52 Chapter 17: SS: Hiyori Shiina — Love Is a Beautiful Thing

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[9th October, Friday]

[Hiyori Pov]

I was already ready to vote for Kaoru, until each one of us heard he withdrew his participation for the office of the Student Council President. 

Knowing him, there must be a reason?

As the President of the Student Council, he must surely be busy, wouldn't he? Could he... perhaps been afraid that we two couldn't spend as much time anymore?

No, of course not. 

What am I even thinking, currently?

I heard from him once already, that he wasn't really interested in it. 

But regardless of this, I could see a couple of people being shocked in his class. 

Anyhow, it's not their decision; it's entirely his. If he doesn't want that, they should respect that...

I'm not sure why, but I heard, people were treating Kaoru slightly differently, ever since he's been with me. 

Do they... want to object our relationship?

Nobody in my class minds, though. 

Ryūen-kun is rather amused, and hopes that, despite the fact that he wants to beat him, he joins our class.

Me too, actually. 

I want to be together with him, more than just the afternoon....

The entire day, and after school, too.....

I'm really happy with him—very happy. 

I want to introduce my parents to him...


I'd have loved to meet his, too....

My eyes...

Am I crying again? 

Whenever I remember him telling me about his past and his extremely difficult life until now, I can't help but to cry... 

I can't understand his pain, but I want to become a pillar of comfort, whom he can always, regardless of the situation, lean onto. 

I want to do this much, at the very least... 

Kaoru, I'll come to visit you, once again... 

I hope you really don't mind my unexpected visits, by now. 

For a moment, I was deep in thought, until I decided to take 'this', with me, too. 

He always told me about his life, yet I never told him, about mine. Especially, when mine has been easy, until now. 

Leaving my room, with a small bag, in which a couple of things were in, I pressed the button on the elevator.

"Ah, hello, Shiina-san. Where are you going?" Mei-san asked me.

"To Kaoru..." I muttered beneath my breath. 

Mei-san nodded. "Can you express my greetings and those of the rest of the class? Tell him, he should take care of himself."

I nodded. "Will do."

As Mei-san passed by, heading out to her room, I took the elevator and pressed the button for the fourth floor. 

Once I arrive, I walk towards Kaoru's Room. I pressed his doorbell, but I couldn't help but notice how fast he opened the door, once again. 

"Hiyori, you really didn't have to visit me again. I mean, you're also injured."

I shake my head to the side. 

"Don't worry, it's nothing like yours. Besides, I want to visit you and spend time with you." I looked up at him in embarrassment, but couldn't help but notice how his cheeks began to get immediately red. 

"Ah... come in." He tried to hide his expression from me, but failed, ultimately. 

He's really cute, when he gets embarrassed. 

"Thank you for having me in." I took my shoes, and put them on the floor ground. 

"Do you want a coffee, tea, or something else, perhaps? A drink in particular?"

"Nothing at all. I came here to treat you, not the opposite."

"And please, accept it. You always try on changing the themes, suddenly..."

He slightly laughed. "You know me so well... Cough..."

Holding his ribs, I looked at him in worry. "Don't worry, I don't feel any pain. The painkillers don't let me feel it."

I continued to look at him, still wanting him to rest. I think, my place told him it already. "I'll head to the bedroom," he relentlessly agreed.

"Please do that."

As he left the kitchen, heading to his room, I took something from my bag out. It was a strawberry cake, which I knew he liked, very well, so I bought one, in advance. 

Alongside that, I also prepared his favorite drink. 

"Here you go," I said, putting his orange juice right next to him, at the table, while giving him the strawberry cake.

"Thank you," he answered, while drinking a sip of the juice. 

"Do you, perhaps, want me to feed you, Kaoru?"


"Is everything fine?" I asked in worry.

"Yes, I was just slightly shocked. But we're doing this quite often, so I should try on getting slowly accustomed to it."

"Do you dislike it?"

"No, rather the opposite, in fact. I love it. Not in general; I meant only if it's with you, of course. But it still feels quite strangely. Strangely nice, having someone to treat me like this..."

"Me too. I like it, too, when you feed me."

I looked at him, noticing his beautiful red eyes, which looked softly at me. In comparison to the first day, it's completely different. 

"Please open your mouth, then..." 

He nodded, opening it. 

With the fork, I took a piece from it, slowly approaching his mouth.

