Dual Role (1)

At a very large villa located on the outskirts of Seoul.

A group of people, who were none other than Sunghan Kim and his followers who left the Myongjin Group, lived there. Kim was talking with several members in the parlor located in the center of the villa.

" Can Mirae, Daesung or Kusan accept us?"



Suddenly the other became silent upon hearing Kim's question. But the silence wasn't long.

As if he blamed Kim for asking such an obvious question, ayoung man sitting at the far end of the parlor said bluntly, "The three business groups won't even look at us. They aren't stupid enough to take the risk despite the possibly strengthening their position in the game industry.

"As you know already, Captain, we are a dog that has bitten its owner. The dog that bit its owner once will bite again. And they clearly know that."