Stage Type (1)

I focused only on hunting, for there was no sure way other than hunting to make me stronger. Of course, hunting was great fun in itself, but I had nothing to do except hunting.

The Daeyu Guild members could also hunt most boss monsters on their own.

As for the level 400 and level 800 regular quests, I was done with the level 400 quest some time ago, but I had to wait a little longer before doing the level 800 regular quest because there was a considerable gap between 400 and 800.

In addition, it is unreasonable for me to look at the level 500 only quest on the heels of the level 100 and level 300 only quests when I have not even achieved level 400.

Other than that, a general quest was also very valuable, but I didn't know where I could find one, so it was impossible for me to do one even if I wanted to.

In other words, since I had nothing to do except hunting, I just kept hunting hard while waiting for Chairman Suh to prepare a script to siphon off the Yanghwa Guild's money.