Once he took it, I could see his satisfied expression. "Uhm, it feels so good. So delicious. Strawberry is really the best cake."

"You really like it, don't you, Kaoru?"

"Of course. Vanilla and strawberry—I love these two sorts. But essentially, I prefer Strawberry Cake, and Vanilla Ice Cream, strangely. The two together are also okay, but that's as far as it goes."

"I'm almost the same." 

"You prefer Strawberry Cake and Ice Cream."

I was slightly shocked. I haven't really told him that, yet.

"You know, if my girlfriend always orders herself Strawberry Ice Cream or Cake, when we are reading books at the Café's, it's natural to know this much." 

I giggled painfully. "Now it's my turn," Kaoru said.

He carefully took the fork out of my hand, and took a piece of the cake. "Say, 'Aaah, Hiyori."

"You're treating me like a small child," I pouted. 

"Is that so? Should I treat you differently then?" he asked, in a teasing manner, stopping the fork midway through.

I shake my head. "No, please continue."

Smiling at me, he continued. 

I took a bite and was left bewildered as to what expression I must be making, because it tastes so good. 

"One moment," Kaoru said. "You got there some cream on your mouth."

Saying that, he wiped it off with.... his finger, eating it.

I couldn't help but immediately feel embarrassed.

"You look really cute, when you're embarrassed, Hiyori. I should tease you more often, perhaps," he said, looking at me with a slight grin. 

"You meanie, Kaoru."

Suddenly, his facial expression looked quite shocked. 

He smiled, but it was a painful smile. 

Did I say something wrong?

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

He shakes his head. "No, not really. My little sister, she also used to say, 'You meanie', always to me, when I teased her. Your reply, just reminded me of her."



"You don't have to apologize, Hiyori. Rather, I'm thankful to you. Because you reminded me of these beautiful memories, that I tried to forget, once. She's always with me, as long as I have this," he said, showing his necklace.

He looked really vulnerable right now. But also, he smiled. 

His smile, it's rare to see it. 

I always knew, he put on a forced smile for the sake of his class, but fortunately, around me, he doesn't, anymore. 

I want Kaoru to act like around me how he really is. 

Not the caring and great leader Kurushima Kaoru, nor the person who can get along with everyone, but just Kaoru.

"Kaoru... if it doesn't bother you, can you tell me about you and your family?" 

He looked at me with a smile, and then nodded. "Of course. I told you of what happened, but not how much they meant to me."

"You see, although I was a member of upper society, my parents never forced us to do anything, unlike the other children who were placed in cram school, as soon as the age of five. They never forced us, for literary arts, martial arts, or anything else."

"They wanted us to do these things, if we wanted, on our own. I always liked reading, as soon as I could. In particular, I was interested in books like, "The Divine Comedy," by Dante Alighieri, or "Faust," by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe." 

"I admit, reading "The Divine Comedy" was very difficult at that time, because I had no insight of Italian history, religious context, or the cultural context, but it was the first time, where I, who was always until now so lazy, got enthusiastic."

"Seeing a six-year-old reading these two books, they were quite surprised. I remember, up until now, their shocked expressions. 'Kaoru... did you really read this?' they asked me. In particular, "The Divine Comedy". It was, a difficult book, after all."

"My sister hated to read, unfortunately, but she loved it, when I was reading a book to her. I gave myself the task of reading books to her, each day. No matter how sleepy I was, I never broke it."

"The two of us were really invested in mysteries, in general. Not just from books, but from another project, too. Do you know the anime, One Piece?" 

I made a small nod. 

"There was a real person, La Buse, or known as Olivier Le Vasseur, who is said to have hidden a treasure somewhere, in an estimated worth of 1 Trillion Yen or perhaps more, like in the Anime."

"My sister always used to say, 'We're going to find that treasure, Nii-san'. For that solemn reason, I learned Latin to decipher the cryptogram of Le Vasseur. Seeing how much it meant to my sister, I wanted to make sure, we could solve it."

"Since my parents wanted to make with us a family trip a month later, somewhere else, aside from Japan, we proposed France as the destination; more precisely, we were after the Island Reunion, because there it could be, perhaps."

"We headed there for four days, from the 30 days we were in France, asked the locals, and searched the island within the allowed parameters, but of course, we could not find it. Our parents made us feel better, because of our enormous progress, not looking at external sources, but rather doing it on our own."

