read, I don't lie, I liked what happened from chapter 45 on, it was torture to read before that, but it was good even after the fight with the noble devil , it has potential, but you need to prepare to read in 40 very frustrating chapters, until this chapter the mc will be weak, fearful, perverted, cowardly... so far it was the worst mc I've ever seen, but in chapter 40, something happens to him that changes everything, besides changing his personality, he gets stronger and more confident, in addition to correcting some of his flaws, he doesn't become the best mc's, but he's readable. The story is good, after chapter 40 it gets very interesting, if you wait until then, you'll like it. Writing Quality: 5.0 (I don't complain about this, I didn't find any errors) Update stability: 5.0 (I don't follow since the beginning, but since I started every day new chapters have been posted) Story development: 5.0 (the story is great, it has everything to last a hundred chapters, but the MC development is depressing and frustrating because it takes so long) Character designs: 1.0 (only 4 things are quoted from the characters: whether he's handsome or not, apparent age, hair color and whether he's fat or thin, it's kind of hard to imagine the characters with these descriptions where they don't even talk about details , not even for the main characters) World Background: 2.0 (difficult to assess, almost nothing has been presented yet) PS; But the next arc has a lot of potential, I confess that I'm a little excited about it, so I can increase my score more, remembering that the soap opera is at the beginning, there's a lot to happen, I'm not offending this comment, but I give my honest opinions about romance.


don't like story begineeing section. Too much coward type mc. come on man you could at least developed the scenrio. mc lacking some gut man.


I really like this story especially how MC evolve with each contact with his past life personality. Besides, the plot of getting the maids is amazing, as well as growth of their relationship.


Well, this was quite the read truth be told. The title pretty much says it all when it comes to maids, cause well, if they weren't in the story, this novel would have such a title. With many things (wacky things at most) happening as you read, it will take time to decipher what exactly the end goal is at the eventual end, although it's still a long road for that. Despite of this, the author does a good job at grabbing the reader's attention. The early chapters have something going on at most. Only criticism I have would be the setting, there's not much going on so hopefully that will be the case in the future. If you're a fan of anime that includes maids as either a comedic device or is essential to the plot, then this book might be just for you. Keep on writing author.


I am the bone of my exp, Webnovel is my body,and exp is my blood, I've created over thousand useless reviews, Unknown to death, nor known to life, Have withstood my pain to write many comments, Yet those hands will never hold anything, Thus, as I pray... Unlimited Exp Works


Reveal spoiler


I liked it a lot, being a strong supporter of the maids but unfortunately it's over for me, what can I say I hate the yuri in the harem, especially here I feel like the mc is getting ntr by his maid, in short so disappointing it should at least be said in the summary, I don't mind it's a threesome but here bruhh anyway it's chap 150 for info 😤


Not that fan of fantasy but well, assasin things captured my heart especially that I found this kind of novel already. Can’t wait for the chapter updates. Nice one Author! 👍🏻❤️


POTENTIAL SPOILER: This would be much higher. At least 4's across the board. However, in a semi-smut novel, the author has opted to make the MC a cringe, purity worshipping man. Thats why its not higher. I wont spoil the scene, but the MC blames a character for not being a virgin in a situation that clearly isnt her fault. Not cool. Outdated, immature and misogynist thinking.


Writing Quality: 5.0 (I don't see many errors, for me it's almost perfect) Update stability: 5.0 (I don't need to say much about this, the author usually meets deadlines) Story Development: 4.5 (I honestly have my reservations about giving a grade like this, but I'll leave it at 4.5) Character Design: 1.0 (Very poor, the author can't present the characters well, not even his mc, the mc is the most hateful character in the story, even if after chap 40 he has a good improvement, he doesn't get to please me, he is sometimes very idiotic and not in an ordinary way, but in a way that makes him very angry, the characters' dialogues are very strange, robotic at times and emotionless, the way lovers treat each other tends to be too forced ... but with time it improves) World Fund: 4.0 (I'm enjoying what I'm seeing)


the books a massive headache. it's hard to care about the main character because he's like thin air besides getting bullied in the beginning. I don't like to use terms like beta but this mcs as lame as they come. What is there to look forward to? Not much some chapters deep. Im sure this book is just the antithesis of my being and cause pain only relieved in review. Good luck to the author and fans




Don't do it, Save yourself .................................................................................................................


Ah, yes. Sentou Maids, a man's romance. (I still don't get why I still get frustrated after chapter 38 tho, probs 'cuz the memories thing which only joined him midway, and me being uncomfortable about something in which I can't describe... the mc yet not the mc thing hurts my smol breyn. Aleshia such a great waifu, umu.)


I'm actually a fanatic otaku who likes maids more than having three meals a day. And I only read books related to maids. Also, I only visit maid cafes. Of course, I also collect maid figurines. I play games which feature maids and it turns me on so much. Then I'll wear the maid uniforms and jump in joy.


A good novel although money is not all-powerful because in the face of true power money is quite useless actually because you can't buy a god now can you? Anyways I'm enjoying this