21 Ryuuen Kakeru's Surrender!

Chapter 21 - Ryuuen Kakeru's Surrender!

Seeing Yuto's change in expression, Ryuuen Kakeru felt a surge of satisfaction and opened his mouth to continue his threats.


Yuto quickly stepped forward and kicked Ryuuen Kakeru hard in the chest, sending him crashing into the cluttered desks.

"Threatening me, huh? So tell me, do you want to keep your left hand or your right hand?"

Yuto's cold words seemed to carry a thick scent of blood, causing the students outside the window from Class C to shiver in unison.

Ishizaki Daichi, upon hearing this familiar phrase, fell seated on the corridor floor.

It really is that demon!

Yuto's anger was sparked by Ryuuen Kakeru's harsh words.

Thus, Yuto's kick was a bit too strong, leaving Ryuuen Kakeru almost breathless.

Gasping for air, Ryuuen Kakeru struggled to stand up, supporting himself on the desks.

"Not bad willpower," Yuto seemed to praise, then he walked over and brutally kicked Ryuuen Kakeru in the head, knocking him down.

Yuto's vicious action terrified the students of Class C.

This student from Class D, Shimizu Yuto, was terrifyingly fierce… despite his handsome appearance.

Sakagami Kazuma felt that if things continued, the situation would escalate.

He hastily said, "Enough, Ryuuen has lost! Shimizu, you should stop now."

"Is that so." Yuto bent down, grabbed Ryuuen Kakeru by the collar, and lifted him up.

At that moment, Ryuuen Kakeru, with a face full of pain and ferocity, took the opportunity to punch Yuto in the face.

With a snap, Yuto's open palm blocked Ryuuen Kakeru's fist.

His eyes slightly cold, he held Ryuuen Kakeru by the collar and flung him towards where Sakagami Kazuma stood.


Yuto dusted off his hands, his gaze cold as he looked at Ryuuen Kakeru, who rolled on the ground, "Sakagami-sensei, Ryuuen is still attacking me, so clearly your student does not consider himself defeated."

"So our sparring continues."

Sakagami Kazuma's face turned bitter.

He had seen Ryuuen Kakeru's resistance, so according to the contract, the sparring between Ryuuen Kakeru and Yuto was not yet over.

Yuto leisurely walked towards Ryuuen Kakeru, who was tremblingly trying to stand.

He stepped on his back, pressing Ryuuen Kakeru down.

The pressure on his back almost made Ryuuen Kakeru believe his chest bones might be crushed by Shimizu Yuto…


Yuto ignored Ryuuen Kakeru's humiliating and intermittent words.

Standing on his back, he coldly said, "Choose. Do you want to keep your left hand, or your right hand?"

'Who is he… His methods are so ruthless! He's not just a student!'

Ryuuen Kakeru, unwilling to choose, just wanted to stand up, but Yuto's foot on his back was gradually applying more pressure, making it impossible for the injured Ryuuen to rise.

Yuto smirked, "Usually, those who keep quiet and don't answer, I crush the bones in both of their hands."

"I surrender!"

Following Ryuuen Kakeru's humiliating words, the broadcast system of the first-year teaching building unexpectedly came to life, broadcasting a stern, elderly voice.

"Class C homeroom teacher Sakagami Kazuma, student Ryuuen Kakeru, and Class D student Shimizu Yuto, immediately cease all actions and come to the principal's office!"

Sakagami Kazuma was shocked.

He recognized the voice from the broadcast—it was Principal Sakayanagi!

How did the principal find out about the events in Class C?

Sakagami Kazuma turned around and saw several school staff among those watching Class C's classroom, holding school phones in their hands.

Clearly, they had reported the incident in Class C to Principal Sakayanagi.

What else could they do when so many students gathered around Class C out of curiosity, and then saw Yuto beating Ryuuen Kakeru? They promptly reported it.


Chabashira Sae, who had just returned to the teacher's office, looked up.

She also heard the broadcast's content.

"What did Shimizu do to be called by the principal?"

Chabashira Sae didn't enter the teacher's office; she turned around and headed for the principal's office.

No matter what Shimizu did, as his homeroom teacher, Chabashira Sae had to check the situation.

At that time, Sakura Airi was in the school-arranged dormitory, so she didn't hear the broadcast.

If she had heard such a broadcast, Sakura Airi would definitely have been frantic to contact Yuto and ask him what had happened.

After the broadcast, Yuto no longer stepped on Ryuuen Kakeru's back.

He looked towards Sakagami Kazuma standing at the classroom door.

With a refreshing smile, Yuto said to Sakagami Kazuma, "Sakagami-sensei, you heard it just now, right?"

"What?" Sakagami Kazuma, distracted by the broadcast, asked subconsciously.

"Ryuuen has surrendered."

Sakagami Kazuma thought Yuto was referring to the broadcast's voice, not realizing he meant Ryuuen Kakeru's surrender.

Feeling mentally exhausted and having a headache, Sakagami Kazuma nodded, "Yes, Ryuuen has surrendered, but the principal has called us. Let's go to the principal's office first."


Class C students watched Yuto, who seemed nonchalant, unable to imagine he could be such a brutal person.

The left hand or right hand thing… Did he really intend to break Ryuuen Kakeru's arm?

Probably not. It must have been just to scare Ryuuen Kakeru.

That's what the other students thought.

But Ishizaki Daichi didn't believe Shimizu Yuto was just scaring Ryuuen Kakeru. He thinks the rumored demon might actually do so.

As Yuto left the classroom of Class C, the students outside instinctively stepped back, distancing themselves and looking at him with fear and awe.

Yuto glanced at the students who unconsciously moved away from him.

His emotions remained unchanged, as he had long been accustomed to being treated with fear.

However, Yuto was somewhat surprised that the girl named 'Shiina Hiyori' still looked at him as softly as a cotton candy, seemingly unfazed by Yuto's violence.

Truly a peculiar girl.

With that thought, Yuto left under the watchful eyes of Class C students, heading towards the principal's office.

After Yuto left, Class C homeroom teacher Sakagami Kazuma, supporting the injured Ryuuen Kakeru, also hurried to the principal's office.

Unexpectedly, at the entrance to the principal's office building, Yuto saw the tall and mature silhouette of Chabashira Sae.


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