"It was one of the more deeper and closer memories I have with Kaori, my younger sister. Her birthday would be one day after yours, the 22nd of January. You're precisely 1 Year and 1 Day older than her." 

"It's quite a coincidence, isn't it? The two people who mean so much to me have their birthdays so close to each other. She would have also enrolled here... in the next year, if nothing happened. She died at the age of 6 years old, and my little brother is even younger..."

"I'd have loved to have you meet them, because you'd surely get along. Perhaps, my sister would have even called you, Hiyori-nee-san."

I could see Kaoru laughing a bit before speaking further. "I'm sorry, but I think that'll be it. More than that, I'm not ready to tell, currently."

I shake my head. "Don't worry; take your time, Kaoru. And thank you, for telling me this. It means really much to me, that you're telling me all this."

He looked at me. "Do you mind, telling me about your life, until now? Your parents? Or something else from it?"

I nodded. 

"I didn't experience anything special in my childhood. The only thing special is that I never really had someone I could regard as a friend or someone who shared my passion for reading. Until I meet you, that is."

"You became a friend, but the more time we spent together, the more I loved to be in your presence, and not soon after, I fell in love with you."

"When precisely?" he asked, teasingly.

"I think... I was completely sure when I visited you when you were sick, on July 1st."

He slightly laughed. 

"Is something wrong?" I asked, taken aback by his laughter.

"Hiyori, I fell for you, at that time, too, strangely."

"But I didn't do anything special, did I, Kaoru?"

"You did. In my perspective, at the very least. For the entirety of my life, I was always seen as Kurushima Kaoru, the "Throwaway Child", from society, the rich "orphan" anyone should befriend, because of the wealth he had, or the "good-looking handsome guy", in terms of the girls' perspective, now. But never did someone see me as the person I was, until I met you."

"Even despite the fact that of my 'looks' and my 'wealth', you never approached me for anything like that. It was... the very first time, for me, that someone didn't approach me for these kinds of things, which should be natural... actually."

"You always treated me fairly well, even when I was sick. Your presence, helped me to deal with the struggles I faced, then. Usually, I'd lock myself in, for the entire week, when it's that corner of time."

"But whenever I'm around you, I can ease my pain off. And not even on the same day, I noticed how much embarrassment I felt, and how my heart was clenching. Because I thought, I might feel different things for you, then I should have."

"Honestly, I was afraid, that you'd reject me, and one of my only genuine connections would be lost."

"You weren't the only one, Kaoru. I was also afraid, the whole time. To be rejected by you. You were the first friend I made, and I was afraid, our friendship would end, because I felt something I shouldn't have."

"But it developed well in the end, didn't it?" I said, smiling brightly at him.

"Fortunately, it did. I'm reassured, honestly. Because you're someone, I definitely won't let go of you, no matter what. So be prepared, Hiyori. You'll have to endure more memories with me, and more of the times, I'll be teasing you."

My cheeks couldn't help but get red. "You too! I won't let you go off, either. I want to be together with you now, and even after school, and even far longer."

I saw how his cheeks began to get red. 

"You know Kaoru, I also like it, when you're getting embarrassed." 

His cheeks got even redder, until I felt my body being pushed down, on the bed, with him holding both of my hands. 

"You know, I'm also just a boy, Hiyori. If you tease me like that, and say things like that, I'll have troubles on holding myself back."

Holding b-back? F-from what?

I looked at him in embarrassment, seeing his eyes, which looked softly at me. 

"Do you want to do it?" he asked. 

"Do w-what?" I asked him.

"K-kissing. We're, after all, 52 Days together, with today."

I looked at him, shyly. 

"Okay, but please be gentle, Kaoru..." I muttered shyly. 

He looked a bit surprised, and his eyes, changed. 

He seemed like he was currently in great trouble, for some reason. 

Did I say anything wrong? 

I don't think so.


I feel strange... 

Something was poking me.

Is it his phone, perhaps? 

But before I could look below, I saw that Kaoru was already close to my face, making me unable to look below. 

His lips engulfed mine, before I could discover the mystery, of what was poking me currently. 

It must be his phone, after all. 

What else could it be?

I decided to ignore the irrelevant detail, and I saw the expression of the boy, who was dominantly kissing my lips. 

