Opportunity That Came Along Earlier Than I Thought (3)

The Sacred Permanent Snow Spirit item set consisted of a ring, earrings, and necklace that I received from my father and brother. Except for the unusual boss monster effect, the options I had were just simple.

At enhancement 0, each set item only increased all ice-type skills damage by 2%, combat power on snow and ice terrain by 2%, as well as Intellect by 250.

This was far from high because it was only a 2% increase. Even if I wear all the set items, I would not receive more than a 6% increase.

Of course, if somebody finds the required accessory enhancement stones and enhances the itesm to +3, the safety enhancement, the set would grant a total of 9% increase in combat power with 3% increase per item.

For me, an increase of 9% was more than enough because my fundamental strength was different from the beginning.

Moreover, these days, I usually hunt, using Ice Field as my basic combat skill.

In other words, my attack power would increase by 18%.