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Clover Mirkwood is an elf born into a world where elves are seen as outcasts. her parents died trying to protect her and she had to stay with other relatives. unfortunately, a massacre caused by rogue creatures end up killing her relatives but she is saved by their vampire king, Lucian, who offers her a place to stay in his castle and she is allowed to work as a maid there. Like other outcasts, elves don't have it easy trying to relate with other creatures so she decides to hide her identity but it doesn't all go as planned as she catches the eye of another new king, Nicholas, and he finds out that she is an elf. he will keep her secret on only one condition; that he will be given the chance to make her fall in love with him but Lucian doesn't take it so lightly. Clover is soon in a quagmire on trying to survive and who to choose.