Reviews of Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband


Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband


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It’s so exciting! Can’t wait for the next chapter 😆😆

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I love the story. I love the arrangement, development and...in fact everything about the story. The ML and FL are superb and I recommend this story for everybody. 💗😊


I just started reading this book after I saw the summary and reviews.. .. to be honest I liked it initially.. .. will say I started skipping some chapters. .. don't know but where I come from Infidelity is really unacceptable. ML just bcoz of his own misunderstanding decided to go ahead with divorce without once trying to understand MC. and i think he had affair with Elizabeth during the marriage also, if he loves MC which is depicted in the entire story he would not have done that. a man once a cheater is always a cheater no turning back .. .. personally I will never give a person chance if the reason is cheating.. don't know where the story will go MC accepting ML will be eventually the end. but far from my cup of tea. though a appreciate the authors thoughts and the vision for the story as it's there own creation and their own world. .. .. overall the story is good to who all like this type of genre personally not my cup of tea from a moral standpoint. Sorry about it author no hard feelings💘. .


Really enjoying this story… I started reading because it sounded interesting and found myself binge reading it every extra minute I had. Really like all the characters, especially how they are evolving. Well, except the mother-in-law, although I’m really hoping she comes around… we’ll see! Thanks to the author for this intriguing storyline. Look forward to seeing how this develops more!


story is good and i like how it connects with realism but to tell you the truth i got upset when fml slept with steve i don't know if it is because i did not read much novel but it just made me upset and yea i have a question too does those twins have same father or one is steve's from them whilest other is micheal's


I like the overall idea and story, but I think it needs help from a really dedicated proofreader. the grammar mistakes spoil the story a lot. there are multiple mistakes in every chapter. I don't know if it gets better in the later chapters, I only read the first 30 or so.


If you want a emotional rollercoaster ride and hot 😉 scenes this book is for you. Sometimes you you will love the FL and ML so much and sometimes you will just want to curse them. Story is so much toxic for me that I have to stop reading it to keep my mental peace; but so much interesting too, it will keep you at edge to know what will happen next.


really enjoy this story. You can see the love that the author puts into the story. There are a lot of face slapping moments and there are times when you get frustrated with the FL/ML. but that is part of what makes the story so good


this is so emotional. I can't for all of it to be published. initially I thought I wasn't going to enjoy it but as time goes by I became a lover of the book.


All I can say is that this book is really amazing💖💖🤘🤘🤘🤘🤗🤗


Had so much fun reading this[img=recommend]


Great work. Loved the story overall! Definitely a good read!


Reveal spoiler


I gave 5 stars for this not because I spent too much.. but this novel will make you feel its worth it. Enticing, Addicting , with the FL and ML character that have some misunderstandings,which is part of the plot that will keep you hooked up and ask for more.The story development is good that will keep you think whats next but still keep you looking forward for sweet, funny and happy moments.There are some dramas but that what make it beautiful.


The characters here are realistic, the main cast is not your typical "cool CEO" and "perfect FL" kinda characters. They are quite relatable because of their shortcomings, mainly their lack communication which leads to a few problems. They make mistakes, some very stupid ones and I get it, they get very stressed and worried. The side characters are great, very simple, you get what and why they're there. The only thing I didn't really get was the idea of how big the ML's company is. It seems as though it's a huge, well established company but at the same time, a slightly small unstable one. Maybe a few more hints on how their company fares against others? That's all.


I'm a fantasy romance fan and rarely read contemporary stories but I'm a big fan of this book! The female lead is so relatable and strong. The male lead has a lot of sloppy moments 😅 but I'm still rooting for him to get his wife and kids back 💖 ~they deserve a happy life! --with challenges, yes, but this time, I hope they can face those challenges together. It has been a rollercoaster ride for us readers but let's hang in there! ✌💞 I'm glad that our dear author has english versions of her novels as well. I hope to read more of her novels when I finish this awesome book. When this book gets printed I'd definitely buy it! 🌈💞


I love this novel, especially the story, I don't find it boring at the moment or I enjoy reading it so much that it's difficult to wait for the next update ❤❤


an enjoyable story so far. only a few chapters in but can't put it down. it will be interesting to see how it plays out between Michael and Sarah.


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Sounds like the FL is the most fickle and stupid one! The ML has been really doing his best but fl seem to be the one who destroyed her marriage first then the second time theyre together instead of sorting out the misunderstanding she went and sleep around with the 2nd ML.at least the ML has not cheated on her while theyre married. But FL has gone round kissing and now slept with the 2nd ML. No sympathy for her at all. Its all her paranoia and stupid decision. Of all characters its anna whos the most decent of them all.she should be the main FL.