Preparation for the next step

Rather, I felt some regrets. Regrets about the fighting?

No. I didn't feel sorry about this fight because I did everything I could.

So, I won without taking much damage. But what I felt sorry for was my past.

Sadly, I didn't have this experience during the first, second, and third closed betas.

At that time, I didn't deal a single blow at other users in the field, let alone the field of honor, so I got an F grade because of zero kills. Unlike the number of monsters killed, items, golden rings, and skills, I got at least an A in all of these.

Of course, I am 100% satisfied with the three traits. But I was a little curious about which traits I would have received if I had gotten an A or B at least.


At that moment, I giggled in spite of myself because I found myself boasting like an expert after scoring a PK (player kill) for the first time. Then I recalled what I said to the tank last.


I unwittingly mentioned it to the tank who asked about my identity. Of course, there was a reason why the word "operator" suddenly came out of my mouth. Yesterday my father told me that it was highly likely there was no operator for Revival Legend. Even if there was one, there was little chance for him to even intervene.

"Well, I don't think it's a big deal. By the way, I think I have to get out of here."

Yes, I needed to escape because the eleven users that I killed might just forget about what happened today quietly like a puppy curling up its tail, but there was a good chance that they would harm me. I often saw small fights grow into big ones. In particular, if they belonged to a guild, they often relied on the guild for help.

I didn't want to hunt, feeling nervous that they might mobilize dozens or hundreds of guild guys. They might call me a coward, but it's better to be called like that because I didn't have any intention of being stubborn or demonstrating my bravado because I could get stronger after several hours since I was Level 101.

So, what I need now is time. I didn't want to waste my time on fighting. And if I had to fight, I wanted to do so after growing a little more. Although I showed enormous power now, I would do so with an overwhelming gap then.

So, I turned back because although they were banned from accessing the game for 24 hours as a death penalty, they might have called up their guild and complained about me.

The fourth branch of Daesung Guild.

The place called the 4th Daesung Guild, mainly composed of those at Level 300~450, operated inside and outside the game, namely in the real world, like other branches.

Therefore, Daesung was paying a lot of attention to this game. Of course, the compensation was not much, but Daesung paid monthly salaries to those up to the third branch. Management of the fourth branch differed greatly from that of the first, second, and third branches. So, there was intense competition among members trying to move up to the third branch from the 4th.

Anyway, the phone in Daesung's 4th branch real-world office rang.

"Hello, this is the Daesung Guild 4th Branch Office."

"Hello. I am Sugil Chung, the leader of the 27th party of the 4th branch."

"Hold a minute."

The employee working at the 4th branch office checked out the directory of the 4th branch stuck on one side of the desk. Then he checked the 27th party and confirmed that its captain was Sugil Chung, then replied right away, "Yes, please go ahead."

"A little while ago, all members of the 27th party were killed."

"All killed?" the employee asked back.

In the words of Jeongsu-gil's annihilation, he asked for an employee guarding the office.


"You know that if all eleven people were killed in the game, you have to submit an accident report, right? If it turns out that you made the mistake, you will be penalized. In that case, that will result in disciplinary action, such as retracting our support."

"I know. But I called you quickly to report something."

"What is it?"

"I think I met the operator."

The employee momentarily thought he heard wrong because he knew there was no operator of Revival Legend, or if any, there was no interference by the operator. He knew it because as a member of the 4th branch, he was playing Revival Legend himself, so he heard lots of rumors about the game. That's why he had to ask back embarrassedly.

"What did you say?"

"I said I seemed to have met the operator."

"Please gather all eleven members here at the office immediately. Everyone!"

Of course, it might not be true. However, the employee instantly knew that it was not something he could take care of, so he summoned all eleven members before reporting to his supervisor.

"Okay, got it."

After hanging up, the employee called his immediate supervisor at the fourth branch.


Teleport Zone located in Kotum Castle.

'Hmm. Where should I go?'

Originally I intended to hunt in the desert ant cave for Level 200 and above. Maybe more.

I liked that cave so much because it was a perfect hunting ground for the drive hunt.

I could get almost 200 ants chasing me if I moved up and down for a few minutes.

So, I felt really sad about the fact that I was forbidden to use the hunting ground against my will. While I was missing the desert ant cave a lot, something soon caught my eye, namely the items I currently wore.


Since I could level up more quickly than others, I didn't feel the need to obtain items suitable for that level by wasting time or golden rings. In fact, it took less than 5 days for me to level up to 100 from 0. And that was also true when I easily hunted at the desert ant cave at Level 100. So, I decided to obtain the right item when I went over Level 200 at least.

'Can I obtain the rare wizard set item equivalent to Enhancement 3?'

I had a change of heart. Right. When I fought the other players today, they were obviously weak. They were probably less than Level 300. It was proven by the fact that as many as eleven formed a party on the hunting ground for Level 300~350.

However, I felt like I would have lots of regrets if I met people stronger than them and got defeated by the skin of my teeth just because I accumulated the golden rings but didn't use them to obtain the matching items.

'Good. Let me buy good items, if not excellent.'

After deciding on that, I went into Kotum Castle. Then I moved to the auction place in the shopping mall because I had to obtain the enhanced items that were sold and bought among users. I was now inside the auction place.

"Damn it! I accidentally subtracted 0 before bidding! And some asshole won. Fuck!"

"Idiot! Confirm it before bidding."

"Shit. It took less than a second for me to cancel. It seems like the traders are living here for a whole day! How can they win it with a blank?"

"Hey. There are not only one or two merchants sticking around at the auction place for a whole day. There are not only those who are trying to buy low and sell high, but also a team of professional traders managed by the guild these days."

"Damn it! I've lost everything I've worked hard for during the past month!"

The auction place was clamorous with bidders complaining about their bad luck.

It was always noisy during the first, second, and third closed betas.

So, I went further inside, ignoring them.