Clearing The World That's Inside A Novel

Have you heard stories of love, love that would never waver for years, decades, centuries or even millenniums to come? But can you really call it love? To keep loving someone forever and ever can't be anything less than crazy, can it? This is one such story. A story of a crazy love. And it's also a story of ... Someone somewhere who wished to be saved. Someone somewhere who wished to be free. Someone somewhere who wished to be able to someday make a wish. It's a story that was supposed to be a fairytale but it turned too ugly, too twisted, and far too wretched to be called one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's my first time writing. So, I am a rookie? newbie? whichever's the right word. This story is gonna be pretty generic. I mean, I will try to not make it but as I said it's my first time writing. Why am I writing this story? Well, have you ever wanted to eat ice cream when you saw someone else eating it? Yeah, something like that. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The cover art is made by Faier. You will meet the man himself when you read the novel and come across his comments! Thanks for the cover Faier-san! Love you! Here's the discord link https://discord.gg/BVP7bSsr6q

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History lessons are just info dumps

2 weeks passed by in the blink of an eye.

I have finally sorted out most of the things.

After looking through Noah's smartphone and laptop I found out he has 2 billion in his account.

..This guy is loaded as hell. Why is he even living in a shabby apartment?

I changed Noah's password. How? Forget the password, duh.

It took my retina scan and friggin mana signature or something. I don't even understand the damn mechanics but eh, it works.

Futuristic world for sure.

Regardless, I used 20 million to find information, information about myself. It would be weird to ask someone to dig up information about myself so I told the guy I wanted to check his validity first.

Who was this guy, you ask? Well, a character from the novel. His information-digging skills are top-notch.

Am I going to form a connection with him? Hell no.

I wanted to confirm if this is really the world of the novel. Eliminating any and all other possibilities that might have existed.

I also needed information, so I asked the best guy I could. I have no intentions of being buddy-buddy with anyone. I plan on going back home, the f*ck will I be buddy-buddy with anyone for?

Back to the point, I asked him for information. He provided the information.

What did I find?


Seriously? That guy is supposed to be top-notch?

Apparently, he couldn't find anything about me before the age of 14. It seems like I just popped out of nowhere at the age of 14. Started living in this apartment and since then has been living here. I also got admitted into a top academy.

You know, heroes nurturing school.

That's all.

Motherfu*cker laughed it off and said 'Seems like I failed your test'

Useless piece of meat! My 20 million got wasted!

Not really...

Regardless, I don't know about Noah's parents, I don't know Noah's past, and I don't know a damn thing about the guy I am in possession of.

Noah is suspicious. The only thing I know about Noah is that he is an extra in the novel. There was no mention of him in the novel.

But from my perspective, it was a jackpot. Being an extra is a jackpot, unlike the main cast or the side characters and villains of the story, my fate wasn't decided by anyone. In other words, my life wasn't in control of someone else or my thoughts being something that someone wanted them to be. I am an extra who isn't influenced by any other being.

I can become a main character, an antagonist, or an ordinary person. I could be whatever I want to be. I am kind of an unknown variable in this world. Well, there might be someone else too like me.

Of course, being an extra, the perks of being the main cast such as plot armor weren't by my side but I was okay with it. Plot armor is a bitch, it abandoned the protagonist during the most crucial moment.

I looked at the pamphlet.

Heroes Nurturing Highschool

The academy provides free education as well as dormitories for students to live in. To begin with, that academy is like a cage. No outside contact is allowed until graduation unless some serious family issue arises, kinda like someone dying and stuff or special circumstances/reasons.

This cringe-named academy is the top military academy humans have to provide.

What military academy I am talking about?

Oh, come on, heroes? Villains? let's be honest, these so-called hero academies are nothing but military training academies that teach us how to deal with criminals so that we can protect humanity.

Just because a soldier has supernatural power doesn't make them a hero. A soldier is just that, a soldier, a criminal is just that, a criminal.

That's what I think.

Well, it's not just a military academy but also a place for researchers, doctors, engineers, and other things you can learn about.

I still don't know what I want to do in this world (actually, don't wanna do anything), but what I do know is that I need strength.

