3 Meeting Cain

{POV: Cain}

~Ah. This is so boring.~

~Those kids too... Spoiled brats they are. Mum and Dad seriously expect me to play with them? Such blasphemy. Plus...~

"Having sword lessons with Baldrick is way better than this and all I do is swing a sword."


~Who's that?~



~Wait... Did she just stare at me?~


{POV: Ria}

"Um hi. Um, I wasn't here, I was never here."

I began to panic and after saying that I ran away. Or I tried to.

"Ow, why'd you grab me by the collar? Stop you're strangling me."

"Shh, keep quiet."

He then proceeded to drag me into the bush.

~Who treats a lady this rough?~

Once he stopped I could finally get a good look at him. He had jet black hair and bright ruby eyes. By staring at them I felt entranced.


I was brought back into reality.

~Wait, I hope I didn't offend some big shot?!~

Now that I took a closer look, He was wearing quite expensive clothes.

Gulp. "Uh oh."


I was suddenly cut off.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Um, um, I-I-I'm R-Ria"

"Ria, Ria..."



I swear I heard him muttering.

" Anyway what are you doing here?"

~How do I answer that? Right! I got it!~

I stood up and in the most authoritative and quiet voice I could muster I said "What am I doing here? What are you doing here? I live here and I've never seen you around."

Pretending to have realized something I continued, " Ah you must be an intruder"

I then proceeded to act like I was going to scream at the top of my voice.

~Oh, I hope he falls for it.~

"Shh, I'm not an intruder? My father is a noble visiting the king, and I was just taking a walk."

I continued with my act, "Oh really, you expect me to believe that after how much you manhandled me?"

"I'm sorry all right, please keep quiet, I'm not an intruder. I swear upon Elium."


Even if I didn't know much about this world, I at least knew about the five Gods.

Magilla, The Goddess of Magic, Astrology and Astronomy.

Sator, The God of Creation and Destruction.

Vita, The Goddess Of Life and Death.

Vis, The God of Nature.

And of course, Elium, The God of War, Loyalty, Trust and Emotions.

To swear upon Elium was of the highest degree as he is the God of Trust and Loyalty.

"Hah fine, I will believe you just this once. What is your name then?"

"It's Cain"

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