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Kinda weird to review your own since I'll definitely be biased towards it but anyway! This is my first work that I've published and I'll continue on publishing chapters daily and hopefully accomplish the dream to land a contract with Webnovel. This is a great story to read to pass the time and I hope you add this to your library. A few bits written there is actually from my real experience with handling guns, close-combat fighting, farming, etc. I just enhanced it a bit to... well you know the reason why(I suck at it irl). XD By the way, please drop a review so I could learn what you think and I appreciate you all for taking the time reading something from a complete beginner. Thanks!

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Hello! Author here, I'm currently starting to edit the chapters beginning from that start for any typos, mis-gendering, and such. There have been many kind people to point out the mistakes so I could edit it but reading my own work from the start still revealed minor ones. Anyway, there would be no changes to the story whatsoever from me doing this and this is just an update to tell everyone that I'm aware of the mistakes made and I 'm starting to correct them. However, if you still spot more, please do tell me and I will update them at the earliest. Thanks for reading and see you next chapter ^_^ A comment for your thoughts or a review would really help me a lot! Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/3JstDAV My Discord: Sky2316#9623


Hello! Author here again ^_^ Just a quick heads up, if you already saved them for offline reading, there are some bugs you might encounter. It was because I am still editing the chapters and the app would show the downloaded chapters first before the updated version. The only way to fix it is to go to your settings and look for the Webnovel App. After that, clear the cache and data so the chapters that were saved would be removed and the updated ones will be shown. Sorry for the troubles but I'm trying to polish my book even more because I am still finding little errors here and there and I'm trying to improve readaility. Thanks again and I hope you continue to support me! ^_^


If you could have a zombie apocalypse with some realism, this fiction goes into detail. There are the tiny errors in grammar, like using “on” when it should be “in.” If you tell the author, they will fix it, so it’s like it never existed. The update is high, and with consistent quality. The story revolves around base-building and character interactions. It works well with the vivid details. That said, the characters aren’t the usual cardboard. The world keeps moving, even when the MC is doing something. He actually gets help and lets others do work because he is human, not the Godly know-it-all, despite his photographic memory. There are a few beauties popping up in his group, but it is forgivable, since they aren’t the usual annoying cast that want to hop on the MC, but can’t say it. They’re people. The world is propped up with culinary tips, banter about gun handling, and so on. The depth is enough to be real without being a textbook. It’s great. I don’t know why there aren’t as many Power Stones, gifts, and reviews as I expected. Maybe we all went broke or forgot?


Considering that this is the first work of the author as he said so himself, this is pretty good. The chapters are long and he could definitely chop them up to two or three chapters to gain more leeway in writing it, just saying. There were dark scenes as well hidden in there so watch out for it.


The story development has been great! Also the characters are relatable and hilarious. There is a lot of potentional and I can't wait to see the story the author has planned ahead for the MC.


It has some fun moments, many moments to make you worry. Knows how to make characters feel in situations making them instantly more believable.


Hey dude! I told you this would get popular if you uploaded it! XD I thought you would publish this is the other platform where we used to read it and it was actually here at WN made an account to support you here! Goodluck!


Started reading this and was delighted that it was actually in the Philippines! Hope our kabayans support our local author and I hope this garners more views from other places as well!


This story follows the Main Character(MC) who prepared for a zombie apocalypse by building a shelter, and how he leads survivors. The entire story focuses entirely on the MC, and how he would act. The MC is prepared and appears to adapt well and is strong, but is not without flaws. Side characters are not all yes-men, and tend to have their own preferences. This story was refreshing to read, and at time of posting was updated 2 chapters a day.


Best zombie apocalypse story i've read in here so far. Mc has plans. The only times when he rushes head-long despite the danger is to save his friends and that's not even a flaw in my opinion. Haven't had a "why tf did you not do this? Why did you do that?!? WTF!!" moment throughout the chapters.


I'm about halfway done and I hope I have more time to read but I can't (〒︿〒) can only do so a few times a day! Anyway, I hope you continue this as always and please don't stop writinf about his inner monologues, those are the best!


Slowly reading this hidden gem and this hidden gem should be uncovered and shown to the world! This novel borders on realism and the characters inside are deeply fleshed and some of them are very relatable. This novel hits every genre as well. It hits comedy, action, romance and even slice of life etc. It needs a bit more action to be honest but the world-building and the interactions make it fun. There are a few dark scenes that would make your breathing stagger and a lot of funny scenes that would make your nose exhale or laugh out loud. 5 stars!


Been reading this for a few days and it definitely needs more people to read this since it is a breath of fresh air from the usual zombie apocalypse novels here. MC is not an edgy **** who can solo everything else but a level-headed dude that has thought out everything but with some funny eccentricities. There's also a couple of geeky references hidden there and I've found a few. Added permanently to the library and will binge this since it's the weekend. Thanks author-san. ^_^


MORE!!! It's my first time hearing the word prepper. Good to know that the MC is an AR-15 guy not an AK47 guy. The SCAR 17 is the best one but the AR is good too.


Hello! I've started your novel for a while and I pretty much like it! I'm a huge fan of zombie stories and I can't find a fix since TWD in the comicbook version ended for a while before. Most of the things here have OP powers and would move away from what I prefer. This thing is the closest thing I could find that is next to the one I like! Thanks for this! I'll give another review when I catch up!


Hey, just made an account to review your work! Goodluck and hope you upload daily! Some of the content is actually different from the usual zombie scenario. First time reading about something that the MC is prepared when it happened.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Review for chapter 1-10: The start was very fluid. No huge info dump that would make you drop on the first chapter though a lot are taken aback from the text message from a kid. If you get pass that, you'll find out how good this novel is. The world got slowly narrated in bits and pieces by the MC since it's in his POV. One of the bits I like is when they're looting, each item is told specifically and not generalized like saying 'we collected everything' e.g. Even the guns are identified properly, not just simple saying rifle, shotgun, or pistol. The characters are great and the High IQ Low-Medium EQ MC is something I really like and the MC is awkwardly funny in some situations besides his calculated nature. 5 Stars!