It's so that I can be prepared for the time when the quest begins and a new system will override the current one. The time when the plotline will change completely and of course to find a way back home.

Basically, gotta grind.

And what's the best place to grind? One of the top military academies, duh.

One of the top military academies? What happened to being a top academy?

Well, it's a top academy, a top human academy that is.

There are other species in this world, Elves, Dwarves, Beast folk, Vampires, and Demons.

Where did they come from?

How did it happen?

Later in the novel we finally get an answer to it, so it's kinda confidential information. The thing is ..a mad scientist fucked up really bad with his experiment.

And because of that mistake.

The world cracked, like a pop.

Afterward, the climate changed. Accurately 300 years ago.

Like bang type change.

Tidal waves, tsunamis, Lava eruptions, typhoons, earthquakes, and all types of natural disasters struck the earth.

Lots of people died. Some continents were merged, some got wiped off the map and some were destroyed beyond recognition.

As one would expect, many countries and the people there were wiped out too, and so was their culture.

After everything calmed down, humanity began to organize things again, and guess what? They found new lands appearing, the change in gravity, and the size of the earth increased.

The planet evolved and became capable of habitating it's habitants.

Floating island where Elves live, a highly technological land where dwarves live, an island where beastfolk live, and a land so cold that it should be impossible to live there but vampires do live there and dungeons started to appear.

Finding the blue screen called system, a new element called 'mana' that melded itself into the atmosphere, finding themselves able to perform some superhuman feats.

Just as humans were confused, so were those species.

Everyone thought the same thing Mommy, I am scared pick me up.

That's right. Everyone was scared to death. No one knew whether the other race was hostile or not.

With time things were organized and harmony between all the races came.

And just like that 60 years passed.

Everyone got pretty much used to the changes that they faced. Humanity was getting back on its track.

But things aren't as simple as they may sound.

Humans wanted to learn about these new species, I mean Elves got longer lives and they were adept at using magic more than any other species, brains of dwarves, the immortality of vampires, and the physical prowess of beastfolk.

Humans wanted to know the anatomy of other species. So, they decided to kidnap some and experimented on them.

Elves got slavery of some kind in their culture. They turned people from other species into slaves. Not normal slaves though, they put a mark on them, basically they have control over their lives and the slave can't disobey their orders. How does this magic work? Only they know.

At least back in the day, they were the only one.

As for dwarves... those dumbasses seriously made some bomb that almost blew this world up. Fortunately or unfortunately, the bomb turned out to be a dud.

I don't need to explain why peace didn't last long now, do I?

At first, everyone understood, that they were different species, their nature was different and so was their culture. They decided to talk things out.

..But talk-no-jutsu failed, miserably so.

Well, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Beastfolk went to war. Beastfolk were angry with other species, humans for experimentation, elves for slavery, and dwarves for almost blowing things up, they didn't really do anything wrong with other species. Poor beastfolk.

What about vampires? Vampires are the chill type, they don't really care about what other species are doing to theirs, Vampires are individual types of people and they are immortal. As long as they don't catch a disease that doesn't have a cure or someone kills them, they won't die, not by aging or should I say their lifespan is just soo big that it feels like they don't age at all.

Vampires didn't fight in the war, but they sure enjoyed watching it.

World War 3 it was, and lots of people died in it with no sign of stopping, they did try to enter peace talk many times but ...it just didn't work. War kept going on for years.

What? Who was winning?

Don't know. Things were pretty even.

You see, Elves are way too good at controlling mana. Dwarves have the best weapons one could ask for. Beastfolks have some serious physical prowess but they all have one problem.

It's that they have a level cap.

Like not being able to rank up more than B or being stuck at SS, you get the thing.

But humans don't have a level cap. They can grow as long as they work hard. The only problem is age. Unlike other species that live longer, humans have a normal life span.

So yeah, theoretically humans are capable of being strongest but ...they don't have the life span to support it, so it's practically impossible.

The strongest the world has seen is the SSS-ranker human who is dead... add the fact that he seriously reached SSS- just a few minutes before he died of aging.

So yeah, things were kinda even. Everyone has some special traits and limitations.

