Classroom of the Elite Volume 0 Book

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Classroom of the Elite Volume 0


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**Note: Read Volume 0 after Year 2 Volume 8 to avoid spoilers in the main storyline** This may be a story of the past that had been concealed, and mustn't be seen. About 20 years before Kiyotaka Ayanokōji enrolled at Advanced Nurturing High School. There was a man. Atsuomi Ayanokōji, aged 31. A politician. Atsuomi was born as a "have-not" in Japan's society of disparity, but there was one thing he possessed more than anybody else. That is———his uncontrollable, ever-expanding "ambition". Atsuomi had been doing dirty work for Ninosuke Naoe, the head of the Naoe faction that he was a part of. As a chance to reward all the hard work that he had done, Naoe offers him a top-secret project: The founding of an institution for a 'Talented Persons Nurturing Program,' which is under the direct control of the government. Atsuomi, who is busy pursuing his ambitions, brings them to fruition and names the institution he establishes――the White Room. He had also started on another project... To get his own biological child to join him in the White Room. This is the beginning of everything. A story about the "dissection" of Kiyotaka Ayanokōji. Within a cold white room, what does the future look like in the eyes of a young child? Author: Syougo Kinugasa Illustrator: TomoseShunsaku Translators: Royal MTLs and Anime Anyway