Chapter 0 - The End

Snowflakes drifted down from the clouds high above which veiled the beautiful starry sky. In an alleyway of an urban city, a handsome man was walking alone. He was wearing a thick fur coat toward the freezing winter breeze. White air blew out of his mouth as he breathed.

There was no sound around him except the distant beeps of the cars at the exit of the alleyway.

"Hahhh~ How cold is it gonna get?"

The handsome man grumbled in a hoarse voice. The cold winter air has dried his throat up.

He stopped in front of a small door. It was about a third of his size. He knocked on the door with a rhythmic sound. A few seconds later, a knock with a different rhythmic sound came from the other side.


He spoke a password to the person behind the door. The door was unlocked, and it creaked open.

He lowered his head to fit the small doorway as he entered the door. It led to a dark hallway. He looked around, but there was no one in the hallway. The person that knocked on the door was nowhere to be seen.

There was a white curtain at the end of the hallway covering the doorway, and light brimmed from the other side as the chattering of a crowd could be heard from inside.

The handsome man removed his fur coat and hung it on a nearby clothe hanger. He walked towards the end of the hallway.

He pushed aside the curtain, and a row of maids in french maid outfits greeted him.

"Irashaimase, goshujin-sama!" (Welcome, Master!)

They all bowed together to greet him. Their faces were cute, and their chests were bulging. The man could see a row of deep valleys from his perspective.

After the solemn bow, the maids all raised their heads and put on their best smiles.

The maids left one after another except for the maid in the center. She was sweet and lovable. She had an innocent smile, and it was obvious that she was quite young.

She tiptoed towards the handsome man while hugging onto a large leather menu at her bosom.

"What would you like to order, Master?"

She asked with a sweet smile on her face. She guided him towards a nearby table for two.

Inside this room were dozens of tables seated by men of differing ages. Many maids wearing revealing maid outfits moved about as they gave and took orders from their customers.

Have you guessed what kind of place this is? That's right! This is a maid cafe! And not only that, it's a full-service one!

The handsome man looked around as he sat on the table while the maid stood beside him. When he finally sat comfortably, the maid offered to him the menu with both of her arms stretched outwards respectfully, all the while maintaining her contagious smile.

The handsome man opened the leather menu and looked over all of the mouthwatering dishes displayed in it.

"I will have this omurice."

He pointed to a yellow dish with a big red heart on top of it.

"Yes! I got it, Master! ♡"

The maid left to get his order and entered the kitchen when a commotion suddenly broke out to his right.

"What the fuck did you just say!?"

A tall man with a perfectly trimmed mustache on his face stood up and shouted at the man sitting on a table in front of him. The man in question was having a nice conversation with his friend when they were interrupted.

"Hahhh!? I said, Elina-chan is flat-chested, and no one will buy her services!"

He shot back a glare at the tall man. The tall man's cheeks twitched in anger. He just heard his favorite maid being trash-talked in front of him.

"Flat is justice!"

He shouted back with great fervor.

The handsome man from earlier looked at the scene in amusement. He was a man who believes in all three sizes, so this was just a childish farce in his eyes.

"Shut the fuck up! Oppai is the truth!"

The man who got shouted out of nowhere stood up exaggeratedly in anger which knocked off the omurice served on his table. He froze in place and looked at the omurice on the floor when he realized what he had just done.

"Look at what you did now! You lolicon!"

He turned around and charged at the tall man. There was an unstoppable fury in his eyes. His fist flew straight onto the tall man's face.

The tall man saw him charge towards him, so he was able to quickly duck his head and avoid being hit. The fist swooshed above his head, and his brown-colored hair was ruffled along with it.

"I'm not a lolicon!"

The tall man released a punch as he stood up, aiming for the man's forehead.

By this time, the ruckus has already caught the attention of all of the maids in the maid cafe. Their hands covered their mouths in shock.

Elina who was a slender and petite maid was blushing red. She heard what they said earlier very clearly. She didn't expect that a customer would be so devoted to protecting her reputation.

"That's what lolicons say anyway!"

The man fought back and delivered a punch of his own that connected to the tall man's guts.


The tall man coughed violently and blood leaked from the corners of his mouth.

"You've done it now…"

The tall man murmured in anger as he stared straight into the man's eyes.

Someone from the crowd was standing on the side, recording the heated fight between the two. He bet that it will go viral after he uploaded it on UpTube.

Meanwhile, the maids in the cafe flinched when they saw the punch hit the tall man's guts. They were all horrified at the scene that they were watching. At this rate, it would become harder to stop them both.

Elina grabbed the phone of the customer beside her which stunned him as he looked at her in bewilderment.

"I'll borrow this for a bit, Master!"

She said to him before quickly dialing in 9-1-1. A voice quickly answered her call once it went through,

The customer could only let her do as she pleases as he realized that she called the police.

"Hello, a fight is breaking out in our restaurant. Yes. Yes. Wait, kyaaa!"

Elina was speaking on the phone when she saw the tall man pull a gun from his back. It was a 9mm pistol.

The tall man pointed his gun at the man's head. The man looked at the gun in horror. His glee from punching the tall man's guts earlier dissipated into thin air.

"Listen, dude, we can talk about this…"

The man raised his hand into the air in defeat. The fear of death loomed over him.

"Like hell!"

The tall man shouted in anger.


All the customers in the maid cafe jumped back in terror. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the maids scrambled to enter the kitchen.

"And you, I hate your face!"

The tall man turned his head to the handsome man who ordered the omurice earlier. He had noticed the handsome face of the man earlier. He hated seeing his face that looked like the embodiment of the modern man.

The tall man was full of jealousy towards his gifted face. He thought that since he already killed someone, he might as well take a handsome guy with him.

The handsome man was left with no time to react, and the tall man pulled the trigger. Realistically, it's hard to hit someone in the head. Reality is not like those action movies. It may be due to his luck as the tall man managed to become an action movie star and headshot the handsome man.

The handsome man's eyes glazed over. Life escaped him, and his body fell to the floor. Blood slowly pooled under his head.

By this time, the maid cafe was already empty. The maids had already escaped through the emergency exit in the kitchen.

The tall man looked at the deed that he had done and grimaced. His senses came to him at that instant as he looked at their dead bodies. He got too passionate about defending his favorite maid, and before he knew it, he had already killed two people.

Different kinds of expressions appeared on the tall man's face. He was lost, angry, and then sad.


Suddenly, a SWAT team entered the maid cafe. They had their rifles pointed at him. He turned his head and looked towards them with empty eyes. He raised his hand and surrendered.

Is this the end?

The handsome man stared at the gun pointed at his head. His life flashed before his eyes. Everything that he had done since he can remember. He saw it all.

It felt like he re-lived all of it at that moment. The bullet slowed in his eyes and when it was about to hit his forehead, he closed his eyes in resignation.

I'm an otaku through and through. I can still remember the first time I bought my first maid figurine. It was an ⅛ model, and it made me happy.

Complex emotions ran through the man's mind. His joyous life started with a maid and ended in a maid cafe. The irony couldn't be any more obvious.

If reincarnation is real… I would like to enjoy maids one more time…

The books about isekai(transmigration) that he had read in the past passed through the man's mind. It was also his last thought as his consciousness faded away into nothingness.


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