Now as I said, vampires are immortal, they seek simulations, and new experiences because they are basically bored most of the time.

As such, a vampire decided to play detective.

Now here's the plot twist.

The corpses of people who died, a lot of them were disappearing. At first, everyone thought the beasts ate them.

What are beasts? Basically, animals who after mana melded into the atmosphere became more scary and dangerous.

Back on topic, corpses were disappearing.

And one of the vampires decided to go into the detail of it.

Well, fuck.

It got found there's another species as well, demons.

And those demons feasted on the corpses.

It was also found that the reason peace talks never worked was because of demons, they infiltrated other species, gaslighted things, and made everyone go to war.

Bloody hell.

Once the information was made public, things changed.

Everyone immediately decided to cease the war. They thanked vampires for bringing such information to light.

...The vampire who actually solved the mystery started to cuss at every species saying It was Me who did it? Not those fuckers! Dumbasses! Why are you thanking them!?

As I said, vampires are individual types. Achievement belongs to a person and a person alone not to its species, that's their ideology.

Back on topic.

Finally, everyone found out about demons and also their land.

These guys who were once fighting each other decided to join the alliance and launch an attack on demons.

..Poor guys, it ended badly for them.

Apparently, demons are stronger, way stronger than anyone thought.

You see, someone's strength is determined by rank.

Apparently, demons are all either S-ranked or above S-ranked.

It would take hundreds of A+ rankers to do any damage on S-rankers... added to the fact that 100 people can't really group up on a single person.

So yeah, it's a lost cause.

Many died once again.

Now it was Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Beastfolk vs Demons.

Vampires were as always, chilling in the chilly weather.

The futile fight continued.

Finally, the Demon king came forward for the peace talk.

Everyone was like 'After all this, you want to have a peace talk!?'

Another bombshell was dropped over everyone.

What happened?

It seems like demons need the flesh of other species in order to live, if they go on without any after some time they lose their sanity and attack their own allies and foes.

Sad lives.

After learning this, no one was able to be as angry at them as they once were but it didn't change the fact their species were clearly a danger to others.

War was ceased, and everyone worked hard and found an alternative for demons. Demon king thanked them and also promised that they would isolate themselves as a punishment.

What? How did the protagonist's mom die at the hands of demons?

Well, it's simple. You can't control everyone. There exist humans who kill humans.

We call those people bad people. Same with demons, even if most of them live in their lands some still cause trouble.

Anyways, the war finally came to a proper end after 20 damn years.

Since then the world has been at peace and progressing

For now...

That's the history of this world, anyway and it matches with the details of novel. In other words, I really am in the novel.

The current population?

700 million Humans.

250 million Elves.

300 million Dwarves.

400 million Beast folk.

20,000 Vampires.

No, I am not joking. That's the population of vampires.

50 million Demons.

Of course, these aren't the exact numbers but you get the thing.

Never thought I would see a day when my bank balance would be more than the world's population.

..Well, there's one more species but there's no information about them. They weren't involved in the novel either. I can't do anything about it for now.

Back on the topic. The thing is Noah got into Humanity's top academy.

The academy is also where the novel's story begins. The protagonist attends this academy and from there we read his life.

The academy will start from next month. So, I have 2 more weeks. I used these last 2 weeks since coming here to read all the books that his guy had and lots of the book available on the internet.

Surfing through online websites.

I spent nights without any sleep, but it was worth it. I am sure my intelligence stat has something to do with how I have caught up with a lot of things in simply 2 weeks. My memorization seems to have improved. It's almost photographic at this point.

It was necessary for me to do all the study. I mean this world has different subjects than I used to have. Not to mention the advanced technology that exists in this world.

The virtual reality games that I thought I would never be able to properly experience exists and with damn cheap prices too!

I used the first two weeks of the month to gather enough knowledge through books and the Internet about this world.

It was time to use the last 2 weeks of this month to gain experience before finally going to the academy starting next month.

As much as I hated it, I had to go outside of my room now.

No matter what happens, I am gonna go back to my world and find the answer to the cliffhanger that I have been left on!

Just you wait..!