More Valuable Than I Think (1)

In fact, those who blocked the entrance to Pioneers' City and its swamps to collect tolls used polite language when they first saw me. But these guys were simply rude. So, I gave a sarcastic response in a friendly tone.

"Oh, I've come here to brace for something terrible."



Maybe I didn't give them the answer they wanted. Maybe that's why three of them approached me with a confused expression.

I opened my mouth quietly as they approached.

"Ice Spear!"



I used the Ice Spear skill for the first time at the three members of the Gahwa Guild. Of course, this was a Safety Zone. Therefore, I could not inflict any damage to them who were blown away after being hit by the Ice Spear. However, it was simply their HP that my attack could not affect. My attack was still effective in terms of pure force. That's why they were blown away.

"You son of a bitch, are you crazy?"

"How dare you infiltrate our territory?"