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My story, My Version. I apologize in advance for all the typos and all that can make you feel offended. All the characters, names, places are all came from my imaginations. It's like a lightning passed through my brain to write this story, so I hope for all the supports in the future. But if there's someone out there who'll criticize my story, feel free to judge and criticize. But due to all respect, keep it in yourselves. That's not my problem anymore.

But if you can't stay silent, it depends on your emotions. We all have the freedom to voice our opinions but there is always a limitation. All I want is a peaceful time for the process of my stories.

Thank you so much, in advance. Please be safe and be cautious in all the things around you.


Third Person's POV

"You're not 'her'!"

"You're not good enough! Try to be one!"

"Do you really think someone will help you?! No! You will rot in here!"

"Die! You bitch!"

"You'd better be!"

"Don't try! Do it!"

"Hey! Can you entertain me? You look like a clown, may I invite you to my niece's birthday? Hahhhahh!"

The place is silent. Probably, the people in this place are already asleep. It was a peaceful night to everyone but not 'her'.At the end of the place, there's this small house made up of wood. As the night goes by, she can't find herself to be asleep. She doesn't know why. And then, her mind took the job to remember why she couldn't sleep. It's because of all the voices in her head.

She couldn't stop it and that caused her to scream her lungs out. The peaceful night was disturbed by her scream. Even the birds flap their wings to fly away from the said place. She screams, and scream and scream until her voice gave up on her. She literally can't produce any sound. It was in favor of the people who heard her for they can continue their peaceful slumber.

She cried to sleep even if it was hard. She needs help. That's what she wants to say. 'I need help, please help me' that was her voice. Her voice was then replaced by another voice, and another and another. She tried to overpass the voices in her head. 'Shut up! I'm better than all of you! I can outrun you! I'm beautiful! I. Am. Not. A. Bitch! I. Am. Who. I. Am. No. One. Can. Dictate. Me.'

After stating that, the voices suddenly stop. She can't hear anything. It seems like those voices left her alone. She heaved a sigh before she finally closed her eyes to rest. It was a long day for her. She can now have a peaceful slumber. No one can hurt her now. That's what her thoughts before darkness swallowed her consciousness.

What a long day, isn't it?

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