Cobra Kai: The Dragon Warrior

On the walls of a hospital room, where the shadows of death intertwine with the destinies of those who still want to live, Dash Hale, who knows that he was near his end, laughs self-deprecatingly when he knows that the time was approaching of his death. By the time he believed that he was at the end of it, his life blossoms similar to a Sakura tree but things are not the same as in his past life. When he realizes that he is in a world where Karate and Kung Fu are more relevant than he thought since he recognized certain people who until before his death were fiction, Dash with his new opportunity to enjoy his life embarks on your most ardent desires. At some point, everyone will fall before the dragon warrior who will grow in values and pride.

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Dash's Concern

"[My father will help; I hope for the best in this... I'll visit you as soon as I change clothes. Do you want me to bring you something?]" Dash sent this message while sitting in the driver's seat of his car, tightening his grip on his phone after feeling the pain in his body more intensely.

"I was a fool to think it would be different..." Dash muttered as he tried to restore his emotions. He wanted to hit, scream, and cry, all at once, but he couldn't. He had to focus on everything ahead, and first, he had to go home since there was something important he needed to do.

"[My father will be back home for some things, don't worry.]" Devon's response was simple, revealing the little enthusiasm she had at the moment.

"Then I'll go home..."

Dash didn't know if he was rational with his request, but over the past few years, a very strong trust had been forged with his father after opening up a bit. But now, all that trust was shattered.

When memories of the past came back stronger than ever, Dash was filled with a fury he couldn't control, and every part of his body now wanted to scream.

"I was a damn fool; you're still the same person who abandoned me years ago..." Dash headed towards his house and parked the car directly outside.

All the workers were alarmed due to the powerful sound of the Mustang's engine, and when they saw that it was Dash entering, apparently angry, no one said anything.

Elena, who was taking care of her children, was surprised. She walked to the door and, seeing her son's expression, asked, "What happened, Dash?"

"Nothing that should concern you; focus on your younger children..." Dash didn't look at his mother.

Just as he was about to continue on his way, Elena, puzzled by her son's rude behavior, stopped him: "Stop right now, what has you in this state?"

Dash turned around, and just as he was about to speak, he saw his brothers approaching, so to avoid a family drama, he shook his head and said, "I argued with my father; ask him."

"Brother! Brother!" Dash's two younger brothers approached him, but before they could even greet him, he disappeared from the hallway.

"Mom, is Dash angry?"

"I think he needs to go to the bathroom!"

Elena regained composure and smiled charmingly. "You're right; your brother had to go to the bathroom."

After taking her children to play, Elena picked up the phone and called Frederick, who was currently at the company.

A while later, Dash, who had his room in disarray, found what he was looking for, taking the business card of the man who promised him money in exchange for fights, so he hoped he could make the call.

"[There are only a few people who have this phone number, so if this is wrong, you can hang up now.]"

After hearing that gruff voice, Dash frowned and asked, "[Is this Santiago?]"

"[It seems you know me. If you're the mother of my children, don't mess with me after paying you; if you're someone else, just say it, damn it!]" Santiago said, annoyed that his time was being wasted.

"[More than five years ago, you gave me this business card in case I wanted to fight for some money. If the price is reasonable, then I'm interested in doing it.]" Dash was angry, so the last thing he was doing was reasoning about the consequences.

There were a few minutes of silence on the other end of the call, and after thinking for a while, he asked, "[Are you the demon from the All Valley competition? You're still underage, and your father is a hindrance; you don't interest me before reaching adulthood.]"

Dash frowned and said confidently, "[My father won't interfere; I'll make sure of that.]"

"[If you're so sure, then come to Japan, Okinawa to be more exact. I'll send you the address of my house, and if you don't show up in a week, don't bother me again.]"

Dash, who saw the call cut off, sighed. Right now, he wanted to prove to his father that he could get the money and that from then on, he owed him nothing.

After more than half an hour, Elena went up to her son's room, and when she opened the door, she was surprised by the mess. She had never been bothered by these things because Dash wasn't like that, and when she saw a suitcase, she asked, "Where do you think you're going?"

Dash looked at his mother at the door and said, "I want to go to Japan; I'm going to participate in some tournaments where I'll learn to earn money."

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