I couldn't catch a breath, but my body was letting it happen. 

Deep down, I feel like, I was just too shy to be the one who was initiating these kinds of things.

Kaoru and I continued with the kiss, until he suddenly stopped. 

He rolled immediately sideways to the bed, to my left. 

"I'm sorry... I was a bit too forceful. But you looked extremely cute at that moment, so I was unable to hold myself back."

I looked embarrassed. "C-cute? M-me?"

"Yeah, very cute... and extremely..."

"Extremely?" I asked in the hope of knowing what he wanted to say. 

"A-Alluring," he continued, his cheeks getting red.


He thought of me like t-that? 

I'm really not... I didn't try to be A-Alluring. 

I was just shy, because it was our first kiss. I just wanted Kaoru to take the lead...

It took me a while until I recomposed myself, just like Kaoru. 

"Do you want to do anything in particular?" he asked me. 

"Ah, yes, I forgot to mention it, but I also brought a very special book with me. It's special for me, and I want to give it to you as a present, only if you'd like."

"Of course," he nodded, with a gentle smile. 

I got a bit embarrassed and walked over to my bag, which lies on his desk.

"Here, Kaoru. It's one of my favorite books. I hope you like it," I said, handing it over to him, with a bright smile. 

He looked over the name, until he noticed it. The Name. 

"Shiina? Is that perhaps your...?"

I nodded. 

"Yes, it is. It's a book written by my Father. I already have two at home, and have read it already multiple times, so I wanted to give it to you, as a present. I wanted to give it to you on that day, but...."

Giving him the book from my Father on his birthday?! 

I should buy him the thing he desires. 

I can't believe I was even thinking of giving him this on his Birthday... 

If I did, I'd be a bad girlfriend. 

But what does... Kaoru desire? 

He never told it to me, yet.

"I'll make sure to read it," he nodded, with a genuine, bright smile. 

"And also, thank you, Hiyori. It means very much to me, that you're entrusting me with this book. I might have something for you, if you'd like."

I became slightly aggravated. "You don't have to. I wasn't doing this in return for expecting a gift from you, Kaoru..."

"I know, but I also wanted to hand you something very precious over..."

He walked over to his regal, where his books were. 

I noticed it already, at that time, when we became a couple, but it was a book, in comparison to the other's completely alone on the shelf. 

"It's a book from my dead Mother. She wrote it, during her college years, so it's nothing professional and something overly exciting. It's a romance comedy, slightly based on her and my father's life."

"She never ended up publishing it, in the end, though. She always said, There was a part she wanted to rewrite, and for that, she'd like to get the motivation from me, and my future girlfriend."

"Currently, there are only five examples in the entire world. One of them was burned down, 8 Years and 92 Days Ago, leaving me with 4 of them. I'd like to give you one of the four remaining books as a present." 

"I can't possibly accept that, Kaoru."

"Please do that. My Mother always wanted to give it to the girl I'd introduce her, but... I never had the chance of introducing you to her. Let me do this in her stead, please, Hiyori. She'd really appreciate it."

Hesitantly, I accepted it. 

"Thank you, Kaoru," I expressed with a sad smile.

"That you're giving me something so... valuable for you... I really appreciate it." 

I couldn't help but feel a sudden rush of tears forming in my eyes. 

I knew how much it must have meant to him. It's one of the four books remaining, and he was ready to give me one of them, as a present. 

My body—I felt how it moved towards his shoulder. 

"Bringing my girlfriend to cry, I really am a bad boyfriend. Accept this hug, in recompense, Hiyori."

After a couple of seconds passed by, I stopped crying, and apologized to him.

"I'm sorry... I didn't want to cry, but that you're entrusting me with something so valuable for you, I really couldn't help it."

"I'm sure my Mother would have wanted me to do the same, so don't worry, Hiyori. The girl, I love, is the only person allowed to have this."

"Okay..." I nodded at him, still feeling tears in my eyes. 

I wiped them off with my arm, looking at him.

"Kaoru, I'll make sure to treasure it. Thank you, very much."

He nodded, with a gentle smile.

"My pleasure." 

I walked over to his desk, and put it carefully in my bag. 

I can't let it be damaged at any costs, no matter what. 

Kaoru is giving me something so valuable—so priceless—from him, so I'll have to make sure to treasure it, and prevent anything from happening to it. 

