Bora Yon (2)

Confirming it was me who stepped inside, my father put down the papers and asked, "What's going on?"

"You probably know Bora Yon, that granddaughter of Chairman Junghwan Yon of the Mirae Group."

"Of course, I know her."

"I got a call from her four hours ago. She wants to see me. Of course, she wants to see not just me, but also Chulmin Kim, Jinah Chong, and Yujin Suh."

Dad would probably understand why she wants to meet them because this is a gathering of the

3rd and 4th generation sons and daughters of Korea's top five business groups Mirae, Myongjin, Daesung, Kusan, and Daeyu. My father was the Myongjin Group's Chairman.

After seeing the pleasant surprise on his face, I added, "So, I replied positively."

"Oh, good job. Anyway, the Mirae Group seems to be in an urgent situation."

"Yeah, that's what I guessed."

After that, I briefly spoke with my dad about some other topics.

Of course, I had another thing to talk with him about, which was my main topic.