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Cloaked in an Enigma


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{WARNING: MATURE CONTENTS R-18} "You hurt my heart, and yet I'm falling for you again... I think I'm a masochist." ... Reuel Caddel is a man who's had his heart broken over and over again until he finally gave up on love. With no love in his heart, he moved from one woman to another, never dating anyone for more than three months, and he plans on doing the same thing with her... Erina Barret. The simple and humble silver-haired woman who can't stop herself from falling in love with a pretty face. Reuel wants to treat Erina just like he's treated the other women in his life, But as he slowly breaks her, she will make him break all his rules. She will bring her bright light into his life, but in return, he will cloud her in darkness. In the midst of all, they will soon come to realize that their connection isn't just coincidental, but a fated one as their lives will take an enigmatic turn. Can Erina's light shine over the darkness that Reuel will throw her in?? Or would she become an embodiment of the darkness he would show her?? *Excerpt* In one swift leap, he stood in front of her, his eyes sending heat waves straight into her system, but she wasn't going to let him get the upper hand. She wasn't going to let him know he still had the strongest of effects on her... "Say that again," his entire aura had gotten darker, as he dared her, dared her to open her mouth and speak to him again in that defying tone, dared her to say the words that she was going to belong to another, dared her to dare him... "I will never be yo... mmph." Her lips were forcefully taken, and his hands held onto her face, her hands punched and scratched his chest, and she fought to release herself from his hold, but he didn't let go, and he forced her to open up to him, digging deeper into her mouth, dragging her tongue, munching on her lips, kissing the words completely away from her mouth. "Aah!" She cried as he bit hard on her lip like beef and he made her bleed, and her blood stained his lips, and he licked it up... "You are mine, you were specifically crafted and created for me, you have always been mine, and till the worlds cease to exist, you will remain mine. And I will make sure of that." "You will never have my heart again." "Oh, but I will. I will win back not just your heart, but I will take your body as my trophy too." * * Yes, it is a fantasy romance... The fantasy comes in eventually, just hold on tight.


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