80th Round (2)

In Moscow, Russia.

Sesprom, Russia's largest group, which monopolized 45% of the natural gas and energy in Russia and also dominated the largest insurance, finance, and media companies had checked the information on "Revival Legend" and jumped straight into it.

They recruited those who had great gaming abilities. For example, Marina, a female user who used the ID Olga, was one of them.

Marina was the highest round winner of Path C in the global level 300 only arena quest.

Of course, Sesprom advertised its guild actively by promoting Marina.

In the meantime, Yosif, the general manager of the company's external affairs, who led the promotion efforts, received a sudden phone call from his direct subordinate.

"Why did you call me? What's up?"

"Well, the name of a highest round winner of the level 300 only arena has been just changed to somebody else."

"Really? Which path? Hopefully, it is not Path C."

Yosif earnestly wished the new winner did not go through Path C.