Don’t Come Home Tomorrow (2)

"Well, it's time to open it because I can't keep it unopened forever. And before I try to enhance the +1 Ice Emperor's guardian sword, I have to enhance whatever accessory comes out first."

Enhancing the Ice Emperor's guardian sword to Enhancement 1 previously generated a 14-day cooldown. Obviously, it will generate a longer cooldown this time.

So, I thought I had better open the box now so I could enhance whatever accessory came out if I wanted to. Thanks to my victory in today's fight, I was confident that I would not care whatever item came out because although I felt it rather embarrassing to say so myself, I myself was already a myth grade or even more than that.

Anyway, I immediately took out the random box from the inventory and opened it.

Then, a message appeared with a yellow flash.

[You have acquired the Warrior's Bracelet (Legendary).]


Since I decided that I would not care about whatever item came out of it, I opened it with confidence.