I felt relieved by how our relationship was progressing. 

Both Kaoru and I, we were doing well in our relationship. 

But didn't he before said something....

That he'd like to be together with me... too, after school?

Kaoru said, the girl he'd want to introduce was his Mother.

Does he think of that... too? 

Being together with me after school? 

I saw him getting embarrassed, which gave me the answer, but his confirmation made me really happy. 

I feel, extremely happy, right now. 

I want our relationship to continue like that, without us having to concern ourselves with the classes. 

Especially now, that we're A, and he's B.

Ryūen-kun already prepares himself for 20 Million Points, in case, Kaoru decides to change classes. 

But it also means, I don't have many Private Points left anymore. 

I'll have to buy presents for both Kaoru and Ryūen-kun in Ten days. 

Perhaps, he knows, what Kaoru likes? 

They sometimes speak, don't they? 

"Kaoru, can I stay, again? Tomorrow is Saturday, after all."

"You mean, sleeping here? Is it fine for you?"

I nodded. "Of course."

Since we know it's allowed, there's no reason to not staying here. 

Besides, I like it, being here, where he is. And tomorrow is no school, so I'd like to spend my entire day with him. 

I feel comfortable around him and am not lonely about not seeing Kaoru for several hours, or ever since he's injured, for almost the entire day, aside from the time I visit him.


"How long have you been written off from school again, Kaoru?"

"Until the 13th October. Around that time, it'll be 8 Days by then. I'm feeling completely fine, though. But still, the doctor insisted."

"Of course, he did. Because you're seriously injured. You're not taking care of yourself. First the Island Exam, now the Sport Festival. You're sometimes really reckless, Kaoru..."

"My recklessness, huh? I admit, I should change it, sometime. Because I'd like to prevent you from worrying about me."

I smiled at him reassuringly, knowing I was able to convince him.

In terms of recklessness, he even surpasses Ryūen-kun. 

Why would someone do something so reckless as jump through midair, to bring the Pole down? 

I never understood Kaoru's mind until now...

He's certainly, very unpredictable, sometimes...

I looked at the clock, and noticed that it was 18.30 o'clock, now. 

Today, I got to school slightly late. I also headed out to the Strawberry Cake Shop, which is a bit far away...

I'd have loved to be here sooner.

But anyway, I should cook us something. He's injured, so I should do my best. 

"Kaoru, what'd you like to eat?" I asked. 

"Uhm, how about we cook, Okonomiyaki?"


"Of course, we. I'll help you. I might be injured, but it's nothing much. I can't have my girlfriend do everything on her own, can I?" Saying that, I could see how he was rolling up his sleeves. 

I blushed slightly, seeing his forearms. 

He was really muscular. 

I knew that already, but that didn't mean I was by any means accustomed to it.

"Are you really sure? You really don't have to." I said, still slightly blushing.

"I'd love to cook together with you, Hiyori. We're partners, after all, aren't we?" 


The two of us began to cook, and I inadvertently admired Kaoru's cool side over and over again. He was cutting the vegetables like a chef cook, as you see often displayed on TV. 

His long hair, his arms, his gaze, which was entirely focused, and his smile—all of that affected me really much. 

I couldn't help but admit that I knew why the girls fell in love with him.

He was really cool...

Especially, right now... 

If any girl saw him right now, they might fall in love with him, immediately. 

"Is something wrong?" he asked, looking at me and wiping his slight sweat off his head with his right arm.

"No, nothing at all..." I muttered, embarrassingly. 

"Okay," he nodded, and continued to cook further. 

I did the same thing, preparing the side dishes. 

We two ate, sharing the dishes, and did plenty of other things too, like watching TV and reading books, until the clock slowly reached 22 o'clock. 

"Kaoru, is everything alright?" I asked, seeing him searching something in his drawer. 

"Yeah, no worries. But are you really fine with sleeping here, Hiyori? You can still go back to your room, if you'd like."

I shook my head, with a bright smile. "I want to stay together with you today, Kaoru. Especially on the weekends, where we can spend time together, and school doesn't happen on the next day." 

"Okay, but you should change yourself into some other clothes. It might be a bit large, but this should be fine. I hope..."

He handed me some of his sleeping clothes. 

I walked over to the bathroom, changing my clothes.

But I noticed something in his mirror. Unlike before, it didn't have any cracks on it anymore. 

