4 The Adventures of Cain and Ria (Part 1/10)

{POV: Cain}

"It's Cain"

~Who is she? And she has those eyes too...~

"So um..."

She suddenly spoke up. "Do you know a way out of the castle without getting caught?"

I was puzzled, why would she want to do that?

"No, do you need to go out of the castle?"

"No, not really... Anyway, um, I got to get going, uh see you around?"

~Wait a minute!? Asking about the way out and wearing such clothes on Castle Grounds? Is she sneaking out?~

I had assumed this as it wouldn't make sense as if she was an intruder as then she should surely know her way out and the fact that her clothes were too shabby for a noble of any sort. It might have also been based on the fact that I may have partaken in such things before

Well helping a fellow juvenile would never hurt...



"Well as all royals and most nobles do, this castle probably has some hidden exits and while finding one probably won't be easy, I have a guide to figure out where these are."

"Huh, you do?"

"Yep. Anyway if you wanna get out before sundown we're gonna need to hurry up."

"Let's start right away then."

~Finally, something fun to do.~

I started running, I could hear her measly attempts to catch up with me. "Haha. Snail! "

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