172 You Are Enough!

Noah woke up and stretched he had taken today off to spend with Ivy as it was technically their honeymoon. He sat up quickly and looked around urgently, Ivy wasn't lying in his arms like she usually would be. He was always up before Ivy and this feeling of waking up alone and her side of the bed being cold filled him full of dread. 

He stood, pulled the covers off his naked body and rushed to the Bathroom where he saw Ivy sitting on the edge of the bed in his shirt from yesterday. His heart calmed down and he relaxed just seeing her. He never wanted to be without her again, his life was empty without her in it. He grabbed a pair of boxers from the bathroom cabinet and put them on.

Noah leaned against the bathroom door and asked, "Why are you up? And why aren't you lying in bed beside me on our honeymoon?"


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