It looked rather lively... if I had to say so.

Did Kaoru buy himself another one? 

Probably, he did...

Without paying much attention to it, I slowly dressed myself up, and looked in a mirror.


Do I look fine? 

Will Kaoru like it?

Those were the only two questions I asked myself at the moment. 

Aren't the sleeves too long? Does it perhaps make me unattractive? 

Until I met Kaoru, I never would have thought about these kinds of things. 

But now I do, somehow.

I've changed so much, since I met him. 

I'd have always usually read books in the library, but now, I don't mind reading in a Café, or somewhere else, as long as it's with him. 

I'm going shopping with him, which I usually never would have, so often. We're eating together, either in my room, or in his room, always together. 


I'm really happy right now. 

I don't feel lonely anymore...

I really hope that us being in different classes becomes no hindrance to our relationship at all. 

If only, Kaoru would change in my class, I wouldn't have to think of this happening. 

Perhaps he's interested in it? Changing Classes?

Suddenly, I heard some noises outside, out of the bathroom. 

Leaving the bathroom, I saw Kaoru... who had trouble changing into his shirt. 

"Ah...." I looked embarrassed at him, seeing his upper body almost completely.

"I'm sorry..." Immediately, I covered my eyes with my hands. 

I felt how my cheeks began to get red, suddenly.

That was so embarrassing... 

I couldn't believe that I was walking in, while he was changing...

"Don't worry, Hiyori. As long as it's you, I don't mind you seeing me like this. You're my girlfriend, after all," he said. 

Did that mean... he wanted me to look at him?

No, of course not. 

Moments later, Kaoru spoke. 

"I'm finished, Hiyori. You can look again."


I removed my hands, that were covering my eyes, and opened my eyes, slowly. 

He looked really handsome...

"Should we share a blanket, or do you want an additional one, for you?" he said, interrupting me. 

The last time I slept here, was when Kaoru told me about his past, with the death of his family member's, where he opened to me his vulnerable side. 

I stayed, because I didn't want to leave him in such a state alone. If I'd have left him alone at that time, I couldn't forgive myself for an eternity long.

"I don't need one. We can share one..." I said, slightly shyly. 

He looked at me now, for the first time, since I left the bathroom, completely.

"You look cute, Hiyori. Really cute," he said, blushingly.

Shyly, I moved my head in gratitude. "Thank you, Kaoru... You look cool. Really cool and handsome."


The two of us weren't accustomed to this, yet. 

"Uhm, you can sit yourself already on the bed. I'll have to take these, again."

"These again?"

"Ah, did I forget to tell you this, perhaps? Strange, I thought I mentioned it to you, already. Anyhow, ever since my family died, I can't sleep without sleeping pills. I'm taking them ever since then..."

"Oh..." I muttered. 

I didn't know that, until now. He never mentioned it before. 

"But when you slept next to me, strangely, I didn't take them. For the very first time in my life, after their death, I could sleep easily, without them. Perhaps, it's because you were present at that day, that I could sleep easily, like that..."

"I wonder... perhaps, I should test it out. I'll try it without taking them, today..."

I wasn't sure what to say in this situation. 

But when I wanted to move my mouth, he simply patted my head. 

"Don't worry too much about it, Hiyori. Ever since you've been in my life, I've been feeling good. Too good, actually. So you're already a very great help."

Kaoru realized what I was going to say. 

He sat himself down, lying at the end of the bed. 

I followed along, lying myself right next to him, on his left side. His right ribs were broken after all, so he should take care of them.

"Can I... lie myself against your chest...?" I asked, slightly embarrassed.

"Of course."

After a couple of seconds later, I looked at him in curiosity, seeing him looking at the ceiling. "Life isn't as hellish as I always thought. It's strangely nice, I guess..." 

"Kaoru, did you say something?"

"No, nothing. I'm just feeling grateful for the fact that I meet you..."

"Me too!"

"Anyhow, let's sleep. It's getting late, isn't it?"


"Goodnight, Hiyori."

"You too, Kaoru."

With a comfortable feeling, I felt how my eyes were closing themselves. 

Love is really a beautiful thing...


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Please like it, so it becomes the Top Review, since I can't pin it. There's also a Hiyori AI Art, a good one, so you perhaps want to check it out.

Webnovel really